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Authortepples, Damian Yerrick, Rick Wong
Last Updated2007/09/25
TypeSystem Tools

This DS homebrew program runs a diagnostic test on the RAM in a SLOT-2 accessory connected to your Nintendo DS system.

It uses RAM Unlocking API by Lick to see what kind of accessory (or RAM pak) you are using, and then it writes various bit patterns to RAM (much like memtest86) to make sure that RAM can hold them.

User guide

There are about five different accessories for SLOT-2 that feature RAM, including the expansion pak comes with Nintendo DS Browser. This program is to make sure that RAM pak is working fine.



  • Upgrade to RAM API 1.3, fixing the problem with EZFlash RAM paks, such as the popular EZFlash V 3-in-1 expansion pak.
  • Changes the SLOT-2 speed to slowest when detecting RAM paks.
  • Displays the SLOT-2 speed during the first step of each RAM test.


  • Displays proper copyright notice on touch screen.
  • Allows user to choose a RAM pak type.
  • Allows user to swap RAM paks while the power is on; if detection fails, try setting the RAM speed to "Slow but safe".
  • Successfully tested with the Nintendo DS Memory Expansion Pak (for Nintendo DS Lite) included with the U.S. release of Nintendo DS Browser.

0.01 2007/09/08

  • Initial release.
  • Tests about 3 MB of the DS internal RAM if no RAM pak is present; has never been tested with a RAM pak.
  • Included RAM API version is 1.2r.

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