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| type        = PC Utility  
| type        = PC Utility  
| version    = 16 January 2006
| version    = 16 January 2006
| licence     = Mixed
| license     = Mixed
| author      = Pepsiman
| author      = Pepsiman
| website    =,0,0,0,3,81
| website    =,0,0,0,3,81

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M3 and G6 Homebrew Loader
TypePC Utility
Version16 January 2006

As the M3 and G6 firmwares turn off the power to the 2D cores before running a program, homebrew which does not remember to turn the power on does not run on these flash carts.

Homebrew authors can ensure M3/G6 compatibility by adding "powerON(POWER_ALL_2D|POWER_SWAP_LCDS);". As a workaround for existing homebrew that does not turn the power on, this is a NDS loader that will turn the power on before running the program.

User guide

The m3powerloader.bin is a fix for the 2 black screens problem when running some homebrew for using M3 and G6 firmwares.

Download the .bin file with prepared .nds homebrew file.

Make a new folder in the root of C: ( put .nds and .bin in this directory.

Click on start/run and type in "cmd" without the quotes to open an MS-DOS prompt. Type this:

cd \abc
copy /b m3powerloader.bin + game.nds game.ds.gba 

Where game.nds is the file you want to add the loader to. Now a new file named game.ds.gba is created. Put the .ds.gba file on your CF card or on G6 and run from the menu as normal.

For Windows:

To use on a .nds file: copy /b m3powerloader.bin + file.nds file.ds.gba (please refer to the tutorial above).

To use on a .ds.gba file, run pme2nds then follow the .nds instructions.

For Unix:

cat m3powerloader.bin file.nds > file.ds.gba


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