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TypeMusic game
Version1 beta3

Zappa Moustache JCGL seed
Pinwheel-style JCGL seed

Harmonium is a musical doodling tool. The user can manipulate notes on a 16x16 grid to create melodies within a pentatonic scale. On top of this already addictive concept, you can liven things up by enabling Conway's Game of Life!

It's not the easiest thing to explain, so just try it!

It is important to mention, as well, that the concept behind Harmonium isn't my own. André Michelle has a very similar application on his website which served as Harmonium's inspiration.

Easter Egg

Has anyone found it yet? I'm curious :)

If you have, leave me a note on the discussion page... but don't spoil it for others!


7 July 2009

It finally happened... I got a job. That means I won't be able to work on homebrew nearly as much as before. I was hoping to skip a beta3 release and go straight to v1 but considering the little amount of free time I have that would take a while. I thought it would be better to release what I have now and simply tell people it's still not done yet ;)... So here it is! Harmonium v1 beta3!

A lot has changed since the original release!
Noticeably: Grid shifting, grid history, grid saving/loading, more evolution modes, UI changes, and probably more...
Less Noticeably: The playback system now uses only one ASND voice per column (this removes all note drops, yay!), sound playback is now even (yay!).

What I didn't get around to doing (yet):

  • Fix the tuning to 440Hz
  • Fix software mixing so loundess is constant
  • Tweak the UI.
  • And probably a few more things I'm too lazy to go find in my notes.

So, I guess that's it for now. I hope you enjoy this release. Version 1 final is probably a long way away.

-- MetaFight


Feedback / Bugs / Helping out

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. You can find me in #wiidev and #wiidevot on EFnet, or you can use the discussion page.

If you have found a bug, please don't hesitate to report it on the Bugs page.

If you'd like to contribute to the project but you're not sure in what capacity, please consider the option posted on my User page.


Version 1.0

  • Save/Load
  • Information display:
    • # of generations elapsed since start of GoL
    • Position in history.
    • Current GoL mode (maybe)
    • Time played (maybe)
  • New software mixing system
    • mix buffers on the fly
    • store most commonly used buffers for reuse. (probably not)
    • fix uneven loudness.
  • Change tuning to 440Hz.


7 July 2009, v1 beta3

  • Save/Load
  • New software mixing
  • Probably more... (will add later)

11 June 2009, v1 beta2

  • Implemented a few features I'd like feedback on before implementing the rest and releasing v1.
  • New features:
    • Adjustable tempo
    • Adjustable volume
    • 2 new GoL modes
    • Grid shifting
    • 64 grid history
    • New timing mechanism means even playback
    • Typematic to make grid shifting and history browsing faster and easier.

17 May 2009, v1 beta

  • Initial Release