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Streets of Rage Remake is a tribute to the entire saga of the Sega Megadrive/Genesis series. It started as a private project by BoMbErLiNk (creator and developer of the game) on March 17 2003. Over twenty contributors have worked on the project, both designers and musicians. Without them, V5 would not have been possible. Collaboration on the project was as simple as wanting to help, respecting others and not causing problems.


V5 is the final version, with no planned future revisions. The author of the game is not working on, nor intends to, engage in new projects and will also be absent from the forum permanently.


This game is an unofficial remake and is not affiliated with Sega (who know of it's existence through a formal letter). The game is not related to any website or forum, was created and developed independently and, of course, is freeware and should only be distributed via digital download for free.

This game is not to be sold under any circumstances. It is and always has been a freeware digitally distributed project. Please use some ethics and common sense.

Servers should not get charged for downloading this game. Links to accumulate points or to benefit financially from the project are strictly forbidden as the project is entirely freeware.

It is distributed with absolutely no warranty and the authors are not responsible for any misuse or loss of data.


The program consists of 80000 lines of code between the main game and the tools (which are integrated with it's own interface within the game).

It does not use reverse engineering. There is not a single line of code from the original games, as it is all based on visual interpretation techniques, by logic, and by comparison of states.

The source code of this project is closed and there is no project that uses or could use the source code. The engine is not a generic beat-em-up engine, but one with the sole purpose of being a unique and faithful remake of the original Streets of Rage games. Sormaker is considered a level editor with the ability to create separate stories.

The game uses SDL and SDL mixer both for rendering and sound, with the syntax of the code written in a language platform with multithreading: Bennu.

It is an excellent language, but it is not magic. The results depend solely on the programmer.


Any additional material not present in the original games has been created exclusively for Streets of Rage Remake by the team. This material does not exist anywhere else, apart from material used in the previous version (V4), so we expect the work to be respected for all the time and effort put into every new piece.

The game is free, but this does not mean that the resources are free.

The custom sprites (edits or even new), remixes, artwork and new or remastered stages belong to the respective artists and are not to be used or altered without the consent of their authors.


It is not recommended to use images provided by the old blog, as the game has been in constant development and therefore, anything represented in the images may have been modified, removed, or been rendered obsolete.

For any questions related to a review, please send an email to [email protected]

To learn more about Streets of Rage Remake, the recommended source is the official blog (development), the game manual, or a review from a reliable and proven source. The official forum can be used to read the views of users or download mods for Sormaker. However, please read carefully the next point.


The official forum was created some months after the launch of the first beta of the game in 2003 and as such, came about solely to support an existing project. In principle, it was used to facilitate the provision of news about the project and at the same time to gather suggestions and opinions. The project was always open to suggestions.

Response to this was great, so it was decided to separate the news into a separate blog.

It is a public forum where anyone can come, register, and post. While there is moderation, there is no control over the content of a text that has not yet been written. Therefore, the team is not responsible for and may not support some views that may be posted there. Under no circumstances do the views of the users outside the forum reflect the team or the forum itself.

I hope this point helps in that individuals can be redirected to this text rather than posting negative replies on the forum based upon the views of forum users who are not affiliated with the Bombergames team.

xSorRv5 Update1

What's new:

- Fixed a rare bug which could hang the Xbox after beating a boss. Many thanks to ChoKoBo for finding a way to reproduce it.

Replace the default.xbe with the one included in this release.

xSorRv5 ported by A600

This is a port for the Xbox1 of bennugd-monolithic (a game development language). This port is aimed to run the Streets of Rage Remake v5 (other bennugd games may run if they are compiled with the modules used by SorRv5). It was possible thanks to BoMbErGaMeS Soft, SplinterGU for bennugd, the Fenix team, the people behind bennugd-monolithic and the SDLx libs by lantus.

You'll need the SorRv5 release for Windows. Copy the following folders/file to the Xbox:

  • \mod
  • \palettes
  • SorR.dat


- Don't overwrite or delete the savegame\savegame.sor included with this release. - Don't change the vsync option or the Xbox will hang. - The jump button (B by default) is used to select a menu option and the attack button

 (A by default) to cancel.

These "issues" could be solved with a compiled version of SorRv5 with the Xbox in mind but thanks to Sega that's unlikely to happen.

The HQ2X scaler is too slow, even with the assembler version I added, to be usable so don't use it :)

The xresizer.xbe included, allows to resize the screen for those with overscan problems. It generates a xbox.cfg with this default settings:

  • xpos=0
  • ypos=0
  • xstretch=0
  • ystretch=0
  • flickerfilter=1
  • 720p=1

The flickerfilter option can be a number between 0 and 5.


  • Left Analog -> Up / Down / Left / Right
  • Dpad -> Up / Down / Left / Right
  • A -> Attack
  • B -> Jump
  • X -> Special
  • Y -> Special Combo
  • Left Trigger -> Back Attack
  • Right Trigger -> Series
  • Black -> Police
  • Right Analog Thumb -> Exit to Dashboard (Creates Savestate)
  • Start -> Start
  • Back -> [ESCAPE]

Almost all controls can be remapped using the menu.

Source code (sources.rar) included.