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Rop Multi-loader
Last Updated2014/08/14
TypeSystem Tools

3DS ROP Multiloader installer. This is a DS program which installs an exploit to run an unencrypted ROP chain on a 3DS.

Directions: Run the .nds app on your 3DS/2DS with a compatiple DS flash card and select the type of homebrew you want to run with A button.

The app will then install the DS profile launcher to your 3DS's DS mode firmware then exit to the gray 3ds menu screen.

Press Home to return to home menu then run the profile exploit in the Settings Menu.




  • Gateway 3DS launcher (USA EUR JPN 3ds only) or encrypted homebrew. (first 0x9000 bytes)
  • Appears to also launch the firmwares of other GW clone cards (not surprising, given they are clones).
  • However, I cannot test these cards to make sure they are fully operational.

2.Homebrew Launcher.dat 4x

  • Regular unencrypted homebrew that runs on arm9 or arm11. Not to be confused with .3ds homebrew compiled with CTRulib by smealum.
  • Those homebrews run inside the gateway 3ds application interface.

3.Homebrew MsetForBoss.dat 4x

  • Decrypted hb like above but named MsetForBoss.dat.

4.Homebrew MsetForBoss.dat 6x

  • Like 'Homebrew MsetForBoss.dat 4x' above but for firm 6.x systems. Only homebrew currently available is a usermode ram dumper (by WinterMute)

Bangai-o game install:

The binary of this ropinstaller is also injected in an included DS save file for use with the Bangai-o Spirits game (USA version only, but its region free). First write the sav to the game cart's save chip. There are guides online on how to do this. I use an Action Replay DSi which is extremely convenient, but there are other methods:

Then run the bangai-o game and select Edit Mode --> Custom Stage inside the game menu. Finally, use ROP multiloader menu as described above. Note that I have added a new method which is probably the easiest if you have the right equipment. Please check the 'bangai-o_installerKit' folder for more.

Customize Profile:

There is a folder titled 'customizeProfile' which contains an editable 'script.txt' where you can text edit your personal DS profile info. Do so if you wish. Then, run the 'runCustomizeScript.exe' to commit your saved changes on script.txt to the rop_multiloader.nds in the same folder.

The colors.png file is to help you match the numbered colored choices in script.txt to actual colors. Maybe, I would consider this procedure optional and in a beta state. Using the default rop_multiloader.nds file in the top folder is recommended.

Known Issues:

  • Crashes when launching a DS app (including DS flashcards and games) while already in Gateway 3DS mode. Occurs with official GW loader as well.
  • MsetForBoss.dat homebrew 4x sometimes hangs when launched.
  • Possibly, both of these are no fault of Rop-multiloader, but it's still helpful to know about them.

WARNING: Do not run this app on a DS/DSlite or DSi/XL. Doing so risks a permenent bricking of the system. Use caution on 3ds as well. The DS mode can be bricked as like DS family systems but is recoverable through a System Restore.

Eshop games and other system data will be lost, however, unless you update the system and redownload the lost software.

This will end homebrew ability on the system of course.