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Name Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Name Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
1bit Invaders Wii A monochrome 2D space shooter with a destructible environment. Shooter 2.2 ThatOtherPerson 2012/12/17
240p Test Suite Wii Tests 240p support System Tools 1.1.0b artemiourbina 2018/11/08
3d Pinball Space Cadet Wii 3D Pinball for Wii - Space Cadet. Arcade Games 0.2 MaikelChan 2021/10/31
3dmaze Wii Get out of the 3D Maze! Puzzle 1.0 Michelinux 2010/01/02
A Very Prideful Harvest Moon Animal Parade Wii A mod allowing you to play as the main 4 protagonists; �Molly�, �Angela�, �Kasey�, and �Kevin� in a world that is centered around same-sex marriage! Game Hacks 1.0 CowEgg 26 Aug 2021
Abbaye Des Morts Wii An obsolete videogame for a dark passage of history Platform 1.13-1 carstene1ns 2014/08/23
Abes Amazing Adventure Wii A port of Abe's Amazing Adventure Platform r3 psiko 2011/05/28
Abuse Wii Wii port of a dark 2D side-scrolling platform game developed by Crack dot Com in 1995 Platform 0.8.684.2 Sam Hocevar/HunterZ/niuus 2022/04/07
Abusimbel Profanation Deluxe Wii A remake of Abusimbel Profanation Platform 2010 Miguel Angel Jimenez Santana 2010/03/07
Accio Hacks Wii Download codes from GeckoCodes.org and create GCT files Utilities 1.2.0 James0x57 2011/05/15
Achtung Wii Kurve Wii Achtung Die Kurve clone Other Games 1.3 Profetlyen 2010/04/23
Aio Wii Vc Inject Tools Wii saulfabreg All-in-One Wii Virtual Console iNJECTiNG Tools. Utilities 4.8.0 saulfabreg 2021/03/16
Alarmii Wii Alarm clock for Wii Utilities 1.0 Blitter 2009/03/06
Alien Puzzle Wii An Alien Puzzle Game! Puzzle 0.5 GEMISIS 2010/04/12
All In 1 Emuloader Wii A basic Front SD elf/dol loader that looks for known Emulators Loader Eke-eke 2008/04/20
Amju Wibble Wobble Wii A simple balance game Arcade Games Amju 2016/02/14
Another Rock Paper Scissors Wii Another RPS game. With 2 player mode Board 1.0 Forgotten Linkz 2008/06/25
Any Region Changer Modmii Edition Wii A tool that allows you to edit any and all of the region information on your Wii. System Tools 1.0.6 modmii 2022/05/16
Anyglobe Changer Wii Changes the displayed region of the Wii System Tools 1.2 fishguy6564 2021/02/23
Anyregion Changer Wii Lets you modify most (if not all) region info on your Wii System Tools 1.1b tona 2008/12/01
Anytitle Deleter DB Wii Fully deletes (almost) any title from your Wii. System Tools 1.0v4 MrClick 2010/01/05
Anytitle Deleter Mod Wii Fully deletes (almost) any title from your Wii System Tools 7.1 Red Squirrel 2011/04/12
Anytitle Deleter Wii Fully deletes (almost) any title from your Wii System Tools 1.1 tona 2010/11/23
App Viewer Wii Reads information of apps from SD card. PC utilities 0.1 Roboprez 2009/03/06
Arc Extractor Wii Extracts the content of .arc files PC utilities 0.1 JoeBlob 2008/03/04
Arcade Jigsaw Wii First Person Jigsaw Puzzle 0.3b mdm2k 2011/01/30
Arfx Wii ARFX is an extractor for .vol archives of the game Arc Rise Fantasia. This tool was made by me to practice programming. The source code (C#) is included in case anyone wants to see this mess or has to fix something. Features: Hack Utilities 1.0 RetroHelix 02 Sep 2011
Ariane Wii Dating Sim Simulation 0.1b DickNorris 2009/03/22
Art S55 Wii A Wii homebrew program that aims to generate aesthetically pleasing art. Other Apps 1.2 axiot 2021/09/08
Ascii Pong Wii Pong game in console mode Arcade Games 1.0 Felix + Georg Potthast 2008/11/11
Ash Extractor Wii Can extract ASH0 files, which are mostly used by Nintendo. PC utilities 0.1 crediar 2008/08/20
Ash Tools Wii Allows you to edit and make custom textures for Super Smash Bros. Brawl PC utilities v.1 Unknown 2010/11/21
Aspirin Wii Avoid the lines and collect the dots. Arcade Games 1.0 Guglo 2009/11/01
Asteroids Wii Destroy asteroids in space Shooter 2.2 Andy Sommerville 2008/04/16
Atawii Atari ST Computer Beta 1 NoNameNo 2008/03/09
Automatii Wii cellular automata (life) Math 1.2 gcb 2008/11/30
Avoidance Wii Avoid the oncoming red blocks. Arcade Games 1.3 ThatOtherPerson 2012/11/02
Balance Board Pro Wii "Weigh" cool tools! Utilities 1.1 Paulus 2009/07/25
Balance Board Tools Wii Balance tools for your enjoyment Utilities v1.0 elisherer 2009/06/13
Ballermaze Wii Roll the ball to destination. Arcade Games 1.1 Leshek 2013/05/05
Ballion Wii Destroy blocks with a ball Arcade Games 1.7 Mega Man 2010/07/31
Banana Patcher Wii Applies Preloader patches on-the-fly without modifying NAND System Tools v3 Marc 2010/09/24
Bannerbomb Wii Bannerbomb is an exploit capable of launching homebrew from the System Menu versions 3.0-4.2. Exploits Alpha v200 Comex 2009/04/10
Barrage Wii Destroy Targets Shooter 1.0 Mindcry 2008/10/31
Bash The Castle Wii Destroy castles with rocks Arcade Games 1.0 Scanff 2010/03/03
Bathaxx Wii Bathaxx is a safe way to enable homebrew on a Wii without hardware modification. Exploits 2011 Team Twiizers 2011/01/27
Batterycheck Wii Remake of an old PC platformer. Platform 0.3 Archerite 2019/05/26
Battle Of The Holy In Stage 1 Wii This patch will replace the music of the first stage (Reincarnated Soul, originating from Castlevania: Bloodlines). Game Hacks 1.0 Thirteen 1355 24 Nov 2019
Beebem Wii Wii port of Beebem, a BBC Micro emulator. Computer 0.1 Wiimpathy 2018/07.24
Bennugd Wii Streets of Rage Remake on Wii. Action preview release 1 unknown 2012/06/08
Benzin Wii Is an application for the PC that is intended as an open source alternative to Alameda PC utilities 1.9.1Beta SquidMan 2016/09/28
Bermuda Syndrome Wii Port of Bermuda Syndrome game engine. Game engine 0.4 Wiimpathy 2018/06/19
Bfi Wii Brainfuck interpreter Demos 0.0.1 anarkavre 2009/07/03
Biblequiz Wii Bible quiz game Trivia 0.95 wplaat 2010/03/31
Bichejos Wii Light gun game Shooter 1 nozintusei 2008/06/13
Bin2jpg Wii Convert SSBB bin screenshot files to jpg files PC utilities 1.9.1Beta GTCoder 2008/02/28
Binconv Wii Convert Nintendo Channel .bin demos to .nds PC utilities 1.0 Yellows8 2009/11/10
Blastguy Wii Bomberman-clone Arcade Games 3.0 TheDrev 2010/05/04
Bleachversus Crusade English Translation Wii Bleach: Versus Crusade is an action fighting game for the Wii. Translations 1.0 Sixfortyfive 18 May 2014
Blind Wii Ways to fix region bricks have been around for a long time. Utilities 2.1 & 2.0 JoostinOnline 2011/10/01
Blisterball Wii A remake of the great Apple ][ game. Arcade Games 1 Jon Conrad 2008/10/01
Blitzkriegtools Wii Can edit The Stages in Wii Play Tanks! Hack Utilities 1.0 KILL044 2020/03/07
Bluebomb Wii Exploit that uses Bluetooth. Exploits 1.5 Fullmetal5 2020/02/29
Bluemsx Wii MSX Computer V1.0.3 Tim Brugman & Maikel Bloemendal 2010/11/28
Bolt Thrower Wii Space shoot em up - utilises 2D & 3D graphics Shooter 0.71 Titmouse 2012/11/17
Boot It Wii Linux loader designed for use with disc images Operating systems nuvalo 2009/01/11
Bootios Wii Loads BootMii as IOS Loader 1.1 Vithon 2010/09/26
Bootmii Autoloader Wii Loads an ARM executable placed at a fixed point on the SD card without modifying the NAND. Loader 1.0 Fullmetal5 2020/02/14
Bootmii Booter Wii Boots the Bootmii IOS using a IOS_LaunchNewIOS. System Tools 0.1(final) DacoTaco 2009/10/12
Bootmii Channel Forwarder Wii This special bootmii folder allows you to configure bootmii to launch a channel that's already installed to your system menu. Utilities 2022 XFlak 2020/03/27
Bootmii Configuration Editor Wii BootMii.ini Editor Utilities 2.7 pembo 2012/07/04
Bootmii Utils Wii Development tools to assist in the development of BootMii-related software PC utilities 1.0 fail0verflow 2012/11/27
Bootmii Wii Loads an ARM executable placed at a fixed point on the SD card. Loader 1.5 fail0verflow 2017/01/30
Bootnetflix Wii Boot the installed Netflix Channel Utilities 1.0 mdm2k 2011/03/05
Bootopera Wii Boot the installed Opera channel Utilities 0.4 Gannon 2009/11/08
Bowfishing Action Wii Bowfishing Action! is a thrilling fishing game, in which you have to catch carps. Simulation 1.0 linus, drabmeat34 2009/05/24
Box2d Balls Wii A demo of the Box2D physics engine. Use the Wiimote to create balls, then hold B and tilt the Wiimote to change gravity. Demos 0xtob 2012/01/28
Brainslug Wii BrainSlug Wii Game Patching Engine. Other Apps 0.1.2 Chadderz121 2014/03/31
Brawlstats Wii Check your Super Smash Bros. Brawl stats Utilities v1.2.1 Marc 2019/12/02
Briickout Wii A basic Breakout clone with physics-based controls. Arcade Games 0.2 BHSPitMonkey 2009/10/19
Briicks Wii Lumines clone Puzzle 0.1a Liki 2008/07/25
Bubble Dizzy Wii Try to float to the top! Arcade Games 0.94b Foxy 2008/06/28
Bugiin Wii Swat the bugs! Arcade Games 1.4 Brunette Redhead 2010/05/09
Build Blocks Wii 3D sandbox game with blocks. Other Games 0.2 Poklik 2013/12/13
Buscawiinas Wii Just another minesweeper Board 0.1 Jomofer 2008/08/27
Button Tracer Wii Tests buttons on Wii controllers. System Tools 1.0 Jasper Peters 2013/07/28
Buttoncast Wii Input Device Tunneler Utilities 1.0 ColdBird 2013/08/17
C Dogs Sdl Wii Arcade shoot-em-up Shooter 0.4.1-1 insin 2009/06/09
Calibrator Wii Calibration assistant for video capture devices. Utilities 1.1 Extrems 2013/04/07
Captain Rainbow English Translation Wii Captain Rainbow is an action adventure game for the Wii. Translations 1.0 MarkAss 30 Oct 2017
Castles Of Dr Creep Wii opensource reimplementation of the original 1984 game Platform V1.1 segra 2014/12/15
Categorii Wii Helps impose some order on the apps in the HBC (maybe) Utilities 2.0-TR Yossi 2012/03/07
Centipede Wii Clone of the popular original. Arcade Games 1.0 Iron Hand 2009/11/24
Charioman Wii A simple anti-pong game Arcade Games 2.0 Cortes48 2008/04/06
Cheatmanager Wii Generate a custom GCT file for use with Gecko OS Utilities 0.3 Spritez 2019/06/20
Checkregion Wii Checks the original region of the Wii. System Tools v1.4 JoostinOnline 2020/06/15
Cherophobe Wii An FPS Shooter 1.3 ThatOtherPerson 2013/08/19
Chess Wii A simple port of a chess game, TSCP Board 0.1 hanse 2008/07/01
Chippy Wii Chip8 Computer 2008 iamabe 2008/08/06
Chocolate Doom For Wii Port of Chocolate DOOM to the Wii! Shooter 1.0 nitr8 2021/11/08
Chocolate Heretic For Wii Port of Chocol. HERETIC to the Wii! Shooter 1.0 nitr8 2021/11/08
Chocolate Hexen For Wii Port of Chocolate HEXEN to the Wii! Shooter 1.0 nitr8 2021/11/08
Chocolate Strife For Wii Port of Chocolate STRIFE to the Wii! Shooter 1.0 nitr8 2021/11/08
Christmas Type Adventure Time Wii Christmas themed sidescrolling platformer Platform 2009 mntorankusu 2009/01/20
Christmascountdown Wii Countdown the days until Christmas! Utilities 0.1 PaceMaker 2009/01/03
Chro Mono 2 Wii Port of chro.mono 2 for Wii. Puzzle 2.3.0 thp4 2021/04/13
Chrysler Wii The Wii port of an Amiga demo Demos 1.0 Fit and Bandwagon 2008/08/04
Chunk Munch Wii Munch the chunks! Puzzle 0.6c (22-Aug-2009) Freezy 2009/08/21
Citydemo Wii Randomly generated track in a neon city Demos 1.0 Owen 2019/05/16
Cleanrip Wii Creates 1:1 backups of GC/Wii discs without any cIOS required. System Tools 2.1.1 User:emu_kidid 2019/11/10
Code Downloader Wii Download txt code files from WiiRD Database Utilities 1.5 linus 2009/08/09
Colem Wii ColecoVision Console 1.0 Consolius 2009/01/31
Combatwii Multiplayer tank shooter Shooter 0.1 spiffen 2009/05/22
Comixchannel Wii An application that allow you to display comics. Media players BETA 1 Tiamattia 2010/01/30
Commander K Wii A port of CloneKeen Platform v0.99 Bigs 2008/11/12
Configurable Usb Loade Mod Wii Configurable USB Loader mod - Play Wii backups. Title Launchers 78.11 R2-D2199, FIX94, Howard 2017/01/15
Configurable Usb Loader Wii Play Wii Backups from USB harddrive. Title Launchers 70 oggzee, usptactical, gannon, Clipper 2011/07/11
Console Shooter Wii Very Short shooter game Shooter Beta 2 BigBoss 2011/08/03
Corsixth Wii An open source clone of Theme Hospital, originally published by Bullfrog in 1997. Simulation 1.02 tueidj 2013/01/07
Cosmoraketti Wii A 3D space shooter Shooter 1.0 Tassu 2008/11/15
Coverfloader Wiicoverflow Wii CoverFloader is a USB ISO Loader for Nintendo Wii. Title Launchers 1.3(r1062) Beardface, scognito, f1she4rs, LoudBob, [email protected], afour 2010/08/06
Covid 19 Apocalapse Wii The year is 2500, Covid 19 has evolved into a demonic form and threatens to destroy the Earth. Other Games 1.0 Gremlin Software 2021/09/18
Crazy Installer Wii Allows the creation of installers for custom channels PC utilities 0.1.1 WiiCrazy/I.R.on 2011/07/23
Crazy Intro Wii A custom intro program that sits between system and Preloader System Tools 1.1 WiiCrazy/User:I R on 2010/04/10
Ctgp Revolution Wii A custom track distribution for Mario Kart Wii that uses a custom channel Game Hacks v1.03.1044 MrBean35000vr and Chadderz 2014/01/12
Ctr Gcs Dacotaco Edition Wii Create or restore full, raw memory card backups and GCI save files Utilities 0.2b DacoTaco 2012/03/24
Cubicle Shooter Wii A 3D FPS with a destructible environment Shooter 0.5 ThatOtherPerson 2013/08/19
Cubiic Wii Rubik's cube Puzzle 0.1a2 koopa 2009/04/21
Custom Ios Module Toolkit Wii Allows the creation of custom IOS modules PC utilities 0.1.1 neimod 2008/09/05
Customizemii Wii Creates custom channels for your homebrew applications PC utilities 3.11 Leathl 2010/04/21
D2x Cios Installer Wii Official Homebrew to install d2x cIOS. Utilities 3.1 davebaol, xabby666, XFlak 2011/09/25
D2x Cios Wii A custom IOS for the Wii and Wii-U console, i.e. an IOS modified to add some new features not available in the official IOS. Utilities 10-b52-Stealth davebaol 2022/06/12
D2xl Cios? Mini Wii A fork of davebaol's d2x-cIOS. Utilities 1 beta2 leseratte 2019/09/29
Da Shaman Wii My first wii homebrew an amiga old skool inspired demo (uses GRRLIB) + simple 3D Demos 1.0 Da ShAmAn 2009/10/23
Danbo Wii Danbo Demos 1.0 Danbo 2020/11/16
Dance Clone Wii A Dance Dance Revolution clone. Music 0.5 ThatOtherPerson 2010/07/16
Dcvg5k Wii VG5000 Computer 1.0 joaopa, 2013/08/10
Deadly Cobra Wii Game similar in gameplay to the classic Nibbles or snake game Arcade Games Oibaf 2011/08/27
Death Star Run Wii Star Wars scrolling shooter Shooter Alpha 1 Ondrej Blazek 2010/03/11
Defendguin Wii Linux themed Defender clone Shooter 0.11b MiniK 2009/11/02
Descent Wii Descent is a highly advanced first person shooter boasting six degrees of freedom. Shooter 1.13 tueidj, niuus 2020/08/04
Desert Bus Wii Drive a bus through the desert from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. Simulation 1.05 tueidj 2012/10/07
Desmume Wii Nintendo DS(L) Handheld r185 , r253 , r256 (unofficial) Arikado, Dancinninja, scanff 2010/06/27
Devilock Wii Retro spaceship gravity game Arcade Games 1.0 Misfit 2012/08/26
Digger Remastered Wii Digger was released on PC in 1983 by Windmill software. Arcade Games 0.2 Andrew Jenner, Maxim Sobolev, Sektor 2009/09/13
Diilc Wii Download and insert DLC/HDLC to savegame file for Animal Crossing Wii game Utilities 1.2.2 Conanac 2020/03/04
Dios Mios Wii DIOS-MIOS is a modified MIOS that allows you to run GameCube games from a USB device. The Utilities 2.11 Crediar 2014/07/02
Dollz Wii Compresses DOL files PC utilities 3.0 SoftDev 2005/12/02
Donkey Kong Jr Wii Donkey Kong Jr Game & Watch clone Platform 1.0 PaulGoes 2017/07/06
Dop Mii Wiibrew Edition Wii Install IOS', System Menu and Channels Utilities 16 Arikado, Lunatik, lukegb 2011/07/13
Dopewars Wii Port of classic drug dealing game Simulation 1.1 Eikon 2008/12/17
Dosbox Wii Dos Computer 1.7 Tantric, Carl 2012/06/30
Double Dash Wii Boulder Dash clone Arcade Games 1.23 BlackWhiteEagle and Michal Benes 2011/10/13
Dragonmedia Player Wii Music player with a skinnable interface. It supports a lot of sound formats. Media players 0.25 Alpha DragonMinded 2011/02/20
Drawing Box Wii Another demo using Box2D. Demos 1.0 Bool 2008/07/25
Duck Hunt Wii Clone of the NES duck shooting game Shooter 1.81 Knight0fDragon 2008/06/23
Dump Mii Nand Wii NAND dumper (in BootMii nand.bin format) Utilities 1.2 Maxternal/DarkMatterCore 2013/12/12
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Wii Port of the DOS original Role playing 0.4.5 - Wii Release 1 PaceMaker 2009/03/18
Dungeons Wii A mini RPG for Wii. Role playing 0.85 Iron Hand 2008/11/15
Duplicate Channel Remover Wii Removes duplicate News/Forecast channels System Tools 1.1 Waninkoko 2008/04/22
Dvdx Wii Enables the DVD register with a bit in the TMD. Other Apps fail0verflow 2009/02/19
Earth Seeker English Translation Wii Earth Seeker is an role playing game for the Wii. Translations 2.03 Brand Newman 06 Jan 2020
Easyrpg Player Wii Open Source RPG Maker 2000/2003 Engine Game engine 0.7.0 Ghabry 2021/10/30
Eduke32 Wii Port of the classic first person shooter Duke Nukem 3D. Shooter r4103 tueidj 2014/12/17
Eject Dvd Wii Very simple program to eject the disc from the Wii's DVD drive. Utilities 0.1 hOTzENpLOTz 2008/11/26
Elf To Dol Converter Wii Convert all your .elf files to .dol PC utilities v 1.3 Yossi 2008/10/30
Elongated Reptile Wii Snake clone. Arcade Games 0.3 ThatOtherPerson 2013/05/20
Emgba Wii An enhanced port of mGBA, based on Game Boy Interface Standard Edition. Handheld 20220105 extremscorner 2022/01/05
Endlessmazegame Wii An endless in a 3D maze to explore in first person Puzzle v0.1 DeViaNT & Chimecho 2011/04/08
Engine02 Wii Multiplatform 2D Game Engine. Game engine 11.08.11 Stealth 2014/06/15
Epilepsii Wii An improved Wii Strobe Utilities r1 albatross 2010/05/31
Eri Hakawai Wii Eri HaKawai is a safe way to enable homebrew on a Wii without hardware modification. Exploits 0.1 delroth 2011/03/27
Ethernet Enabler Wii Allows ethernet to be used on the Wii Mini. System Tools 1.1 Fullmetal5 2020/01/12
Ewes Wii Edit WAD files PC utilities v12 Pbsds 2009/11/06
Exiaxis Wii 3-D shooting Shooter 1.0 Applicant_255 2018/09/06
Existenze Wii First Wii oldschool Demo (using GRRLIB 1.6.5) Demos 1.0 NoNameNo 2008/05/07
Exult Wii Ultima VII game engine. Role playing 2.0 Wiimpathy 2020/07/28
Fakemote Wii A Wii cIOS module that fakes Wiimotes from the input of USB game controllers. Utilities 0.5.0 xerpi 2022/01/22
Fbzx Wii Sinclair ZX Spectrum Computer 15 Oibaf 2017/05/13
Fce Ultra Gx Wii Nintendo Entertainment System Console 3.5.2 Tantric 2022/06/15
Fce Ultra Rx Wii FCEUltra RX - A port of FCE Ultra for Wii, forked from FCEUltra GX. Console 1.7.0 NiuuS, Tantric 2019/01/19
Fceux Tx Wii FCEUX TX is a fork of FCE Ultra GX on Wii. Console 1.1.3 Tanooki 2022/05/17
Fe100 Wii Windows port of segher's tachtig & twintig, Unpack&Pack savefiles, easy obtaining of files used by tachtig & twintig PC utilities 0.23b WiCrazy/I.R.on 2009/07/17
Fire Dashxdr Wii SDL plasma fire tutorial Demos 1.01 Dashxdr 2010/09/24
Fire Emblem Transfer Tool Wii Transfer exclusive items to your games. Hack Utilities 1 SuperrSonic 2022/04/03
Fire Jespa Wii Fire simulation Demo (using GRRLIB 4.1) Demos 1.0 Jespa 2009/08/20
Fission Wii A 3D game engine. Game engine v0.01 PunMaster 2009/01/24
Flapwii Bird Wii Flappy Bird for the Wii! Arcade Games 1.2.1 TheBlueOompaLoompa 2021/04/24
Flashhax Wii Exploit that uses the Internet Channel. Exploits 2018 Fullmetal5 2018/04/01
Flipem Wii A simple puzzle game where you need to make all of the squares on the board have an X on them Puzzle 0.1-TR Yossi 2012/03/04
Flyingsaucers Wii a simple 2D space shooting game Shooter 1.0 Michelinux 2009/12/02
Fmylife Wii FMyLife.com reader for the Wii Utilities 0.2.4 rosch 2010/03/17
Forwarder Collection Wii Forwarder Collection for wii. Other Apps 2021 Various 2021/10/20
Freecell Wii Freecell Card Game Card 0.2 WhoDares 2008/08/16
Freedom Wii Importer and Exporter Loader 0.03b Crediar 2009/07/31
Fridgemagnets Wii Bit of fun with letters Other Games 0.34 Titmouse 2010/10/23
Frodo Wii Commodore 64 Computer 2.4.1 Simon Kagstrom,Oibaf 2012/12/27
Front Sd Elf Loader Wii Loads .elf and .dol files from front SD slot Loader 0.03b svpe 2008/04/02
Fruity Wii Playing with edibles by Retroguru is heavily inspired by the Kaiko classic Gem'X Puzzle 1.0 Retroguru 2010/10/23
Fstoolbox Wii Wii NAND browser/dumper System Tools 0.5 mod nicksasa 2019/05/15
Ftpii Wii FTP server Utilities 0.0.22 joedj 2011/01/17
Fuse Wii Sinclair ZX Spectrum Computer bg 2009/01/26
Gamecube Backup Manager Wii a software to convert ISO files to Nintendont format. File operation Laete Meireles 2022/05/27
Gamecube Iso Tool Wii This tool allows you to convert GameCube ISOs between various GameCube formats for backup purposes. File operation 1.0.3 Build 7 HaloEliteLegend 2018/06/24
Gamecube Saver Wii Copies Gamecube saves (*.GCI) to your Gamecube Memory Card from your SD Card System Tools 0.5 mod dasda 2009/02/22
Gba Link Cable Dumper Wii Dumps GBA games from the link cable. System Tools v1.6 FIX94 2016/07/22
Gba Link Cable Rom Sender Wii GC/Wii homebrew to send over multiboot .gba roms to a gba using the gc gba link cable. Utilities v1.2 FIX94 2018/12/15
Gba Link Cable Wifi Input Server Wii Use a GBA as a controller on a PC using vJoy and a Wii. PC Utilities 1.2 FIX94 2021/10/11
Gba Sid Send Wii A gc and wii homebrew to send .sid files to a gba using the gba link cable. Utilities v1.0 FIX94 2017/11/04
Gcbooter Wii Boot Region Free Gamecube Games on Wii System Tools 1.0 emu_kidid 2012/06/22
Gcm Tool Wii GCM is a command-line tool for Gamecube game image files. PC Utilities 0.4 TehSkeen, emu_kidid, softdev 2008/01/12
Gcmm Wii Copies savegame files from Gamecube Memory Card to SD and vice versa. System Tools 1.5.2 suloku 2021/11/20
Gcmutility Wii GCMUtility allows you to shrink Gamecube images down to their minimal size. PC Utilities 0.5 Ghoom 2008/06/21
Gcn Memcard Recover Wii GameCube Memory Card Recovery program. Utilities 0.2.1 GerbilSoft 44339
Gcpadder Wii Use your GameCube controllers on PC wirelessly via a modified Wii. PC Utilities 1.0 InvoxiPlayGames 2020/12/10
Gecko Os Wii Loads an import game, like Datel's FreeLoader Loader Nuke 2010/01/20
Geckoloader Wii .dol/.elf loader using the usbgecko adapter (useful for developers) Loader 0.0.3 dhewg 2008/03/11
GeeXboX Wii Linux-based port of GeeXboX, which uses MPlayer for playback. Media players 0.1beta3 IOS/MINI farter 2010/02/27
Genesis Plus Wii Genesis/Mega Drive, Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, Sega/Mega CD Console 1.7.5 RC1 eke-eke 2015/07/10
Getwiimsg Wii Download Wii Message Board announcements and convert to .eml and UTF-16 .txt, needs wc24decrypt PC utilities 1.0 Yellows8 2009/12/18
Ggame Wii A number guessing game Puzzle 1.4 jackos2500 2010/07/04
Ghisi Wii A New Homebrew App That goes to a website Utilities 0.1s Ghisi 2021/08/29
Gianas Return Wii A sequel of The Great Giana Sisters by Retroguru team Platform 1.10.1 Retroguru, Oibaf 2014/12/28
Giddy 3 Wii Platform puzzler Platform 1.4 xeron 2009/05/02
Glovepie Wii Allows one to use the WiiRemote on the PC PC utilities 0.43 Carl Kenner 2019/01/18
Glowwii BounceWii is a program that shows a bouncing Wii logo, inspired by the old-school DVD screensaver. Other Apps 0.2.1 Greeg0 2021/12/08
Glowwii Make your Wii disc drive light glow. Utilities 1.0 larsenv 2022/04/21
Gmp Wii GMP (The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library) ported to Wii Math 1.0 joaopa 2013/08/15
Gnuboy Gx Wii Gameboy (Color) Handheld 14/12/2008 eke-eke 2008/12/14
Goblins Cube Wii Rubik's cube with accelerometer motion detection Puzzle 1.1.0 sponters 2009/06/10
Goombasend Wii Copy multiple GB/GBC roms to GBA via link cable. Utilities 1.2 Mips96 2019/11/05
Gravitii Wii A puzzle game in space Puzzle v0.5 G_man 2011/06/12
Gravity Glide Wii A toy that lets you play with momentum. Other Games 1.4 ThatOtherPerson 2012/12/17
Gravity Wii Universal Gravitation Arcade Games 1.1 rockybulwinkle 2008/09/17
Guitardemo Wii Basic Les Paul Controller Demonstration Demos 1.0 Navarr 2008/06/21
Guitarfun Wii Port of the game Guitarfun Music 3.5 Hermes 2008/11/22
Guitarsonfire Wii Guitar Hero clone without the lag of GuitarFun. Supports 5 players. Music 1.1 Daid 2010/01/10
Gumboot Wii A configurable bootloader for Wii, aimed at running Linux with customizable kernel command line without the need of recompiling for every change. System Tools 3.6 neagix 2017/08/26
Gxgeo Wii Neo Geo emulator Arcade 1.0 Blizzo 2010/11/19
Hackmii Installer Wii A tool to install the Homebrew channel and BootMii. System Tools 1.2 Team_Twiizers 2012/12/08
Hackmii Wii BootMii is a set of software that can be installed on Nintendo Wii consoles to provide added functionality, safety and convenience. Utilities 1.2 bootmii's team 2011/01/15
Half Life Wii Port of Xash3D fwgs Shooter Unreleased Half-Life Wii Team 2021/06/08
Harmonium Wii A musical doodling game, with a twist. Music 1 beta3 MetaFight 2009/07/07
Harmonys Nightmare Wii Multi-Genre Horror Survival Platform 1.2 Mr. Reaper 2012/10/12
Hatari By Wiimpathy Wii Atari ST(e)/Mega/Falcon Computer 0.5 Wiimpathy 2016/08/03
Hatari By Yohanes Wii Atari ST Computer 0.0.1 yohanes 2009/01/12
Hbcxmlgen Bash Wii A Bash script for Homebrew Channel meta.xml file creation. PC utilities r2 mcpancakes 2019/01/26
Hbcxmlgen Wii Silly little program in Java to allow rapid creation of XML files for the HomeBrew Channel PC utilities 0.0.1r2 pineconecs 2008/11/04
Headtracking Wii Basic headtracking demo, based on Johnny Chung Lee's YouTube video Demos 1.0 PaulWagener 2013/02/09
Headtracking2 Wii 2nd half of head tracking demo with floating 3d targets Demos 1.0 Michael 2009/05/27
Heart Of Darkness Engine Wii Heart of Darkness is a cinematic platform video game developed by French developer Amazing Studio. Adventure release6 niuus 2020/04/08
Helii Wii Fly the helicopter safely through the cave. Arcade Games 0.2 BHSPitMonkey 2009/10/17
Helium Boy Wii 3d platformer Platform 0.91 beril 2009/05/31
Heretic Wii Port of Heretic Shooter 0.5 Arikado 2010/08/20
Hermes Wii Hermes is an extraordinary Jump'n' Run game with plenty of bad taste humour. Platform 1.02 Retroguru 2017/07/29
Hex Pistols Wii The Wii port of an Amiga demo Demos 1.0 Fit 2008/08/04
Hex Wii Classical 2 player board game Board 1.0 Flarup 2009/05/21
Hexen Wii Port of Hexen Shooter 0.5 Arikado 2010/08/27
Hexxagon Wii DOS strategy game, loosely based upon Othello and Ataxx! Board 1.1 Tantric 2009/05/14
Hhexen Wii Port of Hexen Shooter 1.0 Hermes 2010/08/12
High Octane Wii Battle Cars Game Demos 0.01 Titmouse 2010/12/08
Hiivelyplay Wii HVL/AHX tracker player. Media players 2.0 Xeron/IRIS 2008/11/24
Hiragana Katakana Practice Wii Hiragana & Katakana Practice Other Games 1.4 Mangaman3000 2009/01/19
Homebrew Browser Wii Install the latest homebrew games and applications all through your Wii Utilities 0.3.9e teknecal 2012/10/07
Homebrew Card Manager Wii A n00b-friendly launcher for use with Homebrew-focused SD cards. PC utilities 2.2 Hunterm 2010/01/02
Homebrew Channel Wii A loader installed to the System Menu as a channel that loads any homebrew in SD:/apps/ and USBx:/apps/ Loader 1.1.4-1 fail0verflow, FIX94 2017/10/15
Homebrew Disc Loader Wii Run homebrew software directly from DVD Loader 0.3 Sierradev 2008/12/07
Homebrew Sorter Wii Sort your homebrew Utilities 0.3 Teknecal 2022/03/16
Homebrewfilter Wii Aims at having more functionality than the Homebrew channel. Loader rev47 Nano 2016/08/17
Horror Vacui Wii An 8-bit board game of sorts Board 1.1 Sinman 2009/01/20
Hugo Wii Turbo Grafix 16/PC Engine Console 14 December 2008 eke-eke 2008/12/14
Ii Reader Wii A Wii Homebrew app to inject vpk data into your e-Reader save file. Other Apps 1b The-Revvy 2020/12/17
Iiii Wii A connect 4 game Board 2.1-TR Yossi 2012/03/07
Indiana Pwns Wii The Indiana Pwns is a safe way to enable homebrew on a Wii without hardware modification. Exploits 2009 Team Twiizers 2009/09/23
Inkpoly Wii Screensaver Demos 1.01 Dashxdr 2010/09/25
Installmii Wii A tool based upon PatchMii core, with patching capability removed. Utilities 0.1 Lukegb 2010/08/15
Ios58 Installer Wii Installs a virgin IOS58. No more, no less. No patched IOS required! System Tools 2010 Tantric 2010/08/11
Italianparking Wii Classic escape puzzle game in 3D Puzzle 0.44 ElectroKidd 2010/03/06
Jenny Thinks Wii The Wii port of a GP32 demo Demos 1.01 Fit and Bandwagon 2008/08/04
Jewel Quest Wii A 3 match puzzle game similar to Bejewelled Puzzle 1.0 mcartman 2008/05/22
Jewels Wii A 3 match puzzle game port of gljewels Puzzle 1.01 Dashxdr 2010/10/16
Jump N Bump Wii Game with bunnies and blood Platform 0.3.1 Amarth 2010/10/09
Jumping Jack Wii Jump throught the gaps to the top floor Platform 0.9 Zalo 2010/10/31
Jwbfs Wii You can convert an ISO to a WBFS file, create an ISO from a WBFS file and download cover. PC Utilities rev62 lyka 2012/01/30
Jzintvwii Intellivision Console 1.0.2 jenergy 2012/11/13
Karaokii Wii Karaoke game for Wii with Ultrastar lyrics support. Music 0.05 Pedrocrespo 2009/08/29
Kidspaint Wii A painting program for kids Other Games 2.0.2 Flarup 2011/05/02
Kobo Deluxe Wii Scrolling shoot 'em up Shooter 0.5.1-whiite Albert "isobel" Herranz 2008/08/07
Komopong Wii KomoPong Wii is a futuristic-looking pong game in development by copete23. Arcade Games 0.9 copete23 2009/03/25
Koreankii Wii Add or remove Korean key to properly region change a Korean Wii System Tools 1.1 tueidj and JoostinOnline 2012/11/05
Kurushi Wii A strategy game with cubes Puzzle 1.0 Tchagui 2012/05/30
Ledheadwii Classic electronic LED handled game simulator Handheld 1.2 Nebiun 2022/01/30
Letterbomb Wii Exploit that uses the Wii Message Board. Exploits 2021 fail0verflow 2021/04/03
Leveltool Wii A spirit-level using your wiimote Utilities 0.5 Alanceil 2009/01/21
Libmii Example Wii An example of libmii. It shows each Mii entry as a name. Developments 0.1alpha mjbauer95 2009/03/21
Libsicksaxis Wii Connect sixaxis/DS3 to the Wii. Utilities 2.0 xerpi 2012/12/14
Lightsout Wii Try to turn out all the lights Puzzle 1.01 JigPu 2009/05/26
Liightsout Wii Play Lights Out on your Wii. Puzzle 1.0 beta 5 BHSPitMonkey 2009/02/14
Line Attack Heroes English Translation Wii Line Attack Heroes is an action game for the Wii. Translations 1.0 Brand Newman 31 Oct 2021
Liqwiid Wars Wii Control your army to defeat the enemies. Arcade Games 0.2.6 Steaky1212 and silus 2009/08/25
Loadmii Wii Small but powerful loader which can run executables from SD cards, USB sticks, SMB shares, USB Gecko and SD Gecko Loader 0.4 The lemon man 2010/07/26
Lolicopocalypse Wii Lolicopocalypse ported to Wii Platform 1.0 Rikku2000 2012/09/15
Lonesome Pixel Wii My Ludum Dare 22 entry ported to Wii Platform 1.0 Aslai 2012/01/01
Lopan Wii A Shanghai clone, find matching pairs Puzzle 1.01 Dashxdr 2010/09/24
Lpairs Wii Simple memory game Card 1.0 Michael Speck, ThErZA 2008/12/07
Lsusb Wii Dump info about attached usb devices System Tools 0.1 Brian 2009/03/04
Mad Bomber Wii Kaboom Clone Arcade Games 0.2.5 MiniK 2009/11/03
Madquiz Wii Trivia game Trivia 0.03 Nores 2008/08/27
Magic Number Wii A number guessing game Puzzle 1.00 HardCoal99 2008/11/24
Mahjongg Wii A MahJongg solitaire game Board 0.8 JustWoody 2009/02/23
Mame Wii This is a port of MAME for the Wii. Unlike the previous SDL MAME for the Wii, this is not based on Wii Linux. Arcade 1.1 (MAME 0.134u4) Toad King + MAME Team 2016/05/02
Mandelbrot Wii Mandelbrot fractal generator Math 1.3 Krupkat 2011/03/12
Map Maker Wii Generates cool-looking terrain you can edit on-the-fly with the Wiimote Demos 0.1 Jesse Dubay (adb) 2008/09/15
Masteroids Wii Multiplayer asteroids Shooter 0.4 Feesh! 2008/07/25
Matching Cards Wii Pair up all the cards before the time runs out Card 1.0 teknecal 2008/10/31
Maze Generator Wii Find your way out of procedurally generated mazes. Puzzle 1.6 ThatOtherPerson 2013/08/19
Meg4kman Wii Notch's MEG4KMAN to the Wii. Platform 0.5 REHvolution 2019/07/17
Megacodedownloader Wii Like Code Downloader but more efficient and easier to use. Utilities v0.4 Megazig, tpw_rules 2009/09/22
Megazeux Wii MegaZeux is a Game Creation System (GCS) inspired by Epic MegaGames' ZZT, first released by Alexis Janson in 1994. Game engine 2.92f Unknown 2020/11/22
Menu Loader Clone Wii Menu loader clone with sourcecode. Loader 0.3 raven 2008/09/02
Menu Loader Wii Reboots the Wii with any IOS & RegionFree Wii/GCN functionality Loader 0.3 fail0verflow 2008/08/10
Meritous Wii An action-adventure / dungeon crawl game Role playing 1.2 Wii R2 suloku 2009/06/30
Metroid Other M Maxximum Edition Wii Other M Maxximum Edition Mod. Game Hacks 2022 ShadowOne333 2022/01/13
Metroid Prime 2unlimited Beams Authorized Wii Metroid Prime 2: Unlimited Beams Authorized is an �ammo-less� beam mod for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Game Hacks 1.0 z_pucK 10 Apr 2020
Metronome Wii A Metronome for your Wii Utilities 1.3 Westy92 2010/12/09
Mgba Wii Gameboy / Gameboy Color / Gameboy Advance Handheld 0.9.3 Endrift 2021/12/18
Mighty Loader Wii Mighty Loader is a minimalist USB Loader for Wii. Title Launchers v17.2 Marc 2012/08/06
Mii Extractor Wii Extracts all the Miis from your Wii to a SD card System Tools 1.0 Waninkoko 2008/05/06
Mii Installer Wii Installs dumped Miis from your SD card System Tools 1.1 Waninkoko 2008/05/10
Miisx Wii MSX Computer 0.4 slotman 2009/08/13
Minesweeper Wii Clear the field while avoiding the mines Puzzle 1.6 mangaman3000 2008/12/09
Mini Wii IOS Replacer System Tools 1.1 Team Twiizers 2012/11/27
Minimalauncher Wii A physical disc booter with no UI for Wii/vWii. Loader 1.2r2 iGlitch 2020/09/23
Missile Command Wii Save your cities from missiles Shooter 0.6a ulti 2008/10/26
Mitschwanzenegger Wii A program that plays the system menu and other wii animations. Other Apps v0.1 Dimok and Giantpune 2012/04/27
Mkwii Competition Patch Wii Mario Kart Wii competitions! Hack Utilities build 20 Leseratte 2021/12/16
Modmii Wii Automatically downloads files required for homebrew setup. PC utilities 6.6.3 XFlak 2021/03/11
Mole Wii Garden protection simulator and clone of whack-a-mole. Arcade Games 0.1 andersers 2010/03/30
Monster Hunter Tri Weapon Editor Wii This editor lets you make adjustments to your Monster Hunter Tri game, and will patch the changes into your iso file. Features: Hack Utilities 0.8 Tony Hedstrom 14 Jul 2021
Motionplusvideoseen Wii Sets the flag to ensure that the Motion Plus video will no longer play. System Tools v1.0 WiiDatabase Team 2019/04/14
Mp3g Player Wii Karaoke player able to play MP3+G files. Music 0.95 kriogeN 2009/09/06
MPlayer - dvdlib edition Native MPlayer port to demonstrate DVD functionality. Media players r27458 Team Twiizers 2008/08/13
MPlayer CE Wii Native MPlayer port, a fork of the Team Twiizers MPlayer port, combining elements of MPlayerWii and GeeXboX. Media players r658 Scip, rodries, etc. 2011/03/04
MPlayerWii Native MPlayer port. Media players 0.07 rOn 2008/10/09
Muramasathe Demon Blade Decompressor Wii A Windows GUI program which decompresses files from the Wii game �Muramasa: The Demon Blade�. Source code is also included. Hack Utilities 1.0 JaytheHam 18 Aug 2011
Music Painter Wii Musical Doodling Toy Music 0.1 Mr. Reaper 2012/08/19
Mylittleball Wii The fun game for all the family! Platform 1.0.1 Pinecone 2009/03/05
Mymenuify Wii An application used to install themes on your Wii's System Menu. Utilities v1.6 Mod Icefire, Scooby74029 2018/09/07
Nand Gamesave Restore Wii Retrieves game saves from an extracted NAND dump. PC utilities v1.0 Krafter 2011/10/03
Nandbincheck Wii Displays information about a nand.bin such as boot1 & 2, NAND filesystem, permissions, ecc, hmac, SFFS, and detects many different types of bricks. PC utilities r106 giantpune 2011/06/05
Nandextract Wii Extracts some or all files from a nand.bin, as well as examine its contents. PC utilities r106 giantpune 2011/06/05
Need For Speedhot Pursuit Iso Editor Wii This editor lets you make lots of changes to your Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit game, and will patch the changes into your iso file. You can adjust the difficulty of the game to your liking. Things in the game you can adjust: Hack Utilities 0.8 Tony Hedstrom 08 Jul 2021
Neko Project II Squidman Wii PC-9801 Computer 0.1B3 SquidMan 2009/08/14
Neko Project II Yui Rako Wii NEC PC-9801 Computer 0.83 beta6 Yui, Rako 2011/08/28
Neo Tanks Wii 3D demo showing two armies of tanks at war. Demos 0.2 ThatOtherPerson 2012/01/28
Neocd Wii Neo-Geo CD Console 0.5 Wiimpathy 2011/10/22
Neogamma Wii NeoGamma is a USB Loader for Wii. Title Launchers R9 Beta 56 WiiPower/Fix94 2012/01/12
Neopop Gx Wii Emulator updated by megalomaniac. Handheld 0.71.2 Eke-Eke 2019/12/01
Neopop Wii Neo-Geo Pocket Handheld 1.2 Askot 2009/02/03
Netslug Wii Local multiplayer online tool System Tools v01.0002mod MrBean35000vr, Chadderz 2015/05/24
Neverball Wii A 3D Super Monkey Ball-esque game of rolling a ball through an obstacle course. Arcade Games 1.1 Camthesaxman 2017/10/22
New Super Mario Bros Iso Editor Wii This is an editor that lets you customize parts of your New Super Mario Bros Wii game, and will patch the changes into your ISO file. You can adjust the difficulty of the game to your liking. Features: Hack Utilities 0.8 Tony Hedstrom 27 Jun 2021
New Super Mario Bros Wii Mod Compiler Wii This is a more intuitive mod of a tool that converts Riivolution patches into ISO files. This only thing the user needs to do is to copy the �Riivolution� folder and the folder that contains the game�s files into the app�s fold�. Hack Utilities 1.0 Raresh Nistor 07 Jan 2015
Newer Super Mario Bros Wii Newer is a full unofficial sequel to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, crafted over the span of 3 years by a team of devoted Nintendo fans. Game Hacks 1.3.0 Newer Team 2021/11/16
Newo Asteroids Wii like Asteroids but with powerups! Shooter 3.1 Owen 2020/01/25
Newo Defence Wii Like missile command but in space Shooter 1.1 Owen 2015/11/02
Newo Escape Wii Warp Jump gone bad. Survive. Use wiimote, nunchuck, gamecube or classic controller to play. Go for a high score. No weapons. Only dodge, boost and break. Arcade Games 2 Owen 2020/05/18
Newo Fox Wii 3d on rails arcade shooter Shooter 1.2 Owen 2019/02/17
Newo Model Viewer Wii A OBJ file Viewer for Newo Shooter Utilities 1.4 Owen 2012/06/18
Newo Puzzle Wii Match 3 blocks of the same color in this 3d block game Puzzle 1.3 Owen 2012/08/05
Newo Runner Wii A endless runner game! Platform 1.2 Owen 2012/08/05
Newo Shooter Wii 3d futuristic spaceship shooting game on rails Shooter 2.1 Owen 2012/07/03
Newo Sky Wii Procedurally generated Demo / ScreenSaver / Illustration / Walking Simulator Demos 1.1 Owen 2017/10/22
Newo Tokyo Wii Demo / ScreenSaver / Illustration Demos 1 Owen 2013/08/10
Newo Zero Wii A futuristic retro-synthwave racing game. Racing 2.16 Owen 2022/03/06
News Ost Castlevania Rebirth Wii This patch is intended to replace the music of the first three stages Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth game for Nintendo Wii. Game Hacks 1.0 Zorg 22 Jul 2021
Nicoe Wii Nintendont Configuration Editor. PC Utilities 10.3 libertyernie 2021/12/03
Night Of The Sacrifice English Translation Wii Night of the Sacrifice is a survival horror game for Wii. Translations 1.02 Brand Newman 31 Mar 2020
Ninchdl Listext Wii Download and read the Nintendo Channel dl lists, needs wc24decrypt PC utilities 1.1 Yellows8 2010/02/14
Nintendont Wii A Wii Homebrew Project to play GC Games on Wii and vWii on Wii U. Utilities 2021 FIX94 2021/09/05
Nintendonthidtest Wii Nintendont allows you to run GameCube games on a Wii or Wii U from an SD device. Utilities 1.0 crediar 2013/09/19
Nkit Wii NKit is a Nintendo ToolKit that can Recover and Preserve Wii and GameCube disc images. PC Utilities 1.4 nanook 2019/10/29
Not64 Wii Experimental modification of Mupen64GC using devkitRice. Console 2021-11-16 Extrems 2021/11/16
Nowell Wii 2D shoot'em up - "Sandwiches can't always save Christmas !" Shooter 1.01 Emvivre 2009/02/01
Nowhere Wii 3D graphic adventure for Wii Other Games 0.9 copete23 2011/09/02
Nswitch Wii Simple neek/realnand switcher to embed in a channel Utilities 2.2 OverjoY 2013/01/20
Nugasa Wii Backup/Restore Gamecube Savegames System Tools 2008 nIxx 2008/08/07
Nus Downloader Wii Downloads and packs System Titles from Nintendo's update servers. PC utilities v1.9 WB3000 2022/03/23
Nus Folders Renamer Wii With this PC based tool, you can easily rename folders created by NUSD. NUS Folders Renamer automatically copies the contents in the correct folders. PC utilities 1.0 Erik Spyder 2009/09/19
Nwancat Wii Nyan cat for the Wii. Demos 1 Romano58 2012/01/28
O2em Wii Odyssey2/Videopac Console 1.0 Consolius 2009/01/31
Offline Network Enabler Wii Allows using network connections even without internet access System Tools 0.1 suloku 2012/09/07
Ohneschwanzenegger Wii Builds a fresh nand.bin suitable for installing via BootMii. PC utilities r118 giantpune 2022/03/23
One Day Miracle Wii The Wii port of a Linux demo Demos Fit 2008/08/04
Onscripter Wii Visual Novel Engine Game engine v07.2009a Brian 2009/07/13
Open Shop Channel Downloader Wii Download homebrew apps from the Open Shop Channel repository with a simple graphical desktop program and CLI. PC utilities v1.3.0 dhtdht020 2021/12/02
Open Shop Channel Wii A fork of Homebrew Browser that contains more apps and is updated more regularly. Utilities 0.3.9e CornierKhan1, DarkPhoenix10, dhtdht020, Larsenv, Spotlight 2012/10/07
Open Sram Language Modifier Wii An Open Sram Language Modifier System Tools v5 suloku 2012/08/27
Openbor Wii Moddable beat-em-up game engine capable of many other genres as well Game engine v3.0 Build 6391 SX, Plombo 2020/04/08
Openhcl Wii OpenHCL is an unofficial port of Hydra Castle Labyrinth, originally created by E. (Buster) Hashimoto. Platform 2021.11.08 JeffRuLz 2021/11/08
Openjazz Wii An interpreter to play Jazz Jackrabbit Platform R1 tehpola 2016/03/08
Opensupaplex Wii An open source 1:1 reimplementation of Supaplex for Nintendo Wii. Puzzle 7.1.2 sergiou87 2020/08/21
Openttd Wii An open source clone of Chris Sawyer's Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Simulation 1.3.2 Extrems 2013/07/29
Opentyrianwii Arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter Shooter 1.8 r45 niuus 2020/08/04
Openwode Wii Transform into WODE into OPENWODE. Start to develop your LINUX uImage and load it on WODE OPEN hardware. Is every time possible to switch back the firmware to RETAIL MODE! Other Apps 2.8a wode's team 2011/05/20
Opoona Re Localization Patch Wii Opoona is a JRPG for the Wii that came West in early 2008. Game Hacks 1.1 Opoonaproject 11 Jun 2020
Outrun Cannonball Wii OutRun (Cannonball engine) for the Wii. Racing 0.3 Wuerfel_21 2018/08/27
Pacman Wii This is the pacman emulator written by A.D.Price and released in 2008 then promptly orphaned. Arcade 1.04 A.D.Price/D.Ashley/P.Briot 2016/07/10
Paintown Wii Paintown is a 2d side scrolling beatem-up engine. Paintown supports game styles similar to the Sega Genesis game, Streets of Rage 2, as well as traditional 1 vs 1 fighting games through an implementation of MUGEN. Action 3.6 juvinious, kazzmir 2011/10/14
Pair My Ds3 Wii Writes .dat file to Wii Nand and Enables Wii Homebrew to use PS3 controller Wirelessly via BT Utilities 20150101 Xerpi 2015/01/01
Pair My Ds4 Wii Writes .dat file to Wii Nand and Enables Wii Homebrew to use PS4 controller Wirelessly via BT Utilities 20150101 Xerpi 2015/01/01
Pair Wiimote Wii Simple app to pair Wii remotes with Android devices. Utilities 1.1.1 timawesomeness 2020/07/19
Paradroid Wii Port of SDL Paradroid Arcade Games 0.6 Okachobi 2009/06/22
Particle Accelerator Wii My first homebrew game. Features 70's videogame-style graphics and 'menus' Arcade Games 1.0 Bubble-07 2008/10/16
Patched Ios80 Installer For Vwii !WARNING! MODIFIES vWii SYSMENU IOS! USE AT OWN RISK IF YOU LACK BRICK PROTECTION! Utilities 1.0 Dr Clipper, ZRicky11, dmm, FIX94 2022/03/26
Pattview Wii Animal Crossing: City Folk Pattern Editor Utilities 0.1 Alpha VashGH 2011/01/16
Pcsx Revolution Wii Playstation 1 Console rev50 Firnis 2010/02/13
Pctowii PC/Wii Wi-Fi demo Demos OrangeRibena 2008/05/17
Piechart Wii A pac-man clone with several levels, made with GRRLIB Arcade Games 0.8 Dude2kx 2011/01/24
Pieros Wiicross Wii Picture puzzle game in Picross style Puzzle 0.2 Scognito 2009/01/02
Pii Soup Wii Soup game Arcade Games 1.1 Gskartwii 2012/04/26
Piing Wii A basic Pong clone with physics-based controls. Arcade Games 0.2 BHSPitMonkey 2009/09/28
Piipe Paniic Wii Pipeline building game. Arcade Games 1.0 miguel28 2012/08/18
Pimp My Wii Pimp my Wii, is a easy way to install WADS and to patch them, and in many cases better than WAD manager. Utilities 3.0.3 unknown 2015/10/03
Pineapple Apocalypse Rpg Wii A simple 2D RPG game with a robot and mutant pineapples. Role playing 1.3 ThatOtherPerson 2012/12/17
Pingus Wii A port of the Lemmings-like PC game Pingus, using SDL Wii. Platform 0.7.6 r-win 2012/05/15
Pixel Jumper Special Wii Fast paced platformer Arcade Games 1.3 Infinitivo5 2013/05/27
Pixelmerge Wii Flood-It! Clone Puzzle 1.0.1 evilynux 2010/05/13
Planet Hively Wii HVL Musicdisk Demos IRIS and Up Rough 2008/07/05
Plasmaraketti Wii A 3D space shooter Shooter 0.9 Tassu 2009/08/30
Playstats Wii Wii playtime history statistics Utilities 1.11 chris 2019/01/28
Plop Wii A XMas fun game. Arcade Games 1.0 Minishlink 2009/09/01
Pmex Wii PmEx (A Project M + BrawlEx Template). Game Hacks 0.51 Sirkura 2017/09/01
Pmp Editor Wii Wii Sports Resort Tools Hack Utilities 1.0 KILL043 2020/03/23
Point And No Click Wii Arcade/Maze game. Arcade Games 0.41 Final BeReDeZeBe 2010/06/09
Pokemon Fushigi No Dungeon Ikuzo Arashi No Boukendan English Translation Wii Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Ikuzo! Arashi no Boukendan is an role playing game for the Wii. Translations 1.03 Specialagentape 02 May 2020
Pokemon Fushigi No Dungeon Mezase Hikari No Boukendan English Translation Wii Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Mezase! Hikari no Boukendan is an role playing game for the Wii. Translations 1.03 Specialagentape 07 May 2020
Pokemon Fushigi No Dungeon Susume Honou No Boukendan English Translation Wii Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Susume! Honou no Boukendan is an role playing game for the Wii. Translations 1.03 Specialagentape 03 May 2020
Pong Wii PONG game Arcade Games 1.1 PaRaDoX 2008/06/13
Pong2 Wii Pong game Arcade Games 1.01 wplaat 2016/07/15
Portii Wii 2D portal-esque clone Puzzle 1.0.0 Beardface 2008/11/14
Postloader Wii Homebrew browser, channel launcher, neek2o disc loader. Utilities 4.7.96 stfour 2015/04/22
Powder Toy Wii Port of physics particle simulator Powder Toy Simulation 0.1 Arikado 2010/08/12
Powder Wii Port of the SDL version of Jeff Lait's GBA/DS roguelike Role playing 117-2 insin 2012/01/07
Powercheck Wii Check your Wii remote battery percentage Utilities v1.8 JoostinOnline 2014/03/16
Poweroff Wii Power off the Wii Demos TheTom 2009/06/11
Powerreset Wii Power off or eject and reboot channel. Utilities pre1 MattMan 2009/05/18
Preloader Wii Allows user to directly boot the HBC, System Menu or a .dol/.elf and to apply user created System Menu patches System Tools 0.30 (Final) crediar 2009/03/31
Priiloader Wii A Wii homebrew application that can prevent and fix some user level bricks. System Tools 0.10.0-beta2 DacoTaco 2022/09/06
Prixms Wbfs Gui Wii New small Windows GUI for WFBS with advanced fetures. PC Utilities 1.2.04 PrixM 2009/05/06
Project M Wii Project M is a mod of the 2008 fighting game Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. Game Hacks 3.6 Project M team 2015/08/18
Projectgmc Wii 2.5d platformer Platform 0.11 beril 2009/05/31
Psykotrope Wii Little box Puzzle game coded with only 150 GRRLIB lines Puzzle 1.1 DIY NoNameNo 2009/03/15
Punetwiin Wii Like Betwiin, converts a nand.bin to use on a different Wii with the different keys. PC utilities r106 giantpune 2011/06/05
Puyo Puyo 7 English Translation Wii Puyo Puyo 7 is an puzzle game for the Wii. Translations 1.1 Saetta06 15 Oct 2021
Quadforce Wii Quadforce allows you to run the Triforce arcade games Mario Kart GP and GP 2 on a Wii from a SD card. Other Emulators 4.1 crediar 2013/05/05
Quadrax Wii Puzzle game known from ZX Spectrum (single+multi player) Puzzle 0.5 Slappy 2009/11/16
Quake Rev Pak Wii A collection of gaming engines, related to the Quake series of games, ported to the Nintendo Wii Game engine v4.0 Izhido 2012/01/20
Quake Wii 3D first-person shooter Game engine wip Piko, niuus 2022/04/27
Quakegx Wii 3D first-person shooter Game engine 0.05 Eluan 2010/05/15
Quasi88 Wii NEC PC-8801 Computer 0.6.3 beta6 Fukunaga, Rako 2011/08/28
Qwad Wii Qwad is a Python-Qt utility to manage Wad files, written for GNU/Linux, but also working on Windows. PC Utilities 0.9 Christopher Bratusek 2013/09/20
Raw Wii Port of Raw game engine Game engine 0.05 Bigs 2008/11/23
Readdol Wii Displays information about one DOL format object file PC utilities 0.01 nitraiolo 2015/03/20
Realwnd Wii A real 1:1 Wii NAND Dumper. Dump exactly the same as hardware programmer System Tools 0.21 pcfree 2009/05/17
Redsquare Wii Classic 2D action game Arcade Games 1.0 wplaat 2011/03/24
Reggie Dumper Wii This app will dump the files from New Super Mario Bros. Wii which are required in order to use the Reggie! Level Editor. Utilities 1.1 AerialX, megazig 2012/10/20
Reggie Level Editor Wii Reggie! is an easy-to-use and full-featured level editor for New Super Mario Bros. Wii. PC utilities Release 2 Treeki, Tempus 2011/11/28
Regionfrii Wii Patch and play NTSC games on PAL Wii units. PC Utilities 1.2 Costello 2007/02/25
Reminiscence Wii Port of REminiscence game engine Game engine 0.05 Bigs 2008/11/24
Rendermii Wii Demo of accessing and using Miis in Homebrew Demos 2.0 mdbrim 2010/04/04
Resident Evil 4 Iso Editor Wii This is an editor that lets you customize your Resident Evil 4 game, and will patch the changes into your ISO file. Features: Hack Utilities 0.7 Tony Hedstrom 04 Jun 2021
Residualvm Grim Fandango Wii Partial port of ResidualVM. It only plays Grim Fandango Game engine 0.02 Wiimpathy 2013/05/13
Retroarch Hexaeco Emulators Wii Here are stand-alone emulator releases for RA-Hexaeco. Other Emulators 2021 RunningSnakes 2021/11/01
Retroarch Wii RetroArch is a frontend for emulators, game engines and media players. Other Emulators 1.10.3 RetroArch Team 2022/04/16
Return Of The Jodi Wii Return of the Jodi is a safe way to enable homebrew on a Wii without hardware modification. Exploits 2011 Team Twiizers 2011/02/07
Reversmii Wii Simple Othello game, with Miis. Board 1.0 chris 2011/08/25
Revolt Of The Binary Couriers Wii A sequel to Pineapple Apocalypse RPG. Role playing 1.3 ThatOtherPerson 2012/12/17
Revolution Engine Wii Native 3D Game Engine. Game engine 0.7.1 Technik 2011/01/22
Rgnsel Booter Wii This homebrew will load the hidden region select channel. It will try the following regions: Utilities 1.0 iCON 2016/10/09
Rick Dangerous Wii Jump'n'Run Platform 1.0 Gouky 2008/10/29
Riiconnect24 Clear Tool Wii This tool allows you to delete some files to fix problems with the Forecast Channel, News Channel, and Wii Mail. Utilities 1.0.1 RiiConnect24 2021/09/18
Riiconnect24 Mail Patcher Wii This tool will patch your nwc24msg.cfg file to use Wii Mail with RiiConnect24. It will only take a couple seconds and makes the whole process easy. Utilities 1.4.0 RiiConnect24 2021/10/03
Riiconnect24 Patcher Wii This patcher will guide you through RiiConnect24 installation process. PC Utilities 1.4.8 RiiConnect24 Team 2022/05/26
Riiplay Wii RiiPlay : A Modpack for Wii Play. Game Hacks 3.0 vatYi (JimmyKaz), cyndifusic 2022/01/21
Riivolution Wii Realtime Game Patcher Utilities v1.06 AerialX 2013/12/18
Rin Wii Gameboy (Color) Handheld 1.2 mirakichi, Hell Hibou 2008/12/16
Robi Wii A 3d platform game Platform 0.6 copete23 2010/09/05
Robo Tank Wii Tanks game Shooter 0.6.8 copete23 2009/08/15
Robotfindskitten Wii Port of ASCII zen simulation Simulation 1.7320508.406/wii::Cheshire Chris 2010/10/10
Rock Paper Scissors Wii Play RPS against a computer! Board Kazart 2008/06/05
Roguewii Porting of the original game Rogue: Exploring the Dungeons of Doom. Role playing 1.3 Nebiun 2019/07/31
Rokoban 3d Wii Rokoban is a port of the classic sokoban, with 3d graphics. Puzzle 2006 cebolleto 2016/09/11
Rokoban Wii 3d Sokoban game Puzzle 0.9 Zalo 2010/03/14
Roxoptr2 Wii Fly a 2D helicopter around 2D things. Arcade Games 0.2 free-zombie 2010/05/15
Rssmii Wii Subscribe to RSS-Feeds and get Updates at the Wii-Messageboard! Utilities 1.4.1 main() 2019/05/11
Rumbler Wii A simple application that turns on and off the rumbling of a Wiimote. Demos Penultimate Version RTM 2011/02/05
Runescape Wii Runescape is a massive 3d multiplayer adventure, with monsters to kill, quests to complete, and treasure to win. Role playing 177-rev1 Jagex Ltd. & Zorian Medwid 2022/04/01
Rvloader Wii Alaying wii games without a wiimote using a gamecube controller. Other Apps 1.6 Aurelio92 2022/08/07
Sadmenu Wii Load a patched System Menu, useful for testing banners System Tools 2008 Comex and Marcan 2008/07/31
Samegame Wii Tile puzzle game Puzzle 1.0 Meir Goldstein 2008/10/31
Sand Traps Wii Guide sand to the exit and avoid traps Puzzle 2.3 flarup 2010/05/07
Sar Wii 3d thingy Demos 1 Sam carmichael 2019/10/18
Savefileconverter Wii Convert Wii saves into emulator saves PC utilities 0.01 Euan Forrester 2022/03/30
Savegame Extractor Wii Dumps saves from your Wii's NAND to an SD card System Tools 2.0 Waninkoko 2008/05/06
Savegame Installer Wii Installs dumped saves from your SD card System Tools 2.0 Waninkoko 2008/05/05
Savegame Manager Gx Wii A Savegame Manager with a wii-like user interface System Tools R127 dj_skual 2017/10/17
Savegame Manager Wii A combination of the two apps Savegame Extractor and Savegame Installer System Tools 1.0 Alpha Waninkoko 2009/06/24
Savezelda Wii An ELF loader bundled with most exploits. Loader 1.2 fail0verflow 2011/02/08
Schism Tracker Wii Schism Tracker is an editor and player for tracked music (IT, XM, S3M, MOD, etc.) Media players 20110101 Storlek 2011/01/01
Scogger Wii Frog puzzle game Puzzle 0.2 Scognito 2008/11/23
Scummvm Wii Allows you to run numerous classic graphical point-and-click adventure games Game engine 2.5.1 ScummVM Team 2022/01/05
Sd Explorer Wii SD card file manager Utilities 1.0b miom 2008/10/06
Sdl Mame Nuvalo Wii Arcade Games Arcade 0.125 Nuvalo 2008/05/08
Sdl Mame Toad King Wii Arcade Games Arcade 1.0 Toad King 2011/12/13
Sdl Sopwith Wii Port of SDL Sopwith Shooter 1.7.1-preview2 insin 2009/06/05
Sdl Space Invaders Wii Clone of the classic Space Invaders game using SDL Shooter 1.0 Felix, Georg Potthast 2008/12/14
Seghers Wiigit Wii Tools to unpack/pack Wii files. PC utilities 0.01 Segher 2022/01/02
Sendelf Wii Graphical client that sends files over TCP from Windows computers to Wii consoles PC utilities v 5.1 henke37 2016/03/19
Senet Wii Ancient Egyptian board game Board 0.05b Pedrocrespo 2009/07/10
Sensormii Wii This turns on the sensor bar, but does not sync the remote Utilities 1.0 JoostinOnline 2012/09/26
Settings Editor Gui Wii Settings Editor GUI is a perfect add-on to postLoader, but it can be used on its own as well. With it, you can change the following: Utilities 2.0 JoostinOnline, stfour 2014/03/14
Sharpii Netcore Wii A .Net Core port of Sharpii for use on other OS's PC Utilities 1.1.8 TheShadowEevee 2022/03/22
Shiny Red Tank Wii An old-school 2D platformer Platform 0.1.2a MetaFight 2009/03/20
Shootmii Wii ShootMii is a Super Mario themed tank game, featuring Bullet Bills Shooter 0.9 culcul666, Altarfinch 2009/11/21
Showmiiwads Wii Wad File Manager' for Windows. PC utilities 1.5.2 Mod Leathl 2019/09/22
Signcheck Wii Checks on your Wii's IOS System Tools 0.3b The Lemon Man 2009/10/10
Simon Wii The classic memory game Other Games 0.3 teknecal 2008/10/31
Simple Cert Sys Extractor Wii A simplistic program that has only one purpose: To extract the cert.sys of the Wii. Utilities 0.1 FIX94 2020/01/04
Simple Ios Patcher Wii Can install patched IOS36, 60, 70 and 80 with HW_AHBPROT Utilities 1.14 R2-D2199, WiiPower 2022/03/26
Sintro Wii A little intro. Demos 1 Romano58 2010/09/30
Smash Stack Wii Smash Stack is an exploit from Comex that uses a flaw in the custom stages in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (NTSC-U) to load unauthorized code on the Wii. Exploits 2009 comex, Y.S., giantpune 2009/08/20
Smashing Wii Smash 3d Targets Shooter 2.0 warpfish 2009/10/15
Smsplus Wii Sega Master System and Game Gear Console 14 December 2008 eke-eke 2008/12/15
Snake Wii Control the snake and eat apples Arcade Games 2.1a uschghost / gabriel_ 2010/05/16
Snakey Wii Very simple but awesome snake game. Arcade Games 1.2 LS 2012/02/22
Sneek Wii SNEEK allows you to Emulate your complete Wii NAND from a SD Card or USB Device. Other Apps r197 crediar 2013/05/14
Snes9x Gx Wii Super Nintendo Console 4.5.3 Tantric, michniewski 2022/06/15
Snes9x Rx Wii Snes9x RX - A port of Snes9x for Wii, forked from Snes9x GX. Console 5.1.0 niuus 2022/06/26
Snes9x Tx Wii Snes9x TX is a fork of Snes9x GX on Wii. Console 1.0.9 Tanooki 2022/05/22
Sntp Wii A small homebrew that syncs the time of your wii to NTP. Other Apps 1.2.0 ErikAndren 2022/04/09
Some Yawmm Mod Wii yet another mod of yet another mod manager mod Utilities 1.0 various people/FIX94 2017/10/16
Sonic 2 Cx Wii Collaborate with Tails in a new adventure. Platform 1.0 SuperrSonic 2022/04/03
Sonic Cd Wii Wii ports of the 2011 Sonic CD remake. Platform 2.0.1 ultra0000 2022/02/16
Sonic Robo Blast 2 Wii SRB2Wii is an unofficial port of Sonic Robo Blast 2 to the Wii. Platform 2.0.6 r6752 Callum 2011/04/08
Soul Eater Monotone Princess English Wii Soul Eater: Monotone Princess English Patch. Translations 1.0 PhantomGhost 2008/09/25
Soul Eatermonotone Princess English Translation Wii Soul Eater: Monotone Princess is an action game based on the hit manga/anime series of the same name. Translations 1.0 Anime Game Translations Team 31 Oct 2021
Space Invaders Arcade Emulator Wii An original arcade game emulation (1978) playable with wiimote and nunchuk. Shooter 0.2 Amyb68 2016/07/27
Space Shooter Wii Shoot Stuff In Space! Shooter 0.3 PaceMaker 2008/10/31
Spacebubble Wii Space bubble breaker Puzzle 0.98 wplaat 2011/03/26
Spd Loader Wii Loads the title ID 0001000804843434a(Set Personal Data Channel). Works with both the WiiLink24 SPD and the official Nintendo SPD, the latter assuming you have a Japanese system. Utilities 1.0 WiiLink24 Developers 2021/05/17
Spirits Wii A remake of Spirits Platform 0.1.2a Miguel Angel Jimenez Santana 2011/01/09
Splatter Castle Wii Slay zombies Platform 20100402 SpiderDave 2010/04/02
Sqrxz Wii A Jump'n'Run puzzle game by Retroguru Platform 20100402 Retroguru, Oibaf 2014/11/03
Sqrxz2 Wii Second part of this Jump'n'Think game by Retroguru Platform 1.10 Retroguru, Oibaf 2016/01/23
Sqrxz3 Wii Sqrxz needs to rescue his girl, another insane part of Jump'n'Think action by Retroguru Platform 1.05r Retroguru, Oibaf 2014/10/18
Sqrxz4 Wii Find lots of ice marbles and never forget to use your brain :) Yes again Jump'n'Think action by Retroguru Platform 1.01 Retroguru, Oibaf 2016/06/25
Starfall Wii Patches the System Menu to remove limitations System Tools v0.5 (Final) Crediar 2008/08/12
Starfield Wii A demonstration of a particle effect with source. Demos 1.1 Owen 2019/12/02
Starplot Wii Recover as many stars as you can Platform 1.0 Morukutsu 2009/05/31
Startpatch Mod Wii Modification of StartPatch allowing the selection of which IOS to use System Tools 4.2 v2.5 Jigen 2009/12/27
Startpatch Wii A System Menu patcher System Tools 4.3.1 Aquilino, TiMeBoMb 2010/07/31
Steadyhand Wii Cursor guiding game Other Games 1.0 Durda Dan 2009/02/26
Stellawii Atari 2600 Console 2009 Nuvalo 2009/01/20
Stercus Accidit Wii The Wii port of an Amiga demo Demos 1.1 Fit 2008/08/04
Stillalivewii Platforming game inspired by the valve classic Portal Platform 1.1 t4ils 2009/08/29
Stopwatch Wii A stopwatch for you'r Wii. Other Apps 1.0.0 Ilovemyhouse 2020/06/02
Str2hax Wii Exploit that uses the Wii EULA. Exploits 2018 Fullmetal5 2018/12/20
Strobe Alarm Clock Wii An alarm clock that will flash your tv screen. Utilities 0.06 Mouse 2009/09/08
Sudoku Wii Put the numbers in the squares Puzzle 0.1b dlkj 2008/06/20
Sudoku2 Wii Put the numbers in the squares. With audio and better graphics Puzzle 0.1b bmic 2008/06/16
Super Ball Bros Wii It's inspired by Super Smash Bros, the object to to pick up guns and knock the other players off the map by shooting them. Other Games 2021 Eguin 2021/12/01
Super Mario 64 Wii Super Mario 64 for Wii. Platform 2021 mkst 2021/11/20
Super Mario Gravity Wii Super Mario Gravity is a Super Mario Galaxy 2 mod featuring brand new galaxies. Game Hacks 1.2 Louis Miles 2021/11/07
Super Mario War Wii Port of Super Mario War Platform 1.4 Tantric 2010/08/10
Super Pixel Jumper Wii platformer with constant forward motion. Arcade Games 1.3 ThatOtherPerson 2013/05/27
Super Smash Bros Infinite Mod Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl wii mod. Over 91 characters to play. Game Hacks 3.0 Venus of the Desert Bloom 2016/11/11
Super Star Shooter Wii Scrolling shooter game Shooter 1.1.0 Ichiroh Satoh, DMB, Magic Touch 2010/01/02
Supersonic Wii Musical rhythm game Music Winter Edition AerialX 2009/01/19
Supertux Wii Port of SuperTux Platform 1.3 scanff 2012/12/27
Swingball 2 Wii A time trial platformer with a swinging mechanic and a built in level editor. Platform 0.4 ThatOtherPerson 2012/01/28
Swingball Wii A time trial platformer with a swinging mechanic. Platform 1.1 ThatOtherPerson 2010/09/26
Swiss Wii Swiss - The swiss army knife of GameCube homebrew. Utilities 0.6r1336 emukidid 2022/06/13
Syasokoban Wii Port of David Joffe's SYASokoban game Puzzle 0.1b Shin-NiL 2009/01/30
Syobon Action Wii Port of Syobon action Platform 0.1 Scognito 2010/01/31
Syscheck Hacksden Edition Wii A System Checker which runs several checks on your Wii's installed IOS and cIOS. System Tools 2.4.0 HD Edition JoostinOnline, Double_A, R2-D2199, Nano 2020/07/27
Syscheck Wii A System Checker (IOS Stub, Fake signature, ES_DiVerify, Flash Access, NAND Access, Boot2 Access, USB 2.0...) System Tools 1.6.2 Erik Spyder 2010/06/22
Syscheckgx Wii A System Checker with a nice GUI (IOS Stub, Fake signature, ES_DiVerify, Flash Access, NAND Access, Boot2 Access, USB 2.0...) System Tools 1.0.0 Erik Spyder 2012/12/27
Tag Editor Wii It can edit .tag files found in Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. Hack Utilities 1.0 KILL045 2020/04/05
Tailtale Wii A fun game where you move blocks around. Puzzle Rikku2000 2012/09/15
Takt Of Magic English Translation Wii Takt of Magic is an strategy game for the Wii. Players use a Wii Remote to draw runes to cast spells. Translations 1.01 Brand Newman 15 Nov 2020
Tcp Loader Wii Loads .elf and .dol files over a TCP socket Loader 0.1 svpe 2008/04/15
Teeter Torture Wii Galaga clone with a twist! Shooter 2005-10-18 MiniK 2009/11/04
Terri Fried Wii Everyone is dead except for... an egg. Humanity is depending on you to make sure this egg survives. Balance power and precision in Terri-Fried, a game made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 46! Action 1.0 PolyMars 2020/05/05
Tetricycle Wii Cylindrical Tetris! Puzzle 1.2 calvinss4 2010/10/20
Tetris Wii Rotate and move falling blocks to make lines Puzzle 1.2 DesktopMan 2008/10/31
Tetrominos Rebel Wii Avoid the falling pieces! Other Games 0.5 Beta VashGH 2010/08/10
Tetwiis Wii Homebrew remake of Tetris shamelessly based on the Nintendo DS version! Puzzle 1.1 pembo 2010/09/13
That Other Pong Wii A pong clone. Arcade Games 2.1 ThatOtherPerson 2012/01/23
The Powder Toy Wii Port of physics particle simulator The Powder Toy Simulation 0.1 Arikado 2010/08/12
The Prophecy Wii A Castlevania styled platformer. Platform Demo 2 - Stages 1 and 2 Ezekiel Rage 2011/03/03
The Ur Quan Masters Wii Critically-acclaimed science fiction game Arcade Games 2.1 Zared 2010/02/05
Themeshooter Wii Screenshot tool for HBC themes PC utilities 2.5 SifJar 2010/09/29
Themexml Creator Wii Allows the creation of custom theme.xml files for any Homebrew Channel theme. PC utilities 1.2 Krustyrm (EstebanRM) 2010/08/22
They Do Not Die 2 Wii The sequel to They Do Not Die. Shooter 0.9 ThatOtherPerson 2013/08/19
They Do Not Die Wii A top down zombie shooter. Shooter 1.0 ThatOtherPerson 2011/08/08
Threepointo Wii A legitimately 3d voxel demo. Demos 1.4 ThatOtherPerson 2013/08/19
Tick Tock Car Race Wii time based racing game with destructible walls. Racing 1.0 ThatOtherPerson 2011/03/03
Tick Tock Tank Fight Wii A time based tank shooter. Shooter 1.0 ThatOtherPerson 2011/03/03
Tick Tock Zombie Shooter Wii A top down zombie shooter. Shooter 1.0 ThatOtherPerson 2011/04/04
Tictactoe Wii Beat the Computer Board 1.0 bmic 2008/08/01
Tile World Wii This is a port of the game Tile World, which emulates the popular game "Chip's Challenge". Puzzle 1.4 Brian Raiter, Port by G lander 2021/06/29
Timeless Wii Screensaver Demos 1.00 Dashxdr 2010/09/13
Tinyload Wii Loads an original Wii game of any region, period. Loader 0.2 marcan 2009/12/20
Toddtris Wii One or two player tetris-like game Puzzle 1.2 sammystag 2012/11/30
Topedit Wii Text File Editor Utilities 0.61 georgp24 2009/02/15
Touhou Fangame Wii Manic shooter Shooter Beta 2 SquidMan 2008/07/25
Towerdefense Wii Classic 2D Tower Defense style action game Arcade Games 0.98 wplaat 2011/03/24
Trojan Wii Trojan LCD Game Simulator Handheld 1.1 Jon Conrad 2019/08/19
Tunnel Wii Simple navigation game Arcade Games 1.2 LS 2012/04/08
Turnip Wii Turnip price reader Other Games 0.2 Conanac 2009/09/24
Twilight Hack Wii The Twilight Hack was the first way to enable homebrew on a Wii without hardware modification. Exploits 0.1 beta2 Team Twiizers 2009/09/23
Twist Wii Retro style, physics-based, puzzle adventure Arcade Games 0.0.01 Darrenm 2009/06/04
Twopointfive Wii A Wolfenstein style seemingly 3D first person maze. Demos 1.3 ThatOtherPerson 2013/08/19
Txt Read Wii Allows you to view text files Utilities 1.1 Muzer 2008/09/14
Txted Mod Wii Simple Text Mode File Editor Utilities 1.0 Freigeist 2009/06/03
Txted Wii Simple Text Mode File Editor Utilities 1.0 linus 2008/12/28
U8 Tool Wii Packing/unpacking, all header fomats, recursive folders, sound.bin and lz77 compression. PC Utilities 10.1 HowardC 2009/07/21
Uae Wii Commodore Amiga Computer 12 Simon Kagstrom,Oibaf 2015/01/24
Ufo Racer Wii Race with UFOs Racing 3.6 ThatOtherPerson 2013/08/19
Uloader By Hermes Wii uLoader is a USB Loader for Wii. Title Launchers 5.1E Hermes 2010/04/09
Umsx Wii MSX Computer 0.2 Uguru 2008/07/23
Uname Wii Prints system information. System Tools 0.3 benjamin 2011/09/24
Uno Wii Card game Card 12 kriogeN 2008/08/28
Usb Loader Gx Wii It allows listing and launching Wii games, Gamecube games and homebrew on Wii and WiiU vWii mode. Title Launchers r1272 cyan06, dimok789 2019/06/15
Usb Toggle 2 Wii USB Toggle changes the boot signature of a USB device so that it stops the annoying format disc nag. Based on the same signature of jayjay123 Ustealth.exe. Other Apps v1.00 Onion_Knight, jayjay123 2014/03/05
Uschtris Wii Another Tetris Clone Puzzle 0.1 Uschghost 2008/11/12
V Unlock Wii Vega's MKW Unlocker App. This is an unlocking app for Mario Kart Wii. For more information, visit www.MKWii.com. Hack Utilities 0.5 Vega 2022/03/04
Vba Gx Visual Boy Advance Gx Wii Gameboy / Gameboy Color / Gameboy Advance Handheld 2.4.6 Tantric, Carl Kenner 2022/06/15
Vectoroids Wii Asteroids Clone Shooter 1.1.0 MiniK 2009/02/19
Vectrexwii Vectrex Console 0.3 Aruskano 2011/07/01
Virtual Console Numbify Wii Inject Roms on Nintendo WII's Virtual console in one click. PC Utilities 0.2 leonardothehuman 2022/05/16
Visual Controller Test Wii Visual Controller Button Tester Utilities 1.2 Mr. Reaper 2018/08/03
Vvvv4k Wii VVVV4K Platform 0.7 REHvolution 2019/07/17
Wad Manager Wii The WAD Manager (un)installs packages called WADs. Utilities 1.7 Waninkoko 2010/05/23
Wad2bin Wii Convert Wii WADs to content.bin format for the SD Card. PC Utilities 0.8 DarkMatterCore 2021/08/12
Wadimport Wii A simple wad importer System Tools 0.2 Crediar 2009/04/04
Wadinformer Wii With this PC based tool you can get Title ID, Region, Blocks, Folder & Data Files from WAD. PC utilities 1.6 Erik Spyder 2009/09/19
Wakemiiup Wii WakeMiiUp with added features Utilities 0.6 Superyoshi 2010/01/31
Warheads Scorched Earth Wii 2D Ballistic shooter Arcade Games 1.0c DaVinz 2011/01/22
Wbfs For Macos X Wii WBFS GUI Manager for Mac OS X. PC Utilities 1.2 darkten and om_nous 2009/04/14
Wbfs Manager And Channel Creator Wii WBFS Manager and Channel Creator as well. PC Utilities 3.3 HowardC 2009/04/11
Wbfs Manager Wii This application basically provides a GUI for working with hard disk drives that have been formatted to the WBFS file system. PC Utilities 4.0 AlexDP 2010/05/04
Wbfs Win Wii wbfs tool to windows (cygwin is nasty). The download provided is wbfs built using MSVC 2008. PC Utilities delta Gibbed 2009/03/31
Wbfs Windows Gui Wii a simple GUI for WBFS using wbfs_win_delta by gibbed. PC Utilities 2009 Maximillion 2009/04/01
Wbfs Wrapper By Cojiro Wii Cojiro's WBFS Manager. PC Utilities 0.4 Cojiro 2009/06/02
Wbfsgui Wii wbfsGUI is a small GUI I made to make it easier to manage game transfer from and to the Wii on a USB drive or SD card using WBFS as file system. PC Utilities 14.3 Calimero100582 2010/01/19
Wc24decrypt Wii Download and decrypt WC24 content files PC utilities 1.0 Yellows8 2009/11/09
We Are Nowhere Wii A brief nonsense conversation with the deranged and disembodied. Other Games 0.5 ThatOtherPerson 2013/08/19
Whack Mania Wii Whack Mania is a based on the classic Whack A Mole, also with 3d graphics, and the moles going out following the rhythm of the music. Arcade Games 2006 cebolleto 2016/09/11
Whitehole Wii Whitehole is a level editor for Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 for the Wii system. Hack Utilities 1.4.3 SunakazeKun 12 Aug 2017
Wii Backup Fusion Wii Backup tool for Wii games, now recompiled. Utilities 2.0 larsenv 2021/02/21
Wii Backup Manager Wii Backup Manager is a program to work with DVD backups, FAT32, NTFS and WBFS drives to convert between DVD, ISO, CISO and WBFS. It can also extract Wii games to the format used by SNEEK. File operation 78 FIG2K4 2012/01/28
Wii Bootme Wii This tool lets you change the way wii images boot. PC utilities 1.9.0 Cortex 2008/01/28
Wii Breakout Wii Breakout Arcade Games bld 18 (beta) JSLemming 2008/10/31
Wii Chatter Wii An online chat room for Wii. Utilities 0.3 ThatOtherPerson 2013/04/16
Wii Converter Gui Wii Wii Converter GUI is a graphical user interface around some convert tools. PC Utilities 1.7 PandaNL 2011/12/20
Wii Donut Wii Wii Donut, a spinning donut for your Wii! Other Apps 1.0.0 jornmann, Andy Sloane 2022/02/09
Wii Ds Rom Sender Wii Send NDS ROMs to a DS using DLP. Other Apps v3.3 FIX94 2017/10/18
Wii Dvd Wii Wii DVD Support. Other Apps 0.1 NewGBAXL 2021/04/21
Wii Exhibit Wii Online image editor Utilities 0.5 ThatOtherPerson 2012/10/22
Wii Flashtoolz Wii Windows program for reading/writing boot blocks and Bootmii keys to and from any Wii NAND dump. Additional functions include factory bad block detection and file compare option. PC utilities v0.3 Streamlinehd 2011/06/01
Wii Game Manager Wii This is a program for managing a Wii game collection on your PC. PC Utilities pccfatman 2010/02/11
Wii Gamecube Homebrew Launcher Wii Start Gamecube homebrew on Wii from front SD slot. Loader 0.2.2 Mega Man, Hell Hibou 2008/12/15
Wii Hexen Ii Wii WII-HEXEN II for Nintendo Wii & Wii U (vWii). Shooter BUILD #1095 nitr8 2020/03/11
Wii Home Wii A new Home for the Wii System Tools 1.4 CashMan's Productions 2009/02/26
Wii Homebrew Launcher Wii Wii menu-style launcher for .elf and .dol files. Supports custom human-readable titles and pictures for each app. Loader v1.0 Hell Hibou 2009/02/08
Wii Layout Editor Wii Views and Edits brlyt and brlan files PC utilities Beta 1 Gericom 2012/11/02
Wii Linux Ngx Wii Modern Linux for Wii/GameCube. Operating systems 0.3.6 neagix 2017/08/25
Wii Linux Wii Wii-Linux debian based distro Operating systems 1.10 (whiite) GC-Linux 2009/12/09
Wii Meta Xml Editor Wii This program allows you to edit or create simple meta.xml files for identifying different homebrew programs in the Homebrew Channel. PC utilities 1 WB3000 2008/05/24
Wii Mfe Port Wii Linux-based port of MPlayer. Media players 1.1 nuvalo 2010/05/22
Wii Mod Lite Wii The best Wii WAD Manager with patches and everything. It runs on Wii U and Wii which makes everything simpler. Other Apps v1.7 jskyboo,kkline38 2022/03/26
Wii Ntp Wii NTP client System Tools 1.0 User:GalaxyMaster 2021/12/29
Wii Quizz Wii A game with lots of fun quizz modes! Trivia 2.1.5 CashMan's Productions 2009/05/29
Wii Rott Wii WII-ROTT for Nintendo Wii & Wii U (vWii). Shooter r3 nitr8 2020/03/02
Wii Shooting Gallery Wii Compilation of shooting games Shooter 2.0 Arikado 2009/12/11
Wii Signer Wii Allows you to fakesign Wii tickets. PC utilities 0.9 Isaac356 2009/03/05
Wii Solitaire Wii Klondike Solitaire Game Card 0.4 Wil 2008/04/24
Wii Sports Resort Storm Island Wii A Mod for Wii Sports Resort. Game Hacks 9.0 JimmyKazakhstan 2021/09/21
Wii Tac Toe Wii Tic-Tac-Toe game for one or two players Board 1.0.0 Crayon 2016/08/12
Wii Trouble Wii Basic multiplayer tank game Arcade Games v1.0 hayden0729 2021/09/05
Wii Web Server Wii Serves web-pages Utilities alpha 1.30 Cboomf + Felix123 + Others 2010/04/10
Wii Wode Jukebox Wii Wode will include a flatmode mainboard that attaches (solderless) to the Wii drive cable similar to the other available chips. Other Apps 2.9 WODE-JUKEBOX team 2012/12/13
Wii2600 Wii VCS/2600 Console Raz0red 2019/02/04
Wii64 Wii Nintendo 64 Console Beta 1.3 20211222 tehpola, sepp256, emukidid 2021/12/22
Wii64saveswap Wii Windows application for converting N64 save files created on the PC for use with Wii64. PC utilities 1.0 Molokai 2009/10/19
Wii7800 Wii Atari 7800 Console 0.5.0 Raz0red 2020/03/25
Wii88 Wii QUASI88 port for Nintendo Wii . Computer 0.1.1 jpzm 2017/08/24
Wiiab Wii Alien Breed for the Wii Arcade Games bld 18 (beta) Habitualcoder 2010/10/29
Wiiapple Wii Apple IIe Computer 0.0.7 yohanes 2009/01/09
Wiibreaker Wii Brickbreaker Game Arcade Games 0.5 Arikado 2009/02/02
Wiibrickblocker Wii A small piece of software that enables you to patch an Iso file before you burn it. PC Utilities 1.3 Rockman 2009/07/12
Wiibrowser Wii A wii web browser Utilities r132 gave92 2013/09/01
Wiibserver Wii Tiny unfinished HTTP/1.0 web server Utilities 0.1 Jay 2008/06/13
Wiibuilder Wii Windows software to use for Wii homebrew development. Yes there is a loader for Homebrew Channel 1.0.5! PC utilities 1.9.0 Crayon 2021/04/06
Wiicalc Wii Full Featured Calculator Math 0.1 PaceMaker 2008/11/03
Wiicasino Wii Black Jack Game/Simulator featuring the debut of miis in homebrew! Card 3.1 mdbrim, MrNick666 2012/03/08
Wiicertdump Wii Simple tool that extracts WC24 SSL certificates from an IOS binary found in a NAND dump. (windows only) PC utilities 0.1 RHY3756547 2013/01/23
Wiicm Wii Cheat Code Manager Utilities 1.1 linus 2009/02/16
Wiicolem Wii ColecoVision Console 0.3 Raz0red 2019/12/25
Wiicraft Wii Nintendo Wii Client for Minecraft Version 1.2.5. Game engine 1.0 kperdlich 2020/02/15
Wiidoom Wii Port of DOOM Shooter 0.4.5 Jendave 2010/08/29
Wiiearth Wii Google maps like app Utilities 2.3 PaulWagener 2012/12/24
Wiiengine Wii Turbo Grafix 16 / PC Engine Console 1.5bb Hermes 2011/05/24
Wiiero Wii Liero for the Wii Other Games 1.3 BScrk 2009/10/20
Wiiflow Channel Installer Wii Installs the WiiFlow Forwarders Other Apps 1.1 FIX94 2019/12/01
Wiiflow Lite Wii WiiFlow is a app for loading backup games from a USB Device or SD card. File browsers 5.5.3 Hibernatus, Fix94, Fledge68 2022/03/23
Wiiflow Plugins Wii Hacking The Great Quest for Wiiflow Plugins - A call for adventurers! Plugins Rev 9 Tetsuo Shima 2022/04/06
Wiiflow Start Configurator Wii This allows you to edit your HDD and cIOS port settings seperately from WiiFlow. Other Apps 1.0 FIX94 2014/01/21
Wiiflow Wii Wiiflow is a USB Loader project for the Nintendo Wii, based on WiiFlow 1.1 by Hibernatus. Title Launchers 4.2.1 (R441) r-win, miigotu, OverjoY 2013/12/31
Wiiftpd Wii Multi-threaded FTP daemon written for the Wii Utilities 0.01 Dominic Houghton 2013/10/22
Wiifuse Wii Mounts a Gamecube or Wii DVD disc image to browse the directory structure and read the files within. PC utilities 0.2.0 Dhewg 2008/03/20
Wiigionfree Wii WiigionFree is a Java application to change the region of Wii ISO files. PC Utilities 1.0 DGSystems 2007/03/01
Wiihandy Wii Atari Lynx Handheld 0.4 Raz0red 2011/05/12
Wiihttpd Wii Simple multi-threaded HTTP Webserver for the Wii Utilities 0.0.2 teknecal 2008/06/24
Wiijmanager Wii WiiJManager is a WBFS manager for OSX, Linux and Windows. Basically it's a GUI for WiiMMS programmed with Java. PC Utilities 0.8 zon7 2010/04/29
Wiijunkies Wii WiiJunkies is an unscrambling / RegionFrii / WiiBrickBlocker combination written for Mac OS X. PC Utilities 1.1 com.weallare 2008/01/03
Wiilander Wii Lunar Lander 2D Arcade Games 0.59 Manny2008 2009/04/05
Wiilauncher Wii A simple alternative to Gecko OS. It has additional features to download and edit cheat codes. Loader 0.2 Conanac 2014/04/21
Wiilife Wii Also cellular automata Math 20080728 drei000 2009/01/04
Wiilight Wii Example controlling disc slot light (simple fading effect using PWM) Demos 1.1 Bool 2008/07/02
Wiilink Patcher Wii WiiLink lets you use the Japanese-exclusive channels Wii Room and Digicam Print Channel, and in the future will let you use the Demae Channel again. Other Apps 1.0.7 WiiLink24 2022/09/03
Wiilove Wii WiiLÖVE is a framework for making 2D Wii homebrew games in Lua. Development tools 1.0.0 alpha 3 HTV04 2022/06/23
Wiimail Wii An email client for the Wii. Other Apps 2016 lehrian 2016/05/19
Wiimarel Wii A board game with sheeps and wolves Board 1.0 Hackotedelaplaque 2009/11/29
Wiimc Ss Wii An updated version of WiiMC, it comes with many new features and fixes. Media players 2.0.0 SuperrSonic 2021/01/12
Wiimc Wii WiiMC (Wii Media Centre) is an open source media player for the Nintendo Wii. Media players 1.3.4 Tantric, rodries 2013/11/23
Wiimednafen Wii GB/Color/Advance, SMS/GG, Lynx, Genesis/MD, NES, PCE/TG16/CD/SuperGfx/PC-FX, Virtual Boy, NeoGeo Pocket, WonderSwan Console 0.2-pre Raz0red 2016/02/10
Wiimmfi Patcher Wii This app will attempt to patch the inserted disc so that it can use Wiimmfi, a replacement online service following the shutdown of Nintendo WFC. Other Apps v0.7.5 MrBean35000vr,Chadderz,Leseratte 2021/03/14
Wiimms Iso Tools Wii This is the main ISO manipulation tool. PC Utilities 3.04a Wiimm 2021/04/18
Wiimote Led Flasher Wii Flashes wiimote LEDs in sequence Demos 0.1b mdm2k 2008/09/21
Wiimotiondemo Wii Demo to read Wiimote Accelerometers. Uses GRRLIB. Demos 0.1b shdwcoder 2008/06/08
Wiimp3 Wii A simple and opensource MP3 Player Media players 2.0.0 Wentstorm 2012/01/21
Wiimpc Wii MPD client Media players 0.1b Sshock 2009/01/19
Wiimu Wii A PoC Channel Launcher, that eventually aims to be a System Menu replacement System Tools 0.1a4 SquidMan, crediar 2019/11/22
Wiinandfuse Wii Mount Wii NAND images and SFFS dumps with FUSE. PC utilities 1.1 Yellows8 2010/05/12
Wiind Wii USb / SD Nand dumper + Windows extractor System Tools 2.0 Nicksasa 2009/03/14
Wiinfo Wii Saves Wii information in a scene-style .nfo file System Tools 0.11 VTSTech 2020/05/21
Wiinject Wii Wiinject is a cross-platform tool for injecting ASM hacks into Wii games using Riivolution memory patches. Hack Utilities 1.2.1 Jonko 22/07/07
Wiioperation Wii An Operation-esque game for the Wii Simulation 1.2.0 Beardface 2008/08/15
Wiipaint Wii Draw on Wii using a custom GRRLIB 2.0 Utilities 1.0 Kontakatilu 2008/04/20
Wiiphysics Wii Physics playground (think Garry's mod or PocketPhysics) Simulation 2.2.0b Beardface 2019/12/02
Wiipoker Wii Video Poker Card 0.1 Beardface 2008/06/04
Wiiradio Wii ShoutCast client Media players 0.7 scanff 2011/05/02
Wiiraytracer Wii Simple implementation of a raytracer using the raw framebuffer and the guVector functions Demos 1.0 TheBlasphemer 2008/06/09
Wiirdle Wii Wiirdle is a Wordle clone for the Wii, powered by the WiiL�E framework. Puzzle 1.0.0 HTV04 2022/04/18
Wiirecipe Wii WiiRecipe is a simple application that prints ingredients for recipes to the screen when you press buttons. Utilities 0.3Beta1 Calthephenom 2009/10/09
Wiiscrubber Wii A useful app that allows you to 'scrub' away the garbage data of Wii ISOs. PC Utilities 1.4 Dack 2009/02/14
Wiiscu Mod Wii It just makes the shop channel update to the latest version, and adds gamecube controller support. System Tools 2013 person66 2013/07/26
Wiiscu Wii WiiSCU updates Nintendo's official Channels without touching the system menu. System Tools 0.25 Wack0, illinialex24, Bionic Sonic, and SifJar 2010/08/18
Wiishell Wii UNIX-like shell Operating systems 20080702 Aksommerville 2008/07/03
Wiiship Wii Battleships Board 1.0 AcADIeN 2008/08/19
Wiispace Wii Shoot-'em-up in space Shooter 1.2a Seiken 2009/07/13
Wiistrobe Wii Turn your TV into a strobe light! Utilities 0.0.2 Pinecone 2008/12/26
Wiisx Wii Playstation 1 Console Beta 2.1 tehpola, sepp256, emukidid 2010/07/11
Wiisxr Wii Fork of wiisx, a gamecube/wii/wii U psx emulator. Console Beta 2.3 Wii64 Team, matguitarist, Daxtsu, Mystro256 2017/11/06
Wiisxrx Wii Fork of wiisxr (a port of PCSX-R), a PSX emulator for the Gamecube / Wii / Wii U. Console 3.0 NiuuS 2022/09/12
Wiisystemmenuplayer Wii A reconstruct of the System Menu with the original resource files Demos v0.1 Dimok, giantpune 2012/04/27
Wiitch Wii Batch Downloader for Wii Utilities 0.1 TheStripper 2010/01/07
Wiitcpload Wii Stream binary files over TCP/IP to the Homebrew/TCPLoader Channel. Supports Unix/Windows platforms PC utilities 0.00.2b Bartlomiej Burdukiewicz 2009/03/21
Wiitcploadgui Wii Stream binary files over TCP/IP to the Homebrew/TCPLoader Channel. Supports Linux/MacOSX/Windows PC utilities 0.07 Bartlomiej Burdukiewicz 2019/01/15
Wiithon For Linux Wii IMHO Best WBFS Manager for Linux. PC Utilities 1.25 makiolo 2011/06/22
Wiitoo Wii Wii-Linux minimal Gentoo Stage4 Operating systems 29 October 2009 VQuickSilver 2010/12/19
Wiitools Wii Extract and Decrypt tools PC utilities v.2b crediar 2008/01/23
Wiitriis Wii Tetris 4 players for Wii: two play modes Puzzle 1.01 Wilco2009 2011/09/04
Wiituka Wii Amstrad CPC Computer 0.98.8 D Skywalk 2009/09/01
Wiitweet Wii Twitter Client Utilities 0.3.2 Pedro Aguiar 2012/08/21
Wiiupdatemanager Wii Analyze a Wii game iso file (or directly the DVD on Linux) & patch the update of this iso PC utilities 1.2 Naamah31 2008/11/20
Wiivnc Wii View & control your computer screen with your Wii! Utilities 1.3 Paulwagener 2012/12/24
Wiiwhiteboard Wii Interactive Whiteboard Utilities 0.2b Bg 2008/05/23
Wiiwizard Wii Visual Studio Template for Wii Homebrew PC utilities 1.1a luccax 2009/05/10
Wiix Ball Wii A fan-made breakout game based off of DX-Ball for PC Arcade Games 1.0 KMS 2009/12/31
Wiixl Wii Atari 800/XL/XE/5200 Computer 0.1 Raz0red 2009/02/07
Wiixplorer Ss Wii A multi device file explorer for the Wii Utilities 260 Diego 2022/04/03
Wiixplorer Wii SD/USB/SMB File Manager Utilities r259 Dimok 2013/04/28
Wilbrand Wii This is a program used to build the mailbox bomb exploit for the Wii system menu. Exploits 4 giantpune 2012/04/17
Winterman Wii Bomberman-clone Arcade Games 1.0 Headless_dog 2009/01/20
Wire3d Wii Cross platform (Wii/Win) 3D engine with Bullet Physics and Unity3D exporter Development tools 1.2 antibyte 2012/05/23
Witgui For Macos Wii Wii and GameCube Game Manager Utilities 2.3 Alexander1970 2021/04/20
Wolfenstein 3d Wii Port of Wolfenstein 3D Shooter 1.3 MrPeanut 2009/07/03
Woxelcraft Wii 3D Voxel Engine and basic Minecraft clone for the Nintendo Wii Game engine 0.0.7 DaeFennek 2018/01/20
Wpcp Wii Wii Pi Calculation Project Math 1.1 MadCatMk2 2008/03/23
Wufe Wii Wii update File extractor System Tools 0.25 Nuke 2008/12/05
Wuphax Wii Wuphax replaces the Mii channel of vWii with one that starts SD:/boot.elf. It is the only vWii exploit that does not require a game disc. Exploits 1.1u3 FIX94 2017/01/06
Ww 43db Patcher Wii Patches WiiWare aspect ratio database (43DB) from the vWii System Menu U8 archive to stub all of its entries, effectively enabling access to 16:9 aspect ratio in WiiWare titles where 4:3 is otherwise enforced. Other Apps 0.2 DarkMatterCore 2021/02/27
X And Olearn From Code Edition Wii X and O game for 2 players Board 1.0 SAL3000 2009/06/03
Xenoblade Chronicles Shop Editor This is an editor that lets you customize many parts of the shops in Xenoblade Chronicles, and will patch the changes into your iso file. All of the values in the editor can be adjusted to make the game easier or harder, depending on what you want. �. Hack Utilities 1.0 Tony Hedstrom 02 Oct 2021
Xump Wii Simple multi-platform puzzler by Retroguru Platform 1.01 Oibaf 2015/12/07
Xwhiite Linux Wii Running Linux on Wii. Operating systems 0.2 VMHoss 2011/11/15
Xyzzy Wii Extracts Wii encryption keys System Tools 1.30 mod bushing 2020/06/17
Yabause Wii Sega Saturn Console Unofficial r2926 beta26 Yabause team 2012/06/07
Yahtzwii Yahtzee Board 3.11 chris 2010/08/01
Yet Another Bluedump Mod Yabdm Wii YABDM is a modification of BlueDump capable of dumping any type of title installed in your Wii console to a WAD file in a SD Card or an USB storage device. Hack Utilities v1.85 nicksasa, DarkMatterCore 2018/06/29
Yet Another Wii Nand Dumper Wii Wii NAND Dumper. Just like the name says. System Tools 0.3 Redbird 2008/07/03
Yog Wii 3YOG - 3 Year Old Golf Other Games 0.1 PaceMaker 2008/11/08
Youtube Injectuwad Flash Injector V3 Wii YouTube Injectuwad Flash Injector v3 application that allows you to create YouTube Video WADs on your Wii. Media players 3.11 mrt84 2020/11/20
Youtube Video Swf Wii YouTube Video SWF [Shockwave Flash] Wii WAD Injector. Other Apps beta mrt84 2022/01/02
Yu Gi Oh Duel Transer Data Tool Wii Yu-Gi-Oh! DLC Tool. Hack Utilities 1.0 Diego A. (SuperrSonic) 2022/04/03
Yu Gi Owned Wii This is a modified save game (savegame exploit) of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Wheelie Breakers. Exploits beta 2 ichfly 2010/10/12
Yu Gi Vah Wii This is an unofficial port of Yu-Gi-OWNED! for NTSC-U and NTSC-J Wiis, made by WiiCrazy. Exploits beta 1 WiiCrazy 2010/08/24
Zangeki No Reginleiv English Translation Wii Zangeki No Reginleiv is an action game for the Wii. Translations 1.0 Brand Newman 29 Mar 2021
Zen Kernel Wii Linux kernel with new features Operating systems v2.6.32-zen6 Waninkoko, dodo1122, cheater-conrad 2010/01/23
Zerace Wii Funny retro racing game Racing 0.7-Wii Royale 2009/05/30
Zerotsukihami No Kamen English Translation Wii Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen is a 2008 survival horror game for the Nintendo Wii. Translations 1.0 + Update Tempus 17 Jan 2010