XDescent XBOX

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What's New

- Compiled with the assembler code instead of the C one. Now is 15 fps faster. - Added support for CD audio tracks (read below) - Primary and secondary weapon autoselect ordering option can be changed with

 the black/white buttons.

This is an update so you need the v1.0 version. Overwrite the default.xbe.

This port is based on D2X-Rebirth and it was possible thanks to the SDLx libs by Lantus, Bradley Bell and the D2X team, zico and MD 2211

For Descent copy the following files to the folder where you installed xDescent: note: you need the Descent 2 files if you want to play the Descent levels.

  • descent.hog
  • descent.pig

For Descent II:

  • descent2.ham
  • descent2.hog
  • descent2.s11
  • descent2.s22
  • alien1.pig
  • alien2.pig
  • fire.pig
  • groupa.pig
  • ice.pig
  • water.pig
  • intro-h.mvl
  • other-h.mvl
  • robots-h.mvl

This port supports HDTV modes but it you want to use the 720p mode, you must run the default720.xbe or rename it to default.xbe

Addon levels must be copied to the \missions folder.

Recorded demos are saved to the \demos folder.

By default, xDescent plays the midi files located on the \music folder but you can overwrite them with the music of your choice. Supported formats are: ogg, mid, xm, s3m, mod (mp3s aren't supported). These are the names of the music files:

  • briefing.mus
  • credits.mus
  • descent.mus
  • game01.mus
  • game02.mus
  • game03.mus
  • game04.mus


Rip the tracks from your original CD with some util like CDex and convert them to .ogg (mp3s aren't supported)

The files must be renamed track02.ogg - track03.ogg .... track09.ogg and copied to the \music folder.

Now go to the Options/Sound Effects & Music Menu and check the CD Music option with the (X) joypad button.


- Death scene isn't displayed - Descent has some major graphic glitches but they don't affect the gameplay

Until a new version of d2x-Rebirth SDL fixes these bugs, there is nothing I can do about them.


  • Left Analog -> Slide Left/Right - Accelerate/Reverse
  • Left Analog Thumb -> Rear View
  • Right Analog -> Turn Right/Left - Pitch Up/Down
  • Right Analog Thumb -> Afterburner
  • Left Trigger -> Fire Secondary
  • Right Trigger -> Fire Primary
  • White -> Cicle Primary Weapon
  • Black -> Cicle Secondary Weapon
  • A -> Fire Flare - Select Menu Option - [ENTER]
  • B -> Drop Bomb
  • X -> Headlight
  • Y -> Map On/Off
  • DPad Up -> Slide Up
  • DPad Down -> Slide Down
  • DPad Left -> Bank Left
  • DPad Right -> Bank Right
  • Back + X -> Cockpit On/Off
  • Back + Y -> Start/Stop Demo Recording
  • Back + White -> Load Game
  • Back + Black -> Save Game
  • Start -> [ESCAPE]