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osu!3ds is a homebrew rhythm game, an attempt to port osu! to the Nintendo 3DS.

Currently this is not for the average user and its still very, WIP as theres no beatmap parsing basically and no audio output.


Note: The guide was written at the time of release (June 2018).

First follow these steps to convert the osu file:

  • Compile this C# code.
  • Take your beatmap.osu file and remove everything except for the stuff below [HitObjects] (and also remove [HitObjects] its self).
  • Save this file and call it BeatmapData.csv and move it to where you compiled that C# at.
  • Open a Command Prompt (or equivalent) and CD to where you compiled the C# code at.
  • Run the following command <CompiledFileName> > BeatmapCode.txt (replace <CompiledFileName> with the file name of the EXE name).

Assuming you have devkitPro already installed:

  • Clone this repo somewhere https://github.com/Cyuubi/osu-3DS
  • Edit main.c in the source folder and replace line // Beatmap C data with the contents of BeatmapCode.txt.
  • Create 2 folders inside the cloned osu-3DS folder called romfs, and inside the romfs folder make a folder inside it called default, this is where the skin will be at.
  • Copy an entire skin that contains at least these 4 files approachcircle.png, cursor.png, hitcircle.png and hitcircleoverlay.png to the default folder inside the romfs folder.
  • Open Command Prompt (or equivalent) and CD to the cloned repo and run make there should be no errors at all.

If a command fails to execute after the build, you likely don't have Citra (Nintendo 3DS emulator) in your environment variables, however you can ignore this if your just testing on your Nintendo 3DS.

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