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As more time goes by, the PSVita keeps on getting useful homebrew that makes life easier. This time around, Joel16, who made VITAident among other homebrew, created VitaBackup with Berion’s design and ideas.

What is VitaBackup?

As you can see, virtually all important files can be backed up! VitaBackup is a simple tool that could save you a lot of headaches caused by losing important files to your PSVita. This homebrew utility lets you backup up the following important pieces of data by just pressing a few buttons:

  • Encrypted and decrypted save data.
  • Trophy information
  • System Settings and User Information (handy to have if you restored your PSVita or are switching to another one)
  • User and Hardware IDs
  • Software licenses, these are linked to your PSN account
  • The application database or, in layman’s terms, the layout of the icons on the screen. – It’s a very good idea to back this up if you’re messing around with how some bubbles look!
  • Activation data – The importance of the activation file isn’t as great thanks to NoNpDrm and ReNpDrm. That being said, having it could still save you some time and headaches when it comes to setting up the aforementioned plugins.
  • VPKs – You can tell the program to backup VPKs found in ux0:/vpk/ for some reason. (VHBB doesn’t download/cache its VPKs there so I personally don’t really think that this option is necessary)

As you can see, this tool can backup a lot of different files but what makes it great is its UI. The UI is very easy to navigate and allows you to backup the above data with a few button presses (the touch screen isn’t supported yet even though the UI has a very touch-friendly design). Backups are compressed in an easy to back-up TAR file in the directory ux0:/data/VitaBackup/backups. You may also set the backup directory to ur0:/data/VitaBackup/backups if you wish to backup your files in the internal storage of the Vita. To get started with backing up, just open the homebrew, select the ‘Backup’ option, choose the files you wish to back up and press the START button to actually back up the data you chose

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