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Last Updated2006/11/20
TypeSystem Tools
Version1.4 Beta

LoveLite is an application that allows you to change and save the brightness setting of your DS without entering the original bios screen (power-off-proof).

The project started as a replacement for ALite. There’s also a very sensitive Power Off button so you don’t have to push the power button (the real one) twice.


The release is tested on western DS, not recommend for iQues.


1.4 beta

  • FIXED Supercard Lite support. (See libcartreset 0.72).
  • REMOVED the annoying purposeless green flash when resetting (the red one is still in there).

1.3 beta

What's new:

  • ALL Supercard devices will now return to the sc menu.
  • GBAMP (with chishm's hack) will now return to _BOOT_MP.NDS.
  • M3 devices will now return to the m3 menu (M3CF and M3SD tested. If not working, try holding L).
  • EZ IV devices will return to the ez menu. (Note: it takes a few seconds before LoveLite is initialized. After that, it works though).
  • EZ-Flash III and EZ-Flash II has potentially working code, but no one tested yet.

What's changed:

  • The firmware is now tested before it writes the brightness. Also corrected the iQue offsets.. iQue users: Please make sure you have a -Flashed iQue- before trying this software. No tests have been done on iQue devices, because I don't have one. It should work as expected, but until people have tested it, I can't claim anything.
  • The buttons were reacting too slow, now you shouldn't have any input-delays. In other words: smooth touching.
  • Graphics glitches were found on some cards, also fixed.


  • Now only saves the setting when the Power Off button is pressed. This is probably better for your hardware.

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