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SnemulDS 0.6 [Revival]
Last Updated2021/11/08

SnemulDS [Revival] is a continuation project of SNEmulDS, a SNES emulator for the Nintendo DS.

This is based from the original SNEmulDS v0.6a sources by archeide.


  • SPC Jukebox.
  • Hotkeys to swap screens while running a game.
  • Key mappings.
  • Save/Load States.
  • ARGV Support.


Download contains multiple branches:

  • TGDS1.65 - Latest stable release.
  • TGDS1.6 - Branch for stable features.
  • TGDS1.6 Singles - Contains precompiled arm9dldi version (with some additional features).
  • master - Development branch (please refer to the repository page for updates).

To install, go to the release folder and copy these files to SD:/root:

  • snemul.cfg.
  • Either /arm7dldi-ntr/SnemulDS.nds (NTR mode) or /arm7dldi-twl/ (TWL mode).

Create a snes folder in SD:/root, and put your homebrew games on it.

For SPC playback (optional), create a spc folder in SD:/root, and put your SPC files on it. You can choose and play a SPC File in the SPC Jukebox option.

User guide


While SnemulDS is running a game, it is possible to use hotkeys to swap Menu Screen/Emulator framebuffer between Top/Bottom Screen.

When framebuffer is set to bottom screen, the top screen will turn off.

Remap NDS to SNES Keys

Go to /release/snemul.cfg, section: KEYS and copy/paste source value into target field, then restore original overwritten value into source field.

Save changes, then copy snemul.cfg in SD root. Keys are remapped now.

Save/Load States

It is experimental. It may or not work consecutively. It's recommended to always save then restore a single state at a time.

To properly Save/Load SRAM:

  • Save in-game, check Options -> SRAM saving and wait for a SRAM written message to appear.
  • Right after uncheck this option before reloading other games or shutting down console.
  • This ensures your savefile is kept safely.


L+R+Start+Right - Swap Menu Screen between Top/Bottom Screen (in game only)


Works with NTR compatible Flashcard and TWiLight Menu++.

Tested by the author with X9SD,, DeSmuME and no$gba.



  • Fix TWL mode touchscreen.

0.6c alpha

  • TWL support. Currently tested on no&gba. Some lag may happen between loading screens.
  • Fixed a ton of issues (a work of at least 3 years, related with TGDS SDK, mostly memory issues, codebase stability, interrupts, arm7 dldi support, arm7 sd twl support, etc).
  • Fixed codebase mostly to have a better user-experience, and of course all the changes were merged into NTR version as well.


  • Fix compatibility with more cards, also restored compatibility to be the same as the one developed by Archeide.


  • A ton of stuff. Add SnemulDS to TGDS. NTR mode only.


  • Used old SnemulDSx sources, which were broken.


Thanks to:

  • Archeide for the emulator & source code.
  • Bubble2k for CPU core.
  • Gladius for Sound Core.

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