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Jumping Jack
AuthorZalo (cebolleto)
Last Updated2015/07/15

Jumping Jack is a jumping platform homebrew game for the 3DS. It is an adaption of Jumping Jack created by Albert Ball and Stuart C. Ball for the ZX Spectrum 16K in 1983.

This port is based on the Wii version of the same game and it is also available for PC (also made by cebolleto).


Available in CIA, 3DS, and 3DSX formats.

  • 3DSX - Copy the folder containing .3dsx to the 3ds folder on your SD card and launch with Homebrew Launcher.
  • CIA - Copy .cia to your SD card and install it with the CIA manager of your choice.
  • 3DS - Copy .3ds to your SD card.

User guide

The game features a daring explorer named Jack who jumps up through the holes, avoiding large monsters. Each monster kicks him and he can fall down through the holes, eventually losing a life. He runs making a funny noise.

Each level consists of a set of eight wraparound floors, across which holes scroll; when these holes reach the side of the screen, they move up or down to the next floor, depending on if they're scrolling to the left or right, respectively.

The goal in each level is to reach the top, by jumping through the holes; however, each time Jack jumps, a new hole is formed on a randomly chosen floor. Falling through a hole or miscalculating a jump and hitting the ceiling temporarily stuns him and leaves him vulnerable to a hole scrolling underneath him; if he falls all the way to the bottom of the level, he loses a life.

Completing a level reveals a verse from the Ballad of Jumping Jack; the next level features an extra hole at the start and from the second level onward, monsters appear which stun Jack in the same way as a fall or mistimed jump.


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Jumping Jack - ZX Spectrum 48k (Mark Rainford)

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