Gorilla, Nibbles and Tetris

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Gorilla, Nibbles and Tetris
Author(s)Christian Auby (DesktopMan)

Gorilla, Nibbles and Tetris is a package of three remake of classic games on NDS.

It was an entry to the NEO Flash Competition 2005.


NDS for wifi and emus (although not all seem to support them). .ds.gba for neoflash/flashcarts.

User guide

Gorilla: Enhanced remake of the old qbasic classic. Monkeys that shoot bananas.

Nibbles: Enhanced remake of the old qbias classic number two. Worm eats fruit. There are Fun mode and Two player mode.

Tetris: Tetris for DS. Playing using drop gives more points due to the nature of the standard tetris specifications way of calculating score.


Press start after you are done playing to restart.


Up/down - adjust power slowly

Left/Right - adjust angle slowly

Touchscreen - choose angle and power

Press in the middle of the circle or A - launch banana

L+R - reboot


R - change level up (Fun mode)

L - change level down (Fun mode)

Touchscreen - Player 1 moves worm

D-Pad - Player 2 moves apple


Select - restart any time



1.1 (neoflash version)

  • bugfixes
  • new ipc
  • built with devkitARM r15
  • libnds compatible

1.0 (gbax version, initial release)

  • reworked arm7 code, more accurate touch
  • Settings are saved, can coexist with Tetris and Nibbles save
  • Round based
  • Menu with options
  • Wifi icon and description
  • buildings collapse
  • sound, positioned depending on screen location
  • Uses internal clock to choose between day and night graphics
  • More lights are off during night than day
  • Wind changes dynamically each round
  • Building heights are adjusted to ease playing
  • Dual controls, use touchscreen and buttons


1.3 (Neoflash version)

  • bugfixes
  • new ipc
  • built with devkitARM r15
  • libnds compatible

1.2 (gbax version)

  • added: Fun mode:
you can't die on the pen or yourself
press R to change level up
press L to change level down
  • added: Two player mode:
Player one moves worm with touchscreen
player two moves apple with + pad
  • added: settings are saved, can coexist with gorilla and tetris save
  • added: menu with options
  • added: sound, positioned depending on screen location
  • added: Wifi multiboot icon and description
  • added: more fruit, again!


1.3 (Neoflash version)

  • bugfixes
  • new ipc
  • built with devkitARM r15
  • libnds compatible

1.2 (gbax version)

  • added: pieces can be rotated so parts go above the playfield
  • added: choose start level
  • added: Giant mode for single player
  • added: settings are saved, can coexist with gorilla and nibbles save
  • added: retro sound effects (hardware mixed, positioned depending on screen location)
  • added: pause for singleplayer
  • added: restart during game
  • added: Icon and description for wifi multiboot

added: drop/fast option

  • added: key repeat option
  • fixed: scoring in two-player
  • fixed: proper sram detection, works even if there is no cart

Developer changes:

  • changed: uses the new versions of dsbuild and ndstool
  • changed: new loader
  • changed: new ipc-location, thus new arm7 binary
  • changed: use of binary files to comply with new rules


  • added: single player is default, hold A during boot for two-player
  • added: after play, press start to restart game
  • fixed: minor bugs
  • fixed: uses ndslib, entirely selfcontained otherwise
  • Now contains .nds for emu/loader, .ds.gba for regular passme.


  • Initial release


Dovoto, Joat, Natrium42, dslynx, WinterMute

Graphics by Whacko