Harmony's Nightmare

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Harmony's Nightmare
AuthorMr. Reaper
TypeOther game
LicenseNot specified

It's a Multi-Genre Platform/Reflex/Puzzle/Horror Survival Game. Though I admit there is very little "puzzle" to it, other than the fact that you have to figure out what to do in a few places. Don't worry, it's not that difficult to figure out -- but it may be very difficult to succeed ;)

This is my entry for the Nintendomax 2012 Wii Dev competition.

Version History

1 = Initial Release.

1.1 = Lots of behind-the-scenes code optimizations and small visual/animation tweaks/adjustments. Also, I thought level 3 was too easy compared to the other levels, so I MADE IT HARDER, Mwhahahaha! But the note placement on that level is better now, so maybe I need to make it harder still >:) I also tried to work around some random sound issues (it seems that gcmodplay and/or aesndlib have some problems...). Maybe at some point I'll try converting everything to use asndlib and see if it fixes the random sound glitches completely.

Gameplay Video

Courtesy of [Cid2Mizard]