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Zelda - Time To Triumph
VersionVersion: 1.2

Zelda - Time To Triumph - Port By: Neobomb


  • Fixed controls, now they match Zelda - A Link To The Past pretty close. (B) picks up, reads, passes text, etc.
  • Retranslated the in game text.The English was pretty bad in the first release.
  • Retranslated the PDF manual and included it. I still need to get english pictures in there though, as the text in the game is still French.
  • Fixed teleport, due to an SDL surface being freed before it was created the game would crash when you tried to teleport 9/10 times.
  • Fixed memory leak when teleporting although this did not fix the leak 100% it went from losing 1.6MB per teleport to only 0.02MB. With only 30MB of free memory to play with the 1.6MB leak would crash the Xbox rather fast. Though you still have to be mindful as in the latter half of the game you do a lot of teleporting.
  • Semi-Fixed trophy support, but you have to physically copy your save files from the other two games to the 3T folder, I hope to update that further in the future.

Fixed some small oversights in the text displaying controls.


This is my initial Xbox port of Zelda - Time To Triumph By Vincent Jouillat.


Time To Triumph is the third game in a trilogy of Zelda: A link to the past clones.


After the events that occured in Termina and the victory of the hero on his evil alter-ego, Zelda and Link knew that, from the bottom of hell, Ganon the immortal drawed his power from his wish to the Triforce, and rounded up his army with a view to invade Hyrule. Until the day when, after months spent watching out for an attack, an event came up and put an end to this endless waiting...


-In game-

Displayed in game

NOTE: This game was translated to English (Not by me), and there are a lot of small errors. I have tried my best to go through and fix the ones I saw, but I'm sure I missed some. If anyone wants to point them out to me I will be happy to go in and fix them all.


  • Freakdave for porting the first two games of the trilogy, and tipping me off on the PSP source code by rspyke which had the sound redone with SDL.
  • Thanks to all the staff at EmuXtras.Net for sticking around and keeping the site active, as well as the ever growing user-base we have there.