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Last Updated2017/05/12

CIAngel is a homebrew program that can download CIAs directly on your 3DS. It is a fork of FirmwareDownloader from machinamentum.

Note: The project is obsoleted.

User guide

Search by name

CIAngel utilizes HBKBlib to search for titles by name.

Data is read from /CIAngel/wings.json (Which is downloaded automatically on first launch) to search for the name entered.

Download queue

When viewing the search result list, you can press X to add the title to the download queue.

Selecting Process Download Queue will allow you to then download or install all of the queued titles one after another.

Uses currently selected download/install mode.

Input.txt support

It can read a text file (sd:/CIAngel/input.txt) that has 2 lines.

The first line must be the title id. The second line must be the encrypted title key.


v0.81 2017/05/12

Development Changes:

  • Update 'buildtools' external.
  • Update to build with the latest ctrulib/devkitARM.

User Changes:

  • New 'Homebrew' startup screen.
  • Update URL to new site.
  • Allow overriding the URL for wings.json with a /CIAngel/source.txt file (single line, URL to the json_enc file).
  • Use the system keyboard instead of a custom software keyboard.

v0.80 2016/05/29

  • Remove existing ticket/title data before installing, incase a bad ticket is already installed.
  • Add seed entry for installed games (no more need for cryptofixing).
  • Add region to generated CIA file names.

Revision changelog.


Many thanks to the following (non-exhaustive) list of contributors:

  • Cearp.
  • Drakia.
  • superbudvar.
  • mysamdog.
  • cerea1killer.
  • machinamentum for the original FirmwareDownload code.
  • Steveice10 for many insights into CIA handling in FBI.

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