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4² (Four-suqare)
Last Updated2008/06/12

4² is a game based on a ball game Four-Square played all over the world.

This is an entry from the Scenery Beta 2008 (PSP Games).

User guide

Game rules

The field is divided into four squares. If the ball goes to your square, you have to hit it so it first bounces in your square and then into someone else's.

If you make a mistake, you are out, everyone who was in a lower square moves up, and a new person enters the game in the lowest square (on the bottom-left).

The highest square (top-left) is the king square. If you make a mistake here, you only move to the lowest square, instead of going out.

You are the blue player. You earn points for staying in and playing fast shots. You earn double points when you are in the highest two squares. When you go out, the game ends.


The ball is hit outward in the direction of the blue cone on your player. If the ball is far away from you when you attemp to hit, the ball will be hit at a shallower trajectory, unless the ball is outside your reach.

It takes a while to get used to this, but its easy to play the game once you are used to the feel of the game. Try watching the AI players on the main menu.

How to do a smash

When the bar at the top-right corner of the screen turns compeletely red, you can do a smash. Smashes are much faster and lower when they are completely charged up.

To smash the ball, hold circle to charge it up and release it to hit it, like normal shots. Make sure the ball is close to bouncing when you release circle or your shot could go much too far.

Also, don't try to smash services because that rarely ends well.


Analog/D-Pad - Move

Cross - (hold) Charge up your shot, (release) Hit

Start - Pause game



  • Added highscores and smashing.


  • First public release.


  • Programming - coolguy5678.
  • GFX - coolguy5678.
  • Music - AndrewPotterton of Soundsnap.com.
  • SFX - Soundsnap.com.
  • Font - P. Wiegel.
  • Special thanks to Brunni for writing OSLib, and to the people who made The GIMP.

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