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Dios Mios
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Crediar has released version 2.0 of Dios Mios. Not to be confused with Dios Mios Lite, this application allows you to run Gamecube games on your Wii from an USB device.

Check out the project page for more information, and be sure to join the on-going discussion linked below to get the full story about this projects progress.

Revisions are no longer treated as the version of DM

Format your USB device to FAT32 with 32KB cluster size or less, anything higher is not supported.

DM is looking on USB port 0 first so if it takes a long time for the splash screen to appear connect your device to the other port.

If no splash screen appears at all your HDD (usually the IDE2USB controller device is at fault not the HDD itself) is probably not supported. This may also be due to an accessory being inserted in slot B.

Before you use this software make sure that your Wii is backwards-compatible to gamecube games because newly released Wiis(beginning with 2011 holiday season) which are lacking the gamecube controller/ memory card ports can make no use of DIOS MIOS.

Still under heavy development and ongoing progress.


   Load Gamecube ISOs from USB device
   Load extracted Gamecube ISOs from USB device
   Load Gamecube Discs
   Emulate Memorycard (NoMoreMemory)
   Cheat codes
   USBGecko debugging
   Changeable configuration of various settings
   Reset/Power off via GC controller key combo
   Real-NAND and emu-NAND support 

What DIOS MIOS doesn't do:

   Play games from SD, you need DML for that.
   Play games from burned discs
   Play audio via disc audio streaming
   Allow swapping of discs 


What you'll need:

   The Latest DML package from here (older versions here).
   DML WAD Creator (for older versions)
   The Latest DIOS-MIOS wad from here.
   GameCube ISO Compress, fstfix, DiscEX or GCReEX (your choice, read below first and decide what you want to use)
   A WAD Manager (for example WAD Manager 1.7)
   A SD Card or a USB Device (D'OH!)
   Gamecube Controller and Memory Card

How to:

If you have downloaded the older versions you will need to follow the next 4 steps. Extract the DML package in a folder with the same name as the package (for example DMLr13 for If there is just a iosmodule.elf of the latest DML available then copy it into a new DML folder and rename it to DML.elf. If you already have a RVL-mios-v10.wad, copy it into the DML folder. Then the creator don't need to download the file.

Extract the DML WAD Creator into the DML folder. Then run the "create_wad.bat" and type "DML" to create the DML wad, if you don't have the RVL-mios-v10.wad it will be downloaded.

If the DML WAD Creator asks you which version you want to build type it in like '13' for DMLr13. Now let's convert some gamecube games! If you downloaded the new DML versions or DIOS-MIOS just start reading here.

You'll need the gamecube games in iso or gcm format.

If you want to use DiscEX, the DiscEX files needs to be in the same folder as the DML WAD creator. Just open the WAD Creator, type "C" to enter the convert menu, drag and drop the game into it and say if you want to compress it or not. Mostly compression will work fine, some games need to stay uncompressed, see here. You can also use Gamecube ISO Compressor for the job, easiest way is there to just drag and drop your ISO file into the Compressor exe file. You can also just double click the exe file to see which options you can also use to compress the ISO files, they are more modes in it.

If you have downloaded the new DML versions, you can also use GCReEx, there you can use "GCReEx.exe -x game.iso", this will create no new ISO file but a folder which contains the extracted files, this way saves most space on the sd card.

There is also the possiblity to use fstfix instead to compress the games, use it like "fstfix game.iso" or "fstfix game.iso t" and drag and drop the resulting new iso in DiscEX. DiscEX will may stop at a certain percentage to copy the game, it will may also say the game is underdumped/overdumped. Both things come because the image haven't got the orignal size anymore, so you can ignore these messages.

After using one of the above ways to convert your games, copy the newly created folder of the tool to sd:/games if you want to play from SD and to usb:/games if you want to play from USB.

On your Wii:

Install the DML/DIOS-MIOS WAD with a WAD Manager, this will overwrite the current MIOS/cMIOS. Retail gamecube discs will still work since DMLr19. If you had a cMIOS installed before to play disc backups it wont be possible anymore until you re-install the cMIOS which will overwrite DML.

You can play the games either with DIOS-MIOS Booter, NeoGamma, postLoader4, Wiiflow, USB Loader GX or Configurable USB Loader. Make sure you have a disc inserted, otherwise your Wii will simply reset if you try to play a game. The easiest one is DIOS-MIOS Booter, it works with all DML and DIOS-MIOS versions, just start it, select the game you want, set new options with the B button if you want, and launch the game.

To boot games using Wiiflow switch the coverflow mode to the gameube coverflow mode by pressing the icon down-right near the home icon a few times until you see the games. You can also download covers for them in the settings, it's the gear icon down-left. Wiiflow also supports all DML and DIOS-MIOS versions with all options.

To boot games using postLoader just press home to enter the menu, select "Switch to Game mode". In game mode just press up on the wiimote to enter the DML menu or press home, select "Game options" and then "Show DML menu". Then select the game you want to play.

For USB Loader GX you just need to go to the display icon and select display gamecube games too, then you can set options in the menu and play them.

In Configurable USB Loader they are just displayed together with the other wii games, there you can also set the options and launch them.

The other ways described now are currently not optimized for the new DML versions, doesnt work with DIOS-MIOS and my not work properly.

To boot games using NeoGamma go down to "Load Games from: <DVD>" and select "Load GC Games via DML". Then go up and press A to search games. Select the game you want to play and press A to start it. NeoGamma doesnt have options to set for DML because its made for old DML versions. If you want to remove DML/DIOS-MIOS again either reinstall a cMIOS or the RVL-mios-v10.wad. If DML doesn't work for you make sure you have a clean BC, to get it run the "create_wad.bat" in the DML wad creator package again and type "BC". Then just install the RVL-BC-v6.wad on your wii and try it again.


Format your SD Card to FAT16/FAT32 with 64KB cluster size to increase game speed If you want to use DIOS-MIOS format it to FAT32 with 32KB cluster size, also make the FAT32 the first one, primary and active If you want to use DML r21 I suggest the debug version since the regular version got small problems. Delete the DML.elf, rename the DMLdebug.elf to DML.elf and then create a new wad with it. If you have a problem you can try to rename/delete the "saves" folder on your sd card to everything you want, that can may fix it. Crediar created a small FAQ here that might help you as well with some general questions.


2.0 BETA


   Fixed a bug which copied BI2 to the wrong address (fixes Pikmin) 


   Fixed the Muppet error
   Fixed some video stuff in GCLoader 


   Added a new method of video mode forcing
   PADHook patch is now working for retail discs again
   Removed video mode force code from GCLoader
   Removed VIConfigure sane mode switch patch 


   Added EHCI retry code, which should fix a few more USB devices that weren't working before.
   Fixed a DSI crash when using the progressive mode.
   Fixed prog mode patch
   Fixed a bug which prevented the SRAM settings to be flushed
   Added a patch which fixes a green screen in certain cases 


   Improved the USB/EHCI code, it now retries if an USB device fails to initialise.
   Fixed some memory leaks