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Animal Map
Last Updated2007/10/28
TypeSave Editors

Animal Map is a map editor for the Animal Crossing DS. This will allow you to do all kinds of editing including infinite wealth and being able to decorate house.


Download and extract file.

Unzip to PC.

User guide

Hardware Requirements

  • The NDS game Animal Crossing: Wild World (or the Japanese version Oideyo Dobutsu no Mori).
  • A homebrew capable NDS.
  • A backup tool (like ETool) or the NDS Homebrew trainer.
  • Windows PC to run the map editor program (AnimalMap.EXE).

How to use

  • Select a game save to open. This must be a valid Animal Crossing game save (English or Japanese version).
  • It is recommended making a backup copy of this file first. Perform the desired editing operations described below.
  • Once you finished editing, press the Final Save button. This will replace the original save file with the changes you have made.
  • Restore that game save file to NDS (details will depend on your hardware).
  • Play the game as normal. Changes made to inventory, cash balance (Bells), world map or room layout should appear.

Tutorial can be found here.

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