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{{Infobox 3DS Homebrews
{{Infobox 3DS Homebrews
| title = LimePlayer3DS
| image = LimePlayer3DS-01.png|250px
| type = Media players
|description=GUI music player for the Nintendo 3DS (WIP).
| version = v0.0.10
| lastupdated = 2021/05/15
| license = GPL-3.0
|type=Media players
| author = Oreo639
| website = https://github.com/Oreo639/LimePlayer3DS/wiki
| download = https://dlhb.gamebrew.org/3dshomebrews/limeplayer3ds.7z
| source = https://github.com/Oreo639/LimePlayer3DS
LimePlayer3DS is a graphical music player for the 3DS with metadata parsing and software midi support.
LimePlayer3DS is a graphical music player for the 3DS with metadata parsing and software midi support.

Latest revision as of 07:12, 29 October 2021

Last Updated2021/05/15
TypeMedia players

LimePlayer3DS is a graphical music player for the 3DS with metadata parsing and software midi support.


  • GUI music player.
  • Supports MIDI.
  • Internet Radio (mp3 and opus streams).
  • Multi-languages.


Available as 3DSX.

It checks for music in the sdmc:/music folder. If it doesn’t exist then it just goes to sdmc:/, just like ctrmus.

User guide

Supported formats

MP3, WAV, FLAC, MIDI, XMI, MUS, HMI, HMP, Ogg Vorbis and Opus.


The default path for midi patchsets is /3ds/limeplayer3ds/8mbgmpat/.

This path be changed in the config file located at /3ds/limeplayer3ds/config.json which should be created (if it doesn’t already exist) upon launching the application.

See here for more info about LimePlayer3DS’s config.json.

For more information on usage of the various features LimePlayer offers, please refer to the official wiki page.


Select - Enter quick menu

Start - Exit application

A - Select/Play/Change directory

B - Go back

X+Y - Exit Playback

X+A - Skip to next song

X+Up - Pause/Play

X+Right - Seek forward

X+Left - Seek backward

L/R - Switch windows (browser and player controls)


limeplayer3ds2.png limeplayer3ds3.png


v0.0.10 2021/05/15

  • Added touch screen buttons for switching between browser and controls.
  • Removed unused icons from quick menu.
  • Made control window buttons clickable.
  • Fixed bug where playback would not quit after skipping last song in playlist.

Release notes.


  • Deltabeard - For his work on ctrmus which was the original foundation for this application as LimePlayer3DS initally started out as a fork of ctrmus.
  • devkitPro - For providing amazing, easy to use, toolchains that without, this application would have never existed.
  • Astronautlevel & LiquidFernir (and the Anemone3DS team) - For their work on Anemone3DS which helped quite a bit when it came to starting with citro2d graphics, and they were very helpful in general.
  • Flagbrew - The GUI code is heavilly based on PKSM’s GUI code.
  • Most of the icons under gfx are from the site icons8.com and are licensed under the CC-BY-NC-SA

Special Thanks:

  • The Easyrpg Team - For inspiring this application.
  • smealum, fincs, WinterMute, and devkitPro contributors - For making/maintaining documentation and examples for libctru and citro2d/3d which is incredibly helpfull when working on this project.
  • Testers - For testing, providing feedback, and reporting bugs.

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