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Authorbigredpimp (Mike Parks)
Last Updated2004/09/17
.GBA Only Download

Lox Monsters Labyrinth is a maze game. There are 3 levels available in this demo version.

User guide

The objective is to wander around the individual mazes in the labyrinth collecting keys to make your way outside.


  • Lox - The protagonist of our game. He was wandering around one day looking for food when he found his way into a mysterious labyrinth filled with weird monsters.


  • Rhinorch - Tends to be somewhat stupid, can be found wandering around the labyrinth bumping into walls.
  • Stummph - A tree trunk with a bit of a hot streak. He can be found shooting fireballs at you if you get in his way, watch out.
  • Khrome - Just think of him as a battering ram with a brain. If he sees you in his path, he will charge at you with his metallic skull.
  • Drakko - A little on the clumsy side, Drakko patrols the labyrinth with no regard to who comes in front of him.


  • Keys - Collect the keys in order to open the gate to the next section of the maze.
  • Potion - The potions are great if you have no other options for obtaining keys. One potion bottle is good for 3 fireballs.
  • Boulders - These can be used either to clear a path or to block enemies. You never know when they'll come in handy.
  • Crates - Crates serve the same purpose as Boulders, just push them where you need them.


D-Pad - Movement

A - Fireballs (after picking up a Potion)

Start - Pause menu


lox2.png lox3.png

lox4.png lox5.png

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