JK Save Manager - JKSM 3DS

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JK Save Manager - JKSM

JKSM for 3DS

JKSM or JK's Save Manager for 3DS.

  • Dump and Restore save data for 3DS titles
  • Dump and Restore extra data for 3DS titles
  • Dump and Restore data for system titles
  • Dump and Restore Boss extra data
  • Set Play Coins to any amount 300 or lower

This is a rewrite that is based on the original's code. I hope to support *hax again someday, but for the time being this is CFW and Rosalina only.

See releases for the latest version and QR code


libctru, citro3d, and citro2d

This is a save manager you can install as a CIA. This means no more booting into the homebrew menu and rebooting to import and export saves.

Testing has shown that it doesn't appear to have any problems with any titles. Thanks to @Gocario, it will automatically delete any secure values.

It can also export and import ExtData IF the title uses it.

I've made it as simple as I can, while keeping the slot feature from my old save manager.

When you select backup or restore, you will have to select or create a new slot. If you don't like the input screen, you can create the directories yourself inside the game's export folder.

  • Save Data is exported to SD:/JKSV/Saves/[Title]/[Slot Dir]
  • ExtData is exported to SD:/JKSV/ExtData/[Title]/[Slot Dir]
  • System Save data is exported to SD:/JKSV/SysSave/
  • Boss ExtData is exported to SD:/JKSV/Boss/
  • Shared ExtData is exported to sd/JKSV/Shared/[ID]/[DIR]

Tell me if you have any issues. I've tried my best to get everything 100%, but I'm not perfect. Please set FileZilla's transfer type to binary before reporting corrupted data. Auto and ASCII can sometimes cause issues.

Spoiler: FAQ

-I press A and nothing happens-

This means one of two things usually. The first is that the game has not been started and/or given a chance to format its save data. The second is that this title saves to Extra Save Data or ExtData, like Fantasy Life or Monster Hunter Generations.

-I can't open the Extra Data for [Title], but I know it's there.-

Some games with multiple versions, Pokemon and Fire Emblem Fates for example, save to an extra data archive that they all share. This means I need to add a redirect for these games before you can access it. I do not enumerate the Extra Data, I use the ID from the title to access it or test if it's there.

What is MHGSV?

MHGSV is a save data tool specifically for Monster Hunter Generations. It is intended for people using homebrew only on official firmwares, as it detects you system's region and uses that to determine which archive to open. Using it on a US system with a JPN game for example will not work as it will try to open archive 0x1870 instead of 0x1554. It does not need an xml file or target, making it easier to work with if you only want quick save edits.

MHGSV is attached to this post.

The latest version is from 12/20/2018.

The banner and icon were made by @Sgt. Lulz.

A big thanks to @Shadowfied, @Phanton, @Sgt. Lulz, and @A_Random_Guy for risking their saves and testing.

Source is available here: I'm far from a pro though, so I know some could probably be done better.