Mocha CFW Guide

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Required Reading

Mocha CFW is a custom firmware that patches signature checks, region checks, and runs other custom code in the background.

In order to boot the patched signature checks and boot patched SysNAND, you will need to enter the Homebrew Launcher and run Mocha CFW every time your device reboots.


  1. Launch Mocha CFW
  2. The Mocha CFW configuration menu should load
  3. Use (UP) and (DOWN) on the D-Pad to navigate through the lines and (LEFT) and (RIGHT) to set the following:
    • Config view mode: default
    • Skip this menu on launch: on
    • Show launch image: on
    • Don’t relaunch OS: off
    • Launch System Menu: on
    • RedNAND: off
  4. Press (A) to confirm and exit
  5. Your Wii U should reboot into the system menu

You will need to launch Mocha CFW from the Homebrew Launcher every time you reboot in order to enter patched SysNAND.

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