Bottomless Block Barrage 3DS

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Bottomless Block Barrage
Last Updated2017/09/11

Bottomless Block Barrage (BBB) aims to be a Panel de Pon/Tetris Attack/Pokemon Puzzle League clone for the 3DS.

This game is a work in progress but it is currently playable.


  • New concept of Chain-link (clink).
  • Ability to save replies of your game.
  • Puzzle editor.

User guide


The game features a new concept of Chain link (clink) in which you match groups of 3 or more rapidly before blocks are removed from the board.

As of now the basic engine is complete with one game mode Endless Barrage (play until you lose).

Puzzle editor

You can download the windows version of the level editor here. The aim is to provide an option to create and share puzzles.

For the Tetris Attack example puzzles, see bottomless-block-puzzles.

For linux systems, chcek the instructions on how to compile the program with cmake.


Up/Down/Left/Right - Moves the cursor

A - Swap the two panels over the selector

R - Quick rises the panels

Start - Instant quit and return to Title Screen


bottomlessblockbarrage2.png bottomlessblockbarrage3.png

bottomlessblockbarrage4.png bottomlessblockbarrage5.png


SNES Longplay [161] Tetris Attack (World of Longplays)

Known issues

  • Somehow chains can be continued out of nowhere.
  • Don't complete the final puzzle, or the game will crash.
  • Hints for things aren't intuitive.
  • Slow in Citra.



  • Goal Marker in Score mode type lines.
  • Updated replay file format and made replays better.
  • Support for more skill chain techniques.
  • The engine is now more timed like the original games.
  • In endless mode you level up now with the number of panels removed.
  • Timeout values are now more based on the original.


  • Fixed: Clinks matches were off by 1.
  • Fixed: No visible panels / markers in replay.
  • Fixed: Gameover panels were corrupted.
  • Changed: Recolors of a panel set have been grouped together to access these use left/right when selecting a panel set.


  • New: Panel marker graphics (Credit: SRKTiberious).
  • New: More panel graphics (Credit: The Wolf Bunny).
  • Fixed: Can now perform "Slip" skill chain.


  • Changed: Speed settings for cursor.


  • New: New panel set and panel set selection in Endless mode config (Credit: SRKTiberious).
  • Fixed: You could double swap a panel over a gap.
  • Fixed: More speed adjustments.
  • Fixed: Top-out board "jittered" when performing a combo or chain and was still topped out.
  • Fixed: Same as above but the panels immediately switched to normal when it should have the "up" frame.
  • Fixed: Gameover's should not occur when there is a pending falling panel or pending swapped panel.
  • Fixed: If you swapped a panel and it fell and while doing this you got a gameover the fallen panel wouldn't have the gameover frame.


  • New: Menu background based off TA.
  • Fixed: Weird behavior when board was filled.
  • Fixed: Attempt 2 of speed calibration, it is now a little bit more like TA.
  • Fixed: "Blink" and removed frames added. When a match is made the panels immediately show their "blink" frame and panels will get removed one by one.
  • Fixed: Removed the 2px spacing between panels, updated border and selector graphics.
  • Fixed: Panels now fall a little faster when a match was made below it, before there was some delay that shouldn't have been there.
  • Changed: Per feedback left Chains as Chains, A new concept of a chain-link (or clink) is when you match panels in rapid succession.


  • First release.
  • Endless mode implementation.


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