Xmugen XBOX

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VersionBeta 0.4

XMugen-linux is not an xbox port of mugen, it's a mini linux distro reduced to it's minimum in order to launch mugen.

BEWARE: it's a BETA version !

If you want to add things into mugen, refer to the web pages you will find on internet (take care about the linux compatibility of these addons).

Installation and use:

  • Uncompress the xmugen archive.
  • Copy the linuxboot.cfg into the root of e (if you have a linux installed into
  • your xbox, add the content of this file into your own linuxboot.cfg).
  • Copy ird-loop.gz and bzImage into e/mugen/
  • Copy all the others files from the mugen directory into a mugen directory of
  • the partition of your choice ( e f or g).
  • Install the default.xbe somewhere and add a link from your dashboard to this xbe.
  • Launch the xbe (gentoox loader)
  • Wait for linux to boot and after mugen should start.
  • To answer y, press the left analog stick.
  • To answer F1, press the right analog stick.
  • To escape a menu or game, press back.

To play on CD/DVD

  • Edit the "launch" file with notepad to have sleep 10 instead of sleep 1.
  • burn all the file from the archive on CDR-W/DVDR-W with ISO/UDF format (both).

To do:

  • Add a proper reboot when exit mugen (partition are not unmounted in current version of Xmugen-linux!)
  • use the real joy2key instead of my ugly hack !

Chips (c) 2005 - On my web page, you'll find my others xbox project:

  • thomson to7 emulator.
  • macintosh emulator.
  • vectrex emulator.
  • zx81 emulator.
  • customisation of xecuter logo xecuter for x2 bios. and the source code of all my emulators & ports !