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CTRPluginFramework - Blank Template
Last Updated2018/11/19

I do this thread so we can have a general place to talk about it, and also to give you a blank plugin so you can use the tools (search, guide and others) without being annoyed by builtin cheats.

I remind you that you can use 2 plugins (or more, but only 1 ctrpf plugin though) at the same time, and so you can use this blank plugin with another plugin which will have your cheats.

You can change the hotkey in Tools/Settings to avoid any overlapping.


You can find a guide to use some of the features [ here (pdf).

Action Replay

It's now "official" CTRPF have it's own Action Replay system. It means that it can now load your cheats from a text file (so no more needs for any converter or compilation).

CTRPF supports all Gateshark code types and even add some custom code types to increase the possibilities of the codes.

You can find a list with all the supported codes here: List of all codetype.

CTRPF support Folder and note managing and also have it's own editor.

Which means that you can edit, create and delete the codes at runtime, without the need for anything else.

The cheats files can be at 2 locations:

  • cheats.txt in the same folder of the plugin
  • sd:/cheats/<tid>.txt - Replace <tid> by the title id of the game

To use it, download the ActionReplay.7z attached and put it on your SD card (see the Luma3DS section below to use the ame plugin for all games).

Gateshark cheats

Gateshark cheats should be supported at 100% by the Action Replay. Sadly, Fort42 is currently unavailable so here my most recent downloaded archive of all codes: download

Just unzip and copy the cheats folder at the root of your SD card.

Note that I didn't create those cheats, and some cheats might not work. If a cheat is not working, it just means that the cheat is wrong: no support will be done for cheats not working, I'm not here to fix all cheats, so create another thread (or move to another existing thread), thank you.

You can also find codes here:

Known bug

On N3DS, if the game uses the N3DS's HID (cstick, zl & zr), it won't work. Easy fix:

  • Open Rosalina
  • Go in the Miscellaneous options menu
  • Start the Input Redirection
  • That's it, go back to your game, it should work now


CTRPluginFramework-01.png CTRPluginFramework-02.png CTRPluginFramework-03.png CTRPluginFramework-04.png

Luma3DS with Plugin Loader

I merged and edited the plugin loader from NTR (which is now open source) into Luma3DS.

The goal was to be able to launch plugins from Luma3DS without the need to use BootNTR Selector.

So, this is possible, but know that only CTRPF plugins can be loaded from this plugin loader.

To use it, download the boot.7z attached and unzip it. Then put it on your sd card (rename any existing boot.firm to boot.firm.bak in case you want to go back).

The plugins can be set at 2 places:

  • sd:/luma/plugins/<tid>/plugin.plg - Name of the plugin must be plugin.plg and you have to replace <tid> by the title id of your game
  • If a plugin isn't found in the tid folder, Luma3DS will search for ActionReplay.plg in sd:/luma/plugins/ActionReplay/ActionReplay.plg

The plugin loader is automatically enabled on Old3DS because Mode3 games needs it.

So on N3DS, you have to enable the plugin loader from Rosalina (L+ DPad Down + Select), and you can disable it too. You can't disable it for Mode3 games though (O3DS only).

Luma3DS plugin 3DS