Solar PS3

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What is Solar??? It's a screensaver with mp3 player, ftp server, web-browser.

There’s two versions, stand-alone and Rogero Manager’s. For Rogero Manager both PKGs need to be installed.

1. Solar.pkg 2. Solar_RELOAD_RM.pkg

After installed it can be launched from XMB or automatically while Rogero Manager idles. Hope you enjoy it, thanks.


Solar v4.2:

   Rebuilt the 3D engine.
   Added more items to UI interface.
   Added memory counter.
   Added FPS (frames per second).
   Added better light engine.
   Added a 2 hours counter for system turn off.
   Added ICON1.PAM (animated icon).
   Added an intro loading screen.
   Added Solar system trivia.
   Added some minor MP3 player tweaks.
   Created 2 version (stand-alone/multiMAN & Rogero Manager built in “automatic launching”).
   And a lot more stuff, I should write them down as I go…lol 
  • Mostly Graphical updates
  • Better memory usage, for stability
  • Added more effects, Satelites and more Depth view and motion.
  • Fixed MUSIC directory for mp3 playback.
  • and other things I can't remember.

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How To

  • MP3 playback: Place your MP3's in "MUSIC" folder in root of any USB storage device.
  • Press Down to switch MP3s.
  • Hold down X for buttons Legend.
  • Press SQ for browser/ftp.
  • Press O to exit Solar.
  • Triangle for multiMAN.
  • Press Select to pause BG music/MP3s.
  • Press Start to Resume BG music/MP3s.
  • Future updates: more Music player work, possibly a user interface, idk. Enjoy...CAW!