List of 3DS system tools

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Title Version Description Author Last updated
EULASetter 2016 3DS homebrew to set your accepted EULA version. SciresM 2016/08/29
SDFAT 2014 Minimalist SD FAT filesystem IO nop90 2014/03/12
3DSCameraExample 3DS unknown An example for using the Nintendo 3DS camera with ctrulib (high framerate and fast drawing, 60 times per second). MrNbaYoh 2015/11/13
TWLSaveTool-MrNbaYoh v1.1 A 3DS homebrew that allows you to read, write, and erase save files from NDS cartridges MrNbaYoh 2016/06/16
PyRop unknown WIP rop builder. MrNbaYoh 2017/03/20
3DS Browser Update Bypass unknown Nintendo 3DS browsers update check bypass based on SSLoth (firmware versions <= 11.13) MrNbaYoh 2020/12/21
ctr-nandmount unknown FUSE tool for mounting a plaintext NAND image using an encrypted NAND image and xorpad(s) for the image/partitions. yellows8 2014/01/12
3dsbootldr_firm unknown Nintendo 3DS arm9bin + FIRM bootloader. yellows8 2016/06/07
firm_payload_bootstrap unknown Boot an ARM9 binary from a 3DS FIRM. yellows8 2017/01/03
libctru v2.0.1 C library for writing user mode arm11 code for the 3DS (CTR). TuxSH 2021/04/17
QuickPowerOff - A9LH payload 2017 Shuts down the 3DS. Useful to shut the system down when a reboot is forced (eg. after leaving system settings). Asia81 2017/06/21
3ds_pm unknown Open source replacement of the ARM11 PM system module. TuxSH 2019/04/17
3ds_pxi unknown Open source replacement of the ARM11 PXI system module. TuxSH 2019/03/17
3Input v0.1 A Custom System Module Input Monitor! PhlexPlexico 2020/09/10
RAM Explorer v1.2.5 A plugin for NTR CFW, which allow you to navigate through the memory region used by a process. Nanquitas 2017/05/28
BetterBatteryColors Unknown BetterBatteryColors for Homemenu gaberilde 2018/11/14
ROB v1.0 a 3DS Homebrew app to display and log gyroscope and accelerometer data. Swiftloke 2018/02/13
Intergrated3DS v1.0 Detecting if the user is using a9lh or b9s it looks for a boot.firm file. Switchhaxz 2018/08/02
Screen swap patch Unknown EPILLEPSY WARNING. Sono 2018/08/08
Check Boot9Strap - SigHax version v1.3 A script for GodMode9 with which you can verify the version of Boot9Strap that you have installed. yonaikerlol 2018/10/03
NTR 3DS corruptions plugin beta It corrupts RAM, so the worst is a crash to home menu. shutterbug2000 2016/09/20
NTRLDR Unknown DS firmware on the 3DS! dr1ft 2018/03/07
twpatcher 2021/02/21 DS(i) mode screen filters and patches. Sono 2021/06/27
Free Multi Patcher v0.6-b4 Patch systemmodules while using system or emunand. hartmannaf 2015/07/15
Sleepmode Installer v0.12 This adds titles for sleep mode download with nim. Reisyukaku 2017/02/21
DSP1 v1.0 A new dsp dumper - cia for better stability! zoogie 2018/03/03
3DS Ram Dumper unknown Dump RAM to file. palantine 2014/10/05
arc13 freeShop 3.1.4 Download 3DS software from the eShop, if their title is present on the system arc13 2017/09/04
Gimme 300 coins unknown The fastest way you will get 300 coins ever Chelsea_Fantasy 2019/07/21
Diagnos3 v1.0.2 Check the functionailty of your 3DS. FUK-TEAM 2015/10/10
SOON2 v2.2.0 New version of the very good-looking and easy to use CIA installer with cover art Chelsea_Fantasy 2016/06/09
SOON - Super cOOl iNstaller v1.5 Very good-looking and easy to use CIA installer with cover art Chelsea_Fantasy 2016/02/28
SDMounty unknown Unmount the SD card. zoogie 2016/05/02
NVRAM Flash Manager v1.1 Wifi NVRAM/SPI Flash dumper/restorer Rinnegatamante 2015/03/14
NASA - Universal CIA Manager v.1.6 Universal Legit CIA manager for firmware between 4.1 and 10.7. Rinnegatamante 2016/04/13
Decrypt9 20170607 Multipurpose content dumper and decryptor for the Nintendo 3DS! d0k3 2017/06/07
3DS Hardware Test unknown Test the hardware buttons of your system ifrit05 2016/08/17
ORGANIZ3D v1.1 A simple file browser written in LUA. Rinnegatamante 2015/01/11
fierce waffle RAM dumper unknown Development Fierce Waffle 2014/01/16
Alternate Rop Installer unknown Rop Loaders! Drenn 2014/01/25
fierce waffle ROP Loader unknown Rop Loaders! Fierce Waffle 2017/04/11
3DS File Explorer unknown Mount SD card and list files Ernilos 2014/07/11
UpdateSupresser v0.2.0 Removes update nag GiantBlargg 2016/01/21
TinyFormat v1.0.0 Quickly formats system memory without wiping out SD card contents. javimadgit 2015/06/27
tikSweep v1.1.2 Remove tickets from your system that are not used. DanTheMan827 2017/01/07
tikShop v1.0.2 Batch ticket installer. Fork of TIKdevil. prophour 2017/01/07
TIKdevil 3DS v0.2 Batch ticket installer. Fork of CIAngel. Kyraminol 2016/05/01
sysUpdater 0.4.3b Tool for updating/downgrading system firmware profi200 2020/05/20
SafeSysUpdater unknown A fork of sysUpdater that checks all files before updating/downgrading Cpasjuste 2016/12/23
sysDowngrader 2.0.2 3DS offline system downgrader using CIA files. Plailect 2016/12/24
SafeA9LHInstaller v2.6.7 Install arm9loaderhax. AuroraWright 2016/11/26
QR Web Installer 0.8.0 Scans a QR code and installs the CIA from the URL it represents ksanislo 2016/03/21
Playcoin unknown Allows modifying the 3DS Play Coin counter. MrCheeze 2017/12/04
OTPHelper v0.90 Small tool designed for helping with the downgrade and OTP dumping d0k3 2016/06/14
menuhax manager unknown Install or update menuhax. yellows8 2017/01/06
Hourglass9 v1.51 Stripped down/noob friendly version of Decrypt9 that only includes basic sys/emuNAND dumping/restoring and H&S dumping/injection. d0k3 2017/06/07
GYTB unknown Add custom badges to your 3DS MrCheeze 2017/03/21
Extdata dump unknown Dump, edit and restore Extra Data stored on SD Card. MrCheeze 2015/11/16
eShop Music Changer 0.9b Change the Nintendo eShop background music Ptrk25 2015/12/31
EmuNAND9 20160919 EmuNAND SD formatter & manager d0k3 2016/09/19
Corbenik CFW Updater - RE v1.0.3R2 Update Corbenik CFW or Skeith CFW. Replacement and rewrite of Corbenik/Skeith CFW Updater. gnmmarechal 2017/01/06
Corbenik - Skeith CFW Updater v0.6.0 Update Corbenik CFW or Skeith CFW. gnmmarechal 2016/07/25
braindump 1 Dump decrypted contents (both ExeFS and RomFS) of any 3DS game. neobrain 2015/12/30
Big Red Menu v1.5 Used to manage installed cia files on NAND. This is obsolete. Use FBI. Rinnegatamante 2015/03/29
AutoLoader 0.7.0 Download CIA from URL and install ksanislo 2016/03/07
CTRXplorer v0.9.8.1 An open source SD file manager. d0k3 2017/02/08
Homebrew Launcher Loader v1.3 3DS NCCH application for booting the *hax payloads. yellows8 2017/02/11
OldLoader v0.0.1 Load new stuff from old entrypoints on the 3DS console! d0k3 2017/08/13
OCS v1.2.5 Go straight from stock to luma (9.0.0 - 11.3.0) hax0kartik 2017/09/14
Luma Updater v2.6 Updater for Luma3DS. KunoichiZ 2021/03/08
ARDS Firmware Tool 1 Improved NTRBoot for ARDS(EZ/ME/i), flash your own FIRMs and more! RattletraPM 2017/09/26
GodMode9 Homemenu shortcut Userland-1.0-GM9v1.4.3 Shortcut for GodMode9. Ordim3n 2017/10/22
PayloadSpinner v1.2 Swap B9S Payloads (Relatively) Quickly and Easily. SaturnSH2x2 2017/10/29
NDS version NTRBOOTHAX flasher v4.0 Flash ntrboot to supported flashcarts using your NDS. ntrteam 2017/10/28
rxTools 3.0-beta_2 rxTools roxas75 2016/02/09
Lasagna v1.0.0 LayeredFS patch manager for Luma3DS v7.0+ groowlithe 2018/01/19
3ds-save-reencrypter unknown ReEncrypts a 3DS save, allowing you to move it to another console. lory98 2018/03/10
Recovery Tool v1.40 A tool for restoring and backing-up unique data on the Nintendo 3DS. joel16 2018/02/18
fastboot3DS v1.2 A homebrew bootloader for the Nintendo 3DS that is similar to android's fastboot. derrekr 2019/01/24
Boot9strap v1.3 Boot9/Boot11 code execution. SciresM 2017/09/06
SafeB9SInstaller v0.0.7 Safe, simple, user-friendly installer for sighaxed FIRMs. d0k3 2017/06/05
OpenFirmInstaller v0.0.9 Safe, simple, user-friendly installer for sighax bootloaders. d0k3 2019/04/06
FBI v2.6.1 Open source CIA (un)installer and launcher. Steveice10 2021/05/18
Clear MAC Filter Beta Reset 8-hour per-console StreetPass rate limiting! tastymeatball 2018/08/23
3DSident v0.8.0 Check device info similar to PSPident, hence the name 3DSident. joel16 2018/08/03