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{{Infobox DS Homebrews
{{Infobox DS Homebrews
| title      = DSBowling Solitaire
| title      = DSBowling Solitaire
| image      = https://dlhb.gamebrew.org/dshomebrew/bowlingsolitaire.png
| image      = bowlingsolitaire.png
| type        = Card
| type        = Card
| version    = 2007
| version    = 2007

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DSBowling Solitaire

Bowling solitaire is a unique game with new gameplay twist on solitaire. It scores like real bowling but you use all the black cards of a deck from 1-10 where 10 cards are setup as bowling pins and the rest are your ball cards.

It was submitted to the NEO Spring Coding Compo 2007.

User guide

Select up to 3 adjacent pin cards, add the cards up and the right digit of their sum must equal the ball card to remove all cards selected.

Once you run out of playable ball cards, press the throw button to remove all the top ball cards to show the cards under them for a chance at a spare.

Once you run out of cards to be played or run out of ball cards you go to the next frame and start all over again.


Operate with Stylus.

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