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Morning Timer (Cooking Timer)
AuthorInfantile Paralysiser
Last Updated2008/04/03

Morning Timer (also a Cooking Timer) is a homebrew application which basically turns your Nintendo DS into an alarm clock. The GUI of Morning Timer v1.2 in Japanese.


  • Play time can be changed from the Timer Settings.
  • Simple check disk was faster.
  • Counts down instead of going off at a set time.
  • Can select which sound goes off.
  • Can be used for anything that requires a timer ticking down.


Version 1.2 2008/04/03

  • The play time can have been change by 'More settings of the timer settings'.
  • The FAT driver was optimized. The simple check disk was more fast.

Version 1.1 2007/12/07

  • When the loose connection of the disk is detected, halt is done with the warning sound. (in The timer executing.)
  • The battery power was saved by various optimizations.
  • About the disk check when starting. The bug that misjudged a normal disk to the error disk was corrected.

Version 1.04 2007/11/27

  • Because the end of the month judgment was wrong, it corrected the bugs.

Version 1.03 2007/11/24

  • The bug that the mp3 decoder halted occasionally was corrected.

Version 1.02 2007/11/24

  • The bug that begin on debug mode was corrected.

Version 1.01 2007/11/23

  • The development environment was updated to DevKitProR21.

Version 1.0 2007/11/21

  • The interrupt processing of ARM7 is reviewed, stability has been improved.
  • The backlight setting item was added.
  • The bug to which the folder/file icon was not displayed by the file selection dialog was corrected.
  • Folder name and file name was sorted by the file selection dialog.
  • The folder that doesn't contain the music file is excluded by the file selection dialog.
  • The volume change curve has been adjusted more naturally.
  • The frequency conversion was made high-quality. 'Nearest neighbor' is improved to 'Interpolation'.
  • The bug with a wrong AM/PM judgment was corrected.
  • The resource was saved by compressing the icon file with TGF.
  • The resource was saved by compressing the sound effect file with TTA.
  • Soft reset of the START button is disregarded while executing the timer.

Version 0.4 2007/11/16

  • First public update.

Version 0.3 2007/11/15

  • Test preview.

Version 0.2 2007/11/10

  • Test preview.

Version 0.1 2007/11/05

  • Test preview.

Version 0.0 2007/11/03

  • Test preview.

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