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Tool Release Notes: Made In China! ! ! !

Version v233.1: ------------------

● 5 kinds of games can switch loading (previously supported version of the decryption of the game, the game can try switching error)

● support the decryption of some loads large segment of the game

● repaired several bug

● Extraction game to preserve the original file in particular mai_moe / eboot_origin.bin (which is conducive to future versions of the tools used directly)

If the vitamin is best used to rebuild the database to avoid error about mystery (before using this tool P.s.        If there is a new game Dump Please @ ljy64278326 to facilitate finishing the game        There you do not finish your critical foreign hackers what kind of thing does to all people who engage in research Psvita crack down on everyone to do it?

If we use this tool to dump the game, then please indicate what to distinguish)

Version v233.0: ------------------

● can be extracted and decrypted games and patches (including cassette version and the digital version)

● can be extracted patch alone (including cassette version and the digital version)

● can be installed directly from the game folder

● can decrypt and load the game comes sce_module

● can automatically load ux0: plugins all plug-ins

● preserve the original eboot to mai_moe / eboot_origin.bin

● does not support grw game

● does not support some of the rare self loading games (god of the sea or something)

● If the game can not be normal operation of the solution (in two attempts)

The eboot.bin replaced mai_moe / eboot_origin.bin

Deletion two reserved sce_module / libc.suprx and sce_module / libfios2.suprx with _m of

● This version does not support DLC likely be the next version (there may be the next version! Necessarily)

● When installing the tool holder can choose to install from a file or pack their own small VPK (because the packaging too slow 2,333,333)

● DUMP time please do not keep the lock screen so as not to fail DUMP

● The tool for study and research use please delete download within 24 not for commercial use

 If any question is brought to bear commercial use!   This tool Psvita starting to crack it reprinted, please indicate the original post link! And an additional sentence Remember Remember Welcome to crack it Psvita exchange group 483 562 314

工具版本说明: Made In China !!!!

版本 v233.1:------------------

●可切换5种游戏加载方式(支持之前版本解密的游戏,游戏出错可以尝试切换) ●支持解密一些会加载大数据段的游戏 ●修了几个bug ●提取的游戏尽量保留原始文件 特别是mai_moe/eboot_origin.bin(这利于将来版本的工具直接使用) (P.s. 使用此工具前 如果用过vitamin 最好重建一下数据库 以免发生谜之错误

      如果有新Dump的游戏 请@ljy64278326 以方便游戏整理 
      还有各位请不要说完爆国外黑客什么的之类的话 莫非把所有研究Psvita破解的人搞走对大家才好么?

如果大家用此工具dump游戏的话 请注明一下 以便区分)

版本 v233.0:------------------

●可提取并解密游戏和补丁(包括卡带版和数字版) ●可单独提取补丁(包括卡带版和数字版) ●可从文件夹直接安装游戏 ●可解密游戏自带 sce_module 并加载 ●可自动加载 ux0:plugins 所有插件 ●保留原始 eboot 为 mai_moe/eboot_origin.bin ●暂不支持 grw 游戏 ●暂不支持一些稀有的加载 self 的游戏(神海什么的) ●如果游戏无法正常运行的解决方法(两个中尝试) 将eboot.bin换为mai_moe/eboot_origin.bin 删掉sce_module/libc.suprx和sce_module/libfios2.suprx 带_m的两个保留 ●此版本不支持DLC 有可能下个版本会有(有可能会有下个版本!不一定) ●安装时可以选择用工具从文件夹安装或者自行打包小VPK(因为打包速度太慢了2333333) ●DUMP的时候 请保持不要锁屏 以免DUMP失败 ●本工具仅供学习研究使用 请于下载后24内删除 不得用于商业用途


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