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AuthorJake Probst, anoNL
Last Updated2010/01/13
TypeOther Apps
1.4.9 & 1.5.3 & Test files Download

DS Visual Novel Reader is a Nintendo DS application used for playing gamebooks formatted with sound and pictures. It is designed to play visual novels created in .scr format.


For v1.4.9:

  • Extract archive onto the root of the SD card so the path is /vnds/.
  • To install a visual novel, extract the tar.gz in /vnds/novels, so it has its own folder (ie. /vnds/novels/tsukihime).
  • Sound files should end up in /vnds/novels/<game folder>/sound/.

For v1.5.3:

  • Take the .novel file and place it in the /vnds/novel/ folder.

Note from developer:

Any save prior to version 1.3.1 needs to be ran though the utility in the /tools/ folder (requires Python to run).

Also make sure the path is correct. If you run it and you get stuck at a white screen, launch it with an alternative launcher, such as DSOrganize or DSChannels.

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vnds3.png vnds4.png


1.4.9 2010/01/13


  • PNG error handling (ignore spurious warnings/crash on invalid png).
  • "text ~" inserts blank lines again.

1.4.8 2009/10/21


  • Backported new functions up to 1.5.3 (excluding wifi + .novel fmt).
  • Added support for unpacking .novel files to NovelManager.
  • ASNI color code support in the text renderer.
  • Increased sprite limit from 4 to 9.
  • Waking up from sleep mode was glitchy.

1.5.3 2009/06/22


  • Fixed bug with undefined variables in conditionals.
  • String variables need to be ""`d (setvar/if).
  • Wifi doesn't hang forever if it can't connect.

1.5.2 2009/06/03


  • Fixed problems with music with too high a bitrate.

1.5.1 2009/05/16


  • .novel thumbnail.png select screen crash bug fixed.

1.5.0 2009/05/04


  • .novel support.
  • Download novels directly onto ds.
  • Redid FIFO stuff.
  • 'if var == 0' works with unset variables again.


  • Cleartext command.


  • Global vars were reset when loading a save file.
  • Changing the skin via config.ini didn't work.
  • Date wasn't saved properly in save files.
  • Missing resources no longer generate warning messages.
  • Fast reading by holding Y is now a lot faster.
  • Background fades more intelligent (fade to black on bg change).


  • Graphical glitches in the GUI.
  • Backlight control could only turn the screen off on the original DS.
  • PNG loading crashed on corrupt or wide (> 256 pixels) images.
  • Sound didn't unmute when returning to the main menu.
  • Tapping the screen advanced the script even in choice-mode.
  • Variables weren't saved properly.

1.3.5 2008/06/02


  • 3 small fixed bugs in loading saves made.
  • Endscript actually do something (returns to titlescreen).

1.3.4 2008/05/29


  • Fixed a bug in loading saves/skipping text.
  • Something happened to make True Remembrance work (diff doesnt explain much).

1.3.3 2008/05/25


  • Fixed problem with time not changing.
  • .sav keeps track of game state to make loading faster.
  • Does nothing when attempting to load an empty save.
  • Loads script in 4k blocks.
  • Left/right moves to first/last option in select screen/choices.

1.3.2 2008/05/23


  • Bugfix: ArchiveFileHandle.Read() didn't work as expected (didn't update the read pointer afterwards).
  • Bugfix: removed file io from interrupt handler.
  • Bugfix: texture streaming bug in the save/load menu.
  • Rewrote text cache to use freetype's built-in caching system.
  • Added option to interrupt delay commands by pressing A, B or the touchscreen.
  • Skip scene functionality, hold R and press Y to skip ahead to the next scene/choice.
  • Added support for AAC format (for sound effects only).

1.3.1 2008/05/23


  • Fixed linebreaks in choices.
  • String variables.
  • Variable placement in commands.
  • Moved save format over to .xml (converter provided).
  • Less efficient, but more stable sleep mode.
  • Collision detection more efficient.
  • New save theme.

1.3.0 2008/05/21


  • Support for png formats other than 8bit/channel truecolor.
  • Support for uncompressed .zip format for storing foreground/background/sound, except MP3 music.
  • Rewrote sound/music code which caused ~80-90% of all crashes.
  • Slightly improved text anti-aliasing.
  • Rewrote line-wrapping algorithm, now supports UTF-8 character encodings.
  • New save/load menu.
  • Improved visuals for the in-game choice view.
  • Script loader is better protected against buffer overflows.
  • Bugfix: empty folders show up as valid novels in the main menu, but crash the program upon selection.
  • Performance: text rendering.
  • Performance: savefile loading speed.


  • About screen (after constant prodding).
  • `random` command (see documentation).
  • Slight change in save menu (how it resizes).

1.2.7 2008/03/30


  • Fixed problem with backgrounds not loading and other weirdness.

1.2.6 2008/03/30


  • Fixed saves for real this time, maybe.

1.2.5 2008/03/30


  • MP3 support.


Programming: Jake Probst, anoNL.

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