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HackingToolkit9DS & HackingToolkit3DS Download

HackingToolkit9DS is a 3DS RomHacking Tool.

Note: HackingToolkit9DS is for encrypted/clean roms only; while HackingToolkit3DS only works for fully decrypted roms.


  • Extract and rebuild any .3DS file.
  • Extract and rebuild any .CIA file (no DLC nor DSiWare).
  • Extract any .CXI file.
  • Extract and rebuild a 3DS banner file (shown on the 3DS home menu).
  • Mass extract and mass rebuild any .3DS and .CIA files in the same time.
  • Extract any ncch partition from a .3DS file.
  • Extract contents from a decrypted ncch binary file.

User guide

The below tutorial will try to help you extract a 3DS|CIA|CXI file to change its content using HackingToolkit9DS, and will also explain how to rebuild your game once edited.


You will need:

  • An encrypted 3DS|CIA|CXI file (It can either be a game, game's update, system application, but not a DLC file nor a DSi Ware).
  • WinRAR, or another archive extractor.
  • HackingToolkit9DS.


  • Install the new SetupUS|FR.exe of HackingToolkit9DS as a common tool.


Open HackingToolkit9DS. Note that your file(s) should not have any spaces in its(their) name(s), nor special characters, like é or à (e.g. PokemonMoon.3ds).

  • To extract a 3DS file - Write "D", and enter the name of your .3DS file, without its extension.
  • To extract a CIA file - Write "CE", and enter the name of your .CIA file, without its extension.
  • To extract a CXI file - Write "CXI", and enter the name of your .CXI file, without its extension.

Wait while it's extracting, contents will be extracted into their respective folders:

  • ExeFS content - ExtractedExeFS folder.
  • RomFS content - ExtractedRomFS folder.
  • DownloadPlay - ExtractedDownloadPlay folder.
  • Old3DS update - ExtractedO3DSUpdate folder.
  • New3DS update - ExtractedN3DSUpdate folder.
  • Manual - ExtractedManual folder.
  • 3D Banner - ExtractedBanner folder.

Now you can move onto the editing section if you want to modify the game.


Edit music, textures, banner, icon, etc.

If you want, you can also edit the UniqueID of your game:

  • After extracting your game, open your DecryptedExHeader.bin in HxD, and do a hexadecimal search with the UniqueID, reversed.
  • So if your UniqueID is 17 BA, search for BA 17 (it's Bravely Second USA).
  • Replace it anywhere it appears with the one you want.
  • Do the exact same thing with all HeaderNCCH.bin files.
  • Note that it does not work with Pokémon Games [XY|ORAS|SM] due to the plainrgn.bin file.
  • It can be however be very useful without Makerom, RSF, and other things.

Once you have finished editing, you will need to rebuild your game.


Open HackingToolkit9DS:

  • If you want to rebuild a 3DS file - Write "R", then enter the name you want for the output file.
  • If you want to rebuild a CIA file - Write the "CR" command, then enter the name you want for the output file.
    • You will be also asked to enter a minor and micro version number.
    • You can enter the number you want (0 if you don't know what to choose), but it's recommended to use the original version.
    • To check, copy your clean/original CIA on your SD, open FBI and or TitleManager (no need to install it, just look the upper screen).
    • Then check the both last numbers in Version [MAJOR|MINOR|MICRO].


For it to work properly, please make sure that:

  • Your 3DS|CIA|CXI file is clean and not decrypted by Decrypt9 or GodMode9.
  • Your 3DS|CIA|CXI file doesn't have any space or special character in its name (such as é or à).
  • Your 3DS|CIA|CXI file is in the same folder as HackingToolkit9DS.
  • You're not trying to extract the file in the ProgramFiles folder (where installed core files are).
  • To write or don't write the extension of your file when specified.
  • To have installed the setup package for your language (SetupXX.exe file).




Rebuild a 3DS file

Rebuild a CIA file


HackingToolkit9DS Version 12

  • Fixed encrypted CIA rebuild process.
  • Removed installation check.

HackingToolkit9DS Version 11

  • Hotfix for .3DS rebuild.
  • .CIA rebuild still in progress.

HackingToolkit9DS Version 10

  • Added: Support for Boot9 extraction on PC. Absolutely no more decryption is required on 3DS.
  • Renamed: Project is renamed HackingToolkit9DS for the occasion.
  • Edited: Some strings, words and sentences has been changed.
  • Removed: Temporarily removed the 32 bits support.
  • Removed: Integrated 3DS Builder.
  • Removed: Integrated Pokemon Patch Pointer Tool.
  • Removed: Integrated RomFS Extractor.
  • Removed: Integrated RomFS Builder.

HackingToolkit3DS Version 9

  • Fixed CIA rebuild script.

HackingToolkit3DS Version 8

  • Fixed MassExtraction and MassRebuild scripts.

HackingToolkit3DS Version 7

  • 32bits support should be fixed (forgot to include a 32bits build of MakeRom).



  • CtrTool - profi200 | 3DSGuy| Neimod
  • Makerom - profi200 | 3DSGuy
  • 3dstool - dnasdw
  • HackingToolkit9DS - Asia81
  • CleanTool9 - Asia81


  • CtrTool - Neimod & 3DSGuy
  • Makerom - 3DSGuy
  • RomFS Builder - SciresM
  • RomFS Extractor - SciresM
  • 3DS Builder - SciresM
  • BrainDump - neobrain
  • Decrypt9 - d0k3, Shadowtrance & Archshift
  • 3DS Simple CIA Converter - Riku
  • Pokemon RomFS Pointer Tool - AHP_Person
  • HackingToolkit3DS - Asia81
  • CleanTool - Asia81
  • Thanks to - Megadrifter, Stratovarius, Reisyukaku, Guitoh, Weby, Apache Thunder, Ericzander, BullyWiiPlaza, Cellenseres

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