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xUrQuan 0.7.0 ported by A600

This is a port for the Xbox1 of The Ur-Quan Masters (a Star Control 2 port from the original sources), possible thanks to the hard work of the team behind it and the SDLx libs by Lantus.

For more info about The Ur-Quan Masters, check out http://sc2.sourceforge.net

You're looking at the readme for 'The Ur-Quan Masters', a volunteer project that intends to bring the classic game 'Star Control II' tomodern systems.

The program code that comprises 'The Ur-Quan Masters' was derived from code written by Toys for Bob, Inc. for the 3DO version of 'Star Control II', with their permission and encouragement.

If you've got this file from the source tree, you can find everything you need to get started in INSTALL. Additionally and depending on your platform, please see:

 * INSTALL.mingw    for MinGW build instructions
 *   INSTALL.msvc     for MSVC++ build instructions
 *   INSTALL.macosx   for MacOS X build instructions
 *   INSTALL.symbian  for Symbian build instructions
 *   doc/users/unixinstall

The home page of the project is located at http://sc2.sourceforge.net/ You can find links to downloads, our bug database, and our forum there.


Addons aren't included with this release due to their size but can be downloaded from here:

Copy them to \content\addons\

3DO videos must be copied this way:

  • victory.* --> \content\addons\3dovideo\ending\
  • intro.* --> \content\addons\3dovideo\intro\
  • ship*.* and spin.aif --> \content\addons\3dovideo\spins\

Netplay isn't enabled and it probably won't be added because some needed functions are missing from the Xbox libs and because I couldn't care less about multiplayer games :)


  • Dpad/Left Analog -> Up/Down/Left/Right
  • A -> Button1
  • B -> Button2


The xResizer.xbe included allows to resize the screen for those with overscan problems. It generates an xbox.cfg with these default settings:

  • xpos=0
  • ypos=0
  • xstretch=0
  • ystretch=0
  • flickerfilter=1
  • 720p=1

The flickerfilter option can be a number between 0 and 5.

NOTE: for a pixel perfect screen with correct aspect ratio these values should be used:


  • xpos=40
  • ypos=0
  • xstretch=-80
  • ystretch=0


  • xpos=160
  • ypos=0
  • xstretch=-320
  • ystretch=0

Source code (sources.rar) included.

Have fun!