Bilou:Apple Assault

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Bilou:Apple Assault
Author(s)PypeBros (Sylvain)

Bilou: Apple Assault is a DS homebrew platform game made of the author's own game engine. The game currently has 4 levels.

It was part of the NEO Coding Compo 2010.

User guide

Bilou and Bouli have crashed on a strange planet. While Bouli is repairing the Astrocruiser's repellor shield, Bilou (the blue ball) has to keep hordes of crazy applemen away!

The game feature the four fields surrounding the cruiser that you must clean up so that Bouli can finish his job and provide you a safe retreat for further exploration. Stun the applemen by stomping them. That will provide you more punch power to dispatch the assaulters further away.

In each assault wave, the applemen will come back with reinforcement. How long will you stand?


  • Bilou - Capable of jumping and attacking. If you jump on several enemies, it will be able to launch an attack that will kill any apple that is in a straight line.
  • Apples - Main enemy, jump over them and attack.
  • Worm - Another enemy which does not appear as often as apples. You can only jump on them to stun them.
  • Giant mushroom - This enemy will only appear in the last level, it cannot be stunned or attacked.


You need to keep fighting against apples, using your punch, big-punch, to clear up a level within limited time.

As long as you punch apple out of the arena, nothing bad will happen. But if appleman count remains the same for too long, a berry bat will come and tease you. You could manage to get rid of it, of course, but then another one will come soon, and then again another and another, again and again until you surrender (or focus on punching apple, after all).

The number of apples you need to punch will be shown in touch screen as well as Bilou's lives (started with 5).


D-Pad - Move Bilou

A - Jump

B - Punch (jump on enemy first to attack)

Start - Clean screen below




Tested on FlashCard DSTT/TTDS with Firmware 1.17.


Version 1.6b

  • It continues to fight berries.
  • Back to the behavior of apples.
  • Only half the apples straight from the sand.
  • A new mode called "pitchenette" to push apples when we have more strength-power.