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Last Updated2014/12/18
TypeOther PC Utilities

This is a simple Python tool that that can change the version and title id stored in tmd files.

User guide

You can use this to set the title version:

  • python inputtmd -versionH FFFF will set the title version to the maximun it can be.
  • python inputtmd -versionD 65535 if you want in decimal.
  • You cannot try to set a new version using both versionH and versionD options, the program will not let you.

You can also set a new title id:

  • python inputtmd -title 0123456789ABCDEF
  • The title id must be 16 hexadecimal characters long.

Apply values for specific path/directory:

  • You can set the values for a whole directory of tmd files (it looks for files that end in tmd, and files that end in tmd.out).
  • The folder is searched recursively, so it will go into sub folders, and their subfolders, etc etc, looking for tmd files and setting the values you specify.
  • To do this, instead of giving the tool a path to a file, simply give it a path to a folder.
usage: [-h] [-title TITLE]
                      [-versionH VERSIONH | -versionD VERSIOND]

positional arguments:
  inputfile           Input a TMD file, or a directory that will be
                      recursively searched for TMD files with filenames ending
                      in 'tmd' and 'tmd.out'

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          Show this help message and exit
  -title TITLE        Enter a new Title ID, which must be 16 hexadecimal
                      characters long
  -versionH VERSIONH  Enter a new version number in hex. 0 to FFFF/0x0 to
  -versionD VERSIOND  Enter a new version number in decimal. 0 to 65535

Known issues

Tested on mac by the author but several reported getting error message on Windows.

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