DS Star Chart

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DS Star Chart
[Media:Dsstarchart270411.rar Download]

DS Star Chart is an application for stargazers. The program displays the location of stars and can output the coordinates for telescopes.


  1. Download and extract file
  2. DLDI patch .nds file and copy it to the root directory of the card

User guide

The app will ask you your latitude and longitude. Then the app will ask your time zone relative to GMT, if you don't know look it up.

Then it will show the main menu, and ready to start.

You may see a red star -- this is your test point. Once you moved your test point the TEST--DEC and TEST--RA will be shown on the screen.

This is the DEC and RA coordinates that can be put in an equatorial telescope.

The Azimuth and Altitude will be displayed if you just moved your test point.
Note: SELECT will not lock the test point.


A - confirm

Up/Down - select latitude and longitude

D-pad - show stars

ABXY or Stylus - test

R - brings garbled images


Tested on: Supercard DSTwo

AceKard 2i