MolecularShell MOD

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MolecularShell MOD

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Developer SMOKE released a simple mod for Molecular Shell. As you probably already know Molecular Shell based on previously released VitaShell and is installed with HENkaku.

MolecularShell is main app to manage files on your freshly hacked Vita/PSTV. With this mod you will get access to all partitions, developer took care of safety for end users so dangerous partitions are read-only.

This should prevent from bricks when messing with that files.

Read only in places that have always been read only in the past (vs0, gro0, etc) full access in all others 1. Install & launch FTPVita (you can't use FTP built into molecularShell for this) 2. Replace the eboot in ux0:/app/MLCL00001/ with the one in this archive 3. Exit and start molecularShell with more filesystem access​

Thanks again to the molecule team! Yifanlu, Davee, Proxima, xyz (molecular)

Note to anyone you can enable full read and write access by simply editing the files.c in the source code of MolecularShell (VitaShell fork) and then compile to have full access. And carts can be dumped for cart sharing by simply opening PC FTP client then downloading gro0:/ directory but you will have to manually input the location into FTP client as it is not enabled in this build but again can be added by simply editing the files.c then compiling it. Or by using this URL in FTP client to access without modifying the code.

Works for tm0:/ for registry edits, quick swap of PSN accounts or even merging content from multiple accounts. Active and banned work provided you still have the act.dat and needed rif/rap files as well as registry files.

sa0, pd0 well basically all directories can be called upon manually for the file system, game carts and memory internal and external. ​

Use Extreme Caution