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EOSTools is an application to download skins and maintain updates. dat for supercard with EOS OS directly from the internet.

User guide

The top screen is reserved for images (for previews and "Picture Messages"). The bottom screen for lists of skins. 3 lines from the bottom of the bottom screen are debugging info.

Left column is Skins locally, while right column is Skins online.

Skins download:

Black: Present in the EOS
Christmas: Present in the EOS
Default: Present in the EOS
Gaara: from Fef51
IEOS: Alafadir of
Pink: Present in the EOS
UrbanRedSun: Present in the EOS
Zelda: from Blastar and many more ...

Skins are retrieved directly on the site EOS Skin directed by Square.

The site "Skin EOS" can also upload creations. To do this, use the editor Blastar.


Left column:

D-pad - move

Right column:

X - download a skin and replace skin locally indicated by *
B - cancel download
A - download and preview
D-pad - move


1.9 07/03/2011

  • Update to 1.9 EOSTools
  • Added an intro page
  • Starts without Wifi to allow local use without Wifi
  • The Wifi support on the icon to start the wifi
  • Wifi icon size enlarged to allow to activate the wifi with your finger (without stylus)
  • The number of skins Max locally is increased to 15
  • Beyond 15, the skins are not loaded to prevent a crash of the HB
  • Save insights in "/ _dsone / temp /" to avoid having to download it each time.
  • DATA mode to been redesigned to allow the selection of downloads to do with *.
  • On the title line, "A" to download all the previews missing.
  • Change the connection site:


Big thank you to square and editor Blastar.