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R22 Magic Kit
AuthorRobione22 (Team AntraX)
Last Updated2010/08/22
TypeOther Games

Kit Mágico de R22 (Spanish) is a homebrew game which allows you to do magic tricks on your PSP.

It is featured at the Scenery Beta 2010 (PSP Games).

User guide

Note: If you know the secret of any of these tricks, please do not reveal it, you have to keep the magic alive.

Card tricks

  • Cards (Cartas) - This is a tutorial that will show you how to do a prediction trick with cards from a deck.
  • Cards (Cartas) - You are presented with 6 cards, pick one (not telling the magician) then the magician will remove the card you are thinking and show you the remaining 5.

Number tricks

  • Numbers (Números) - This is a tutorial that will teach you to guess the age of a spectator.
  • Robione (Robione) - Here you will have to think of any number, then do the operations that it tells you there and at the end your result will be shown.
  • Chimechin (Chimechin) - You must think of a number between 1 and 100, then it will show seven tables and you have to choose Yes to one of the table which will contain your number. At the end, it will reveal you the number you have in mind.

Other magic tricks

  • Help (Ayuda) - A help screen will appear, if you press the Circle button in 10 seconds the image will disappear/reappear, with this you can do some interesting tricks.
  • Magic Ball (Bola Magica) - A Magic-mathematical game, think of a number from 10 to 99, then subtract the sum of its digits. For example, if you choose 67 -> 6+7=13 -> 67-13=54 is the result. A table will be shown with a color for each result, there you must memorize your color. At the end the ball will magically show you the color of your result.


Cross - Select, Exit Help

Triangle - Restart cheat

D-Pad - Navigate

R - Continue

Start - Exit (main menu)



  • Added 3 new tricks.
  • Added 2 tutorials.
  • Music removed to optimize performance.
  • Fixed bugs.

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