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Heroes Of Roswell X

Heroes of RoswellX (HoRX) - About

Destroy a fleet of alien invaders, blast open power ups, and save the earth in this off beat vertical shooter. The action takes place top down as you blast your way through 4 action packed levels of shooting mayhem. Do you have what it takes to be a Hero of Roswell?

Game Features:

  • 4 Intense Levels
  • 4 Unique Regular Enemies
  • 4 Tough Bosses
  • Weapon and Speed Upgrades
  • 3 Difficulty Levels

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Launcher controls:

  • DPAD/Left Analogue stick = scroll through options
  • A-Button = start the game
  • Press Right Analogue stick = take a screenshot from the level launcher(saved as 'launcher.bmp' in main game directory)
  • Black = quit to Dashboard

Ingame controls:

  • Left Analogue stick = scroll through options/control ship
  • A-Button = shoot
  • Start = pause
  • Black = quit to Dashboard

Detailed game info

*How to play*

Heroes of RoswellX is a top down vertical scrolling shooter. If you were around in the late 80s early 90s, chances are you've played games like this in the past. You control a ship with the DPAD/Left stick, and fire blasters at enemy ships by pressing the A-button. Getting hit by enemy bullets will deplete your shields. When your shields are depleted your ship will blow up and you will lose a life. When you've lost all of your lives, the game is over.

Your goal in HORX is to save the earth from an alien menace hell bent on destroying the earth. In order to aquire power ups for your ship, you will need to destroy enemies. Once a powerup is on screen, shoot it open to aquire it's powers. At the end of every level is a big bad boss to destroy, destroy this oversized enemy to move onto the next level.

Your Ship - Area 51 Air/Space Hybrid Fighter (a51asHF)

Those crafty engineers were able to take the best technologies of both the alien race and mankind to create the ultimate air and space fighter. These ships are capable of incredible firepower and speed directly out of the hanger, and have a mechanism in place for in flight upgrades of both weapons and thrusters systems.


Along with the 4 "regular" enemies described here, there are 4 oversized "boss" ships to destroy.

Dumb UFO - These are the standard issue alien enemy fighters, these ships are relatively weak and carry only a small amount of ammo. They should make perfect targets to up your kill count and earn more power ups.

Bird Head - Large slow ships that pack a punch, you'd do best to stay away from these if they come out more than one at a time. They have moderately strong shields and carry a good deal of ammo.

Interceptor - Part of the Elite Alien Attack Fleet (EAAF for short), these large, well shielded ships weave back and forth while firing a heavy blaster. If you manage to let one expend all of it's ammo, these ships become sitting ducks.

EAAF Skel Ship - A fast, versatile attack ship making up the majority of the EAAF. These ships not only pack a punch with heavy blasters, but sport the strongest class of alien shields and a moderate payload of ammo. Do not attempt an assault on these ships without having a powered up blaster.

*Power Ups*

Your ship is fitted with mechanisms for in-flight upgrades and repairs. These are the icons to look for with a description of what they do. You lose all aquired upgrades upon loss of a ship.

Speed Upgrade - Blasting open one of these will increase your ships speed and ability to dodge enemy bullets. Your speed will top off after a certain number of boosts.

Weapon Upgrade - Blasting these open improves your weapons systems. There are 5 levels: blaster, double blaster, heavy blaster, AA missles, AA missle+double blaster combo.

Shields Upgrade - Blasting these open will completely restore your ship's shields system.

Extra Life - It is rumored that these rare extra life icons will fall from the sky after large explosions.


If you want a sharper/crisper screen,try to change the flicker filter to 1.

You may encounter some slowdowns in some stages.Live with them !