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MPlayer - dvdlib edition
Author[[User:Team Twiizers|Team Twiizers]]
TypeMedia player
VersionRevision 27458

This page is about the MPlayer port created by Team Twiizers to demonstrate the capabilities of DVDx. Since its initial release and apparent abandonment by Twiizers, the community has been treated to a few releases of unofficial binaries built on slight modifications to the codebase thanks to other independent coders. For the other two ports of MPlayer intended to be used with multiple audio and video formats in a wide range of popular codecs and containers, see MPlayer CE and MPlayerWii.


This is a native MPlayer Wii port. The main focus has been DVD-Video playback on modified and unmodified consoles. Although you can open and view various media files from SD card, this is largely untested. At this time it can not read files off data DVDs, just DVD-Video discs. <google uid="C06" position="left"></google>


This application requires a valid and working DVDX stub install, please refer to its README for setup instructions. A DVD-Video disc, either pressed or with the DVD-ROM booktype, might also come in handy.

How To Install

Just copy the "mplayer" folder into the "/apps" directory on your sd card and launch it via the HBC. Do not rename the folder.


When launching this application you will be presented by a basic on screen menu. Though all options should be self-explanatory, here are some hints:

  • High bitrate video streams may lead to dropped frames. This really depends on the used DVD-Video. Some fullscreen movies seem to have the same issue.
  • Hiding the menu and disabling subtitles improves the performace a little.
  • Playing DVDs with libdvdnav is buggy and decreases performace (read: way more dropped frames)
  • Choosing a DTS audio track results in noise and breaks things.
  • Choosing non-playable files from SD makes it crash & burn.
  • Know the amount of DVD tracks in your DVD beforehand. If you try to skip ahead a track when you're on your last track, your Wii will freeze for roughly 10 minutes.


This port was made possible by the following people:

DVDX stub
libdvdcss port
mplayer port
12 stage TEV YUV12 GX voodoo
menu loop animation

This port is powered by devkitPPC and libogc. Thanks go out to the HBC beta team for testing!

How to Build

3 subversion repositories are required to build this port, the revisions used for this binary are:

  • libdvdread r1120
  • libdvdnav r1120
  • mplayer r27458
mplayer svn always fetch the latest revisions of libavcodec, libavformat, libavutil and libpostproc. 
The newest versions are incompatible with Team Twiizers build. Please use the following revisions instead:

* libavcodec r14712
* libavformat r14718
* libavutil r14665
* libpostproc r14366

  1. get the repositories via:
    svn co -r 1120 svn:// libdvdread-trunk
    svn co -r 1120 svn:// libdvdnav-trunk
    svn co -r 27458 svn:// mplayer-trunk
  2. update to the revisions of external libraries:
    cd mplayer-trunk/libavcodec/
    svn update -r 14712
    cd ../libavformat/
    svn update -r 14718
    cd ../libavutil/
    svn update -r 14665
    cd ../libpostproc/
    svn update -r 14366
  3. apply the patches
  4. edit libdvdread's and libdvdnav's config.mak and adjust SRC_PATH and SRC_PATH_BARE
  5. build libdvdread with `make`, then `make install`
  6. build libdvdnav with `make`, then `make install`
  7. build mplayer with `make`, test your build using `make upload`

Team Twiizers

Unofficial Versions

MPlayer is licensed under the GPL, please only post builds which come with source or diff's, thanks

MPlayer r27458 by Duhow

Source included. Changed language to Spanish, buttons, menu and added commands and help.

Download: mplayer-r27458 ES-SourceBinary.rar

MPlayer CE

MPlayer CE is a fork of this Team Twiizers MPlayer port, combining elements of MPlayerWii and GeeXboX.