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Jump 'n BumpX


You're a cute little bunny and you have to avoid the other bunnies from stomping on you and at the same time try to stomp as many opponents as possible. Jump & bump is multiplayer only with up to four players simultaneously. Gather the local crew and have a blast.

Visit for more info about this game.

There you can also find more than 170 levels for Jump 'n BumpX.

How to play

Menu controls:

  • DPAD/Left Analogue stick = scroll through level list
  • Right/Left trigger = scroll through level list in fast mode
  • A-Button = launch the game with the selected level
  • Press Right Analogue stick = take a screenshot from the level launcher(saved as 'jnbx_menu.bmp' in main game directory)
  • Back = quit to Dashboard

Ingame controls:

  • DPAD/Left Analogue stick = move your bunnies
  • A-Button = jump
  • Back = return to level launcher


  • New levels go to ./data/maps.
  • Jump 'n BumpX has already included 20 levels.

Known bugs:

  • There's an invisible jumppad in the upper right corner of the screen.Live with it!
  • ESC key needs to be mapped in order to display the stats screen.Users with keyboard don't have this problem though

Things to come:

  • Several launcher improvements
  • Cheat support

Jump 'n BumpX Changelog:


  • Added: Improved the launcher.The options are as follows:
- Start game
- Resize screen (Use the L/R Analogue sticks)
- Set Flicker Filter (works only for the launcher at this time.Choose between 5 modes)
- Press BLACK to shutdown the launcher and quit to Dashboard
  • Added: Added 24 new maps.The game comes now with 44 maps
  • Added: Game icon
  • Fixed: ESC is now mapped.Press BLACK to exit the game and view the stats for 30 seconds
  • Changed: Quit the player selection screen with BLACK
  • Changed: Moved the temporary level file to /maps and renamed 'xbox.dat' to 'xbox.lvl'


  • Changed: Slightly increased the music volume for the stats screen
  • Changed: Press the A-button on the stats screen to return to the level launcher(You no longer have to wait 30 sec.)
  • Changed: New Game icon (the old icon was way too pixelated)