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AuthorKnightFox (NightFox)
Last Updated2020/10/08
TypeDevelopment Libraries

NightFox’s Lib is a library written in C that is developed to facilitate programming for the DS. Based on Libnds of devkitArm, our library contains functions witch make the use of backgrounds, sprites, collision maps, etc much easier.

Note from developer:

The library has not been updated for an extended period of time, it does not work as-is in the latest versions of libNDS. A recompile of the library using the latest version of libNDS solves the problem. In the library's own compressed file there is a directory to perform this recompilation.


  • Support for 256 color Tiled Backgrounds.
  • Support for 256 color Sprites.
  • Text Engine.
  • Sound.
  • Collision maps.
  • 8 and 16 bits backgrounds.
  • Media.
  • 3D Sprites.
  • WIFI.
  • Examples.
  • Documentation.

User guide

Inside the folder there is a folder LIB NF_LIB within folders icon, Makefile, Source and WiFi. In the root of your project (where the default makefile) ICON.BMP copy files and Makefile that may need (they are in separate folders).

Then copy the entire contents of the source folder in your source folder. To use the library only have to include # include "nf_lib.h" in code and # include "nf_wifi.h" if want to use wifi.

You will find a complete documentation in PDF, with a complete description of all functions.

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