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PSP Music Center
Last Updated2011/08/18
TypeMedia players

This is a music player for the Sony PSP powered by FFMpeg which means you can play all audio codecs from any container format supported by ffmpeg. This also makes use of the PSP's hardware decoders for some codecs.

It is featured at the Neo Retro Coding Compo 2011 (App, 3rd place).

User guide

Developer stated that only stereo signed 16bit audio with the ff. sample rates will play correctly: 48000, 44100, 32000, 24000, 22050, 16000, 12000, 11050, 8000.

Also only MP3, WMAv2 (only from WMA files) and AAC (except from AAC files) are hardware accelerated.

The following formats have been tested by the delveoper:

  • MP3 (MP3, FLV).
  • AAC (AAC, MP4, M4A).
  • WMAv2 (WMA).
  • FLAC (FLAC).
  • Signed 16bit PCM (WAV).

Configuration files are inside the ini folder. See settings.ini (cpu.ini holds file names that will be opened by the file browser for playing. Not all formats are listed in it but you can add your own extensions).


Cross/Circle - OK, Cancel (same as the XMB settings)


D-Pad Left - Previous menu

D-Pad Right - Next menu

OK - Select menu

Cancel - Quit application

File Browser:

D-Pad Up - Previous item

D-Pad Down - Next item

D-Pad Left - Page up

D-Pad Right - Page down

OK - Play song, Open directory

Cancel - Return to main menu

Triangle - Up one folder

Square - Refresh current directory

Select - Go to now playing

Now Playing:

OK - Toggle pause

Cancel - Return to file browser

D-Pad Left/Right - Seek

Triangle - Toggle repeat

L/R - Previous/Next song

Known issues

Only support certain formats. A black box is shown in place of the album art as it has yet to be impletmented.



  • Fixed crash when opening some files(unaligned access in ffmpeg).
  • Update to ffmpeg 0.8.2.


  • Initial release.

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