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MPEG4 Player by Gericom
Last Updated2019/11/28
TypeMedia players

MPEG4 Player is a video player for DS and DSi created by Gericom. It is a based on YoutubeDS and was modified into a useable video player.

Currently it plays mpeg4 video and aac audio in a mp4 container.

User guide

How to convert video

Use a recent version of ffmpeg. The player plays 176x144 stretched to widescreen with a little filtering and 256x144.

Instead of the normal YUV color space, YCoCg is used because it is faster to convert to rgb (ignore any warnings you get about it; on a PC the colors will look wrong, but it's fine in the player).

Recommend settings for DS:

ffmpeg -i %1 -f mp4 -s 176x144 -vf ""colorspace=space=ycgco:primaries=bt709:trc=bt709:range=pc:iprimaries=bt709:iall=bt709"" -dst_range 1 -color_range 2 -vcodec mpeg4 -profile:v 0 -level 8 -b:v 350000 -acodec aac -ar 22050 -b:a 64000 -ac 1 -slices 1 -g 50 %2

Recommend settings for DSi:

ffmpeg -i %1 -f mp4 -s 256x144 -vf ""colorspace=space=ycgco:primaries=bt709:trc=bt709:range=pc:iprimaries=bt709:iall=bt709"" -dst_range 1 -color_range 2 -vcodec mpeg4 -profile:v 0 -level 8 -b:v 500000 -acodec aac -ar 32000 -b:a 128000 -ac 1 -slices 1 -g 50 %2

In both cases replace %1 with your input video (e.g. input.mp4) and %2 with your output video (e.g. output.mp4).


  • Bitrates - Higher bitrates and such may work, depending on the video.
  • Framerates - Supported framerates are 23.976 fps and 29.97 fps, although on ds 23.976 will likely give the best results.
    • Other framerates are not properly supported, as currently the rate is not completely correctly read from the mp4 container.
    • It also seems that the bitstream changes a bit with some rates, which make the decoding fail.
    • If your input video doesn't have the right rate, add fps=24000/1001, before colorspace in the commands above.

Note that with long videos audio issues may appear after playing for a while. This is related to the precision of the audio timers on arm7.

You will have to adjust the video rate so that it matches the amount of increase/decrease in audio rate to fix that (something smaller than 1%, won't be noticable).


  • Some helpful notes by mive and Pk11; how to split video into 5 minute segments by jonjonmia and mive.
  • Alternatively you can use MPEG4DS Assistant, a user-friendly converter made by JustScratchCoder (note that you still need to have ffmpeg installed).
  • See also a mod version made by Pk11.


B (while playing a video) - Return to the file browser


Works particularly well on DSi.


Special thanks to @Pk11 for helping with testing and adding the file browser.

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