molecularShell Disguisers

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molecularShell Disguisers


These can be used to disguise your homebrew usage if you accidentally stay logged into PSN like I do. These are made using the param.sfo files from games downloaded from the PSN, I've tested them by checking my profile while having one loaded, and PSN reports the game being played is the one the param.sfo is pulled from, even showing the proper game icon and linking to the game, all while molecularShell is actually running.

Two things of note are that using the Playstation Now vpk doesn't report any game to psn servers for some reason, I don't really know what to make of that, and if you already have one of these games installed, don't use the associated vpk, or neither the original game or the homebrew will work.

Also it should be noted that all you'd need to do to disguise pretty much any other homebrew is copy the param.sfo from one of these vpk files into another homebrew vpk.

I've made two .vpks for every game I've provided so far. One with the standard molecularShell, and one with the modded molecularShell that gives access to all partitions.

So far I've provided .vpks for mShell disguised as:

  1. Crazy Market (free game)
  2. Desert Ashes (free game)
  3. Freedom Wars
  4. Helldivers
  5. PlayStation Now (Doesn't report anything to PSN for some reason)
  6. Persona 4 Golden
  7. Knytt Underground
  8. Super Star Wars
  9. Terraria (Doesn't work, possibly because it's only the trial?)