Haxchi Guide

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Required Reading

Haxchi is a custom firmware that patches signature checks, region checks, and runs other custom code in the background.

Haxchi is an exploit that allows us to launch CFW directly from the system menu without using the Homebrew Launcher.

What you need

  • A legitimate copy of one of the exploitable DS virtual console games installed to your Wii U’s internal memory
    • If you do not already have one of the exploitable games installed, see Get Started


  1. Launch the Haxchi Installer
  2. Select the DS virtual console game you are installing Haxchi onto, then press (A) to select it
  3. Read the warning that appears, then press (A) to install
  4. Once this is complete, launch your Haxchi DS virtual console game (named “Haxchi”)
  5. The console will reboot into patched SysNAND
    • This will allow unsigned titles (such as the homebrew channel and game backups) to be launched directly from the system menu

Currently, you must launch the DS virtual console game every time you reboot in order to enter patched SysNAND. The next page will install CBHC (Coldboot Haxchi) which will do this automatically.

You can now hold various buttons while launching your DS virtual console game for different boot options. This is what each of the boot options do: 1 - None -> Boots into patched SysNAND 2 - (A) -> Boots into the Homebrew Launcher

Continue to Coldboot Haxchi Guide.