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iFind Media Portal (iFind Pro Neeon)
AuthorCronos Studios (lil_naruto, Yongobongo and whoelse)
Last Updated2007/01/21

iFind Media Portal, also known as iFind Pro Neeon, is an one-stop PSP companion that contains multiple applications with pratical uses.

You can use it to open TXT files, chat to your Friends, find your links, password protection, play games, run applications, view images and find your media.


Extract the folder in the root (ms0:/) of your PSP.

Go to your PSP browser and write the following address


Then enter the password (default password is pass).

User guide

Its main function is navigation.

Apart from being a browser it also contains games like pool, pinpong and 13 more games. It also contains applications such as alarm, an editor for the creation of calculator web pages, etc.

It can connect you with the best most visited pages in the world such as yahoo, gmail and many more, it also has the option of displaying your images.

It also has themes that you can change, they can be downloaded from the iFind page or through your Internet broswer.

Among the above mentioned features, it comes with XDE or Cross Developer Expansion. +PLUS successor XDE allows other coders to build onto and expand the application.

A Link center has also been provided for creative people to host their works for other users.


How to install ifind for psp (ilovemydoglila)


Compatible with all versions, whether the original Sony ones or the Custom OE Firmwares.



  • Totally revamped GUI.
  • LINK Browser (now has tabs).
  • Chatrooms.
  • XDE Ready.
  • LiNK Center.
  • Cleaned up coding for faster loading.
  • About page with Help.
  • WLPM Built in.
  • Iorkara's PSP Links Page Built in.
  • New customization features (much more easier to customize).
  • Start up sound.
  • Improved protection.

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