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Lock The Folder
Last Updated2011/06/11

Lock The Folder is an application that allows you to lock not only the PSP-folder (MUSIC, VIDEO, PICTURE, ISO, GAME150, PHOTO, SEPLUGINS, SCREENSHOT, PRIVATE), but also hides individual files and subdirectories. Windows has no access to the content of the locked folders. You can use it to set passwords as an alternative.

This was one of the contest entries for the PSP Genesis Competition 2011.

User guide

Important note from developer:

Please take precautions and back up your important data if needed. If you encounter issues when unlocking subdirectories, you can use an hexeditor.

PRIVATE folder

For example, if you want to use a PRIVATE folder, write the following line into the file private.cfg:


Create a folder with the same address and start the application Lock The Folder. Be careful not to locked system-relevant directories.

How to bolt subfolders safely

If you bolt a subdirectory with up to 7 upper or lower case, the name will be safed with dot and 3 letters.

With more than 7 characters, the subfolder will be safed with all letters and is only invisible for the PSP (invisible on PC), but it's not secure bolted. If it shares upper and lower case characters then you get the same result.

Subdirectory - Example with up to 7 upper or lower case:

  • EXAMPLE (unlock) to .EXA (lock) = securely bolted = EXA (after unlock)
  • example (unlock) to .exa (lock) = securely bolted = exa (after unlock)
  • Example (unlock) to .Example (lock) = only invisibly = Example (after unlock)

Recommended names for proof subfolder(s) are A00-Z99. It does not concern the GAME folder.

Subdirectories can be locked but not secure bolted, only shown as Currupted Data (to reduce risk of mistakenly locking crucial datas).

PSP folder structure

/PSP/SYSTEM/systema.cfg (password file)

Remove passwords

You can remove all the passwords by deleting systema.cfg (password file).


Change your time-zone (GTM) by editing gtm.cfg. Daylight plus 1. Don't forget "+" or "-".


D-Pad - Move between folders/files

Cross - Lock/unlock directory

Circle - Enter folders and sub-folders

Square - Remove

Select - Password





Tested on PSP1000, PSP2000, PSP3004, PSPGO with 6.20 TN-D.



  • Fixing bolting of subdirectories with less than 3 characters.
  • Fixing locked and unlocked folders are existing at the same time.
  • SEPLUGINS folder.
  • SCREENSHOT folder.
  • PRIVATE folder.

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